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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market.

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Moving to Poland, Working for a UK Company
Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times  2  3  4  5  6  7
191 - Merged: How much time to takes to get work permit in Wroclaw in 2021? How much time...

WorkNewbie - 25 Jan 2008 rahulguy2020 - 6 Jul 2021
Karta pobytu with the legend "dostęp do rynku pracy"
Driving License Penalty Point Checks
Is it worth moving from Dubai to Poland? (cities like Krakow, Wroclaw)
Average earnings and cost of living in Warsaw?  2
What Jobs are there in Poland for an Englishman besides teaching english?  2  3
Expatriating to Poland... good career move for a young male?  2
Can I find a non-corporate job in Poland?  2
34 - Contact with Lerdant agency. They will help you find a good job in Poland:)...

WorkJojo1 - 28 Apr 2020 minnie33311 - 31 May 2021
Is Poland's ZUS obligatory for a one man LLC?
13 - @Frederick Taka You are looking at just over 1400 pln per month for ZUS if you are a one...

WorkTripaloski - 18 Oct 2017 PolAmKrakow - 25 May 2021
Family of four considering a move to Poland from USA  2
Work permission for dependent of Non EU citizen in Poland
18000 zloty (before tax) salary enough to save to live normal life in Krakow with wife and a 1.5 yr old kid?
Business ideas for Poland  2  3
Golf jobs in Poland
Discrimination at work in Poland - teaching experience from the UK not taken into account?
Is 400000PLN per year a very high salary in Poland? If so, what kind of job can make this money?  2
33 - Yes, 10% is too many. It is closer to 1%....

WorkSChristine - 22 Feb 2017 pawian - 5 Apr 2021
× Where is the immigration industry
Is Wroclaw really the Polish silicon valley?
Jobs in Poland for screenwriters?
14 - Zlatko??? Welcome back....

WorkIaki - 17 Mar 2021 pawian - 4 Apr 2021
Polish nurses, gender and salary  2
32 - it's obvious to you, but not necessarily some others.......

WorkW75 - 1 Jun 2012 mafketis - 3 Apr 2021
Job opportunities for experienced US Civil Engineer in Poland - any hope?
30 - I'd appreciate a brutto or netto number :)...

WorkJardinero - 27 Apr 2013 raz61 - 28 Mar 2021
Digital Marketing Professional from India
If you get a job and are on unemployment medical care or nfz
Can I find a job in Poland that requires speaking in English?  2  3
82 - Pity the feeling isn't mutual, Maf....

WorkClaudiaAnna - 28 Aug 2013 Lyzko - 8 Mar 2021
How much is the average living cost in Poland for foreign student?  2
Job prospects in Warsaw, Poland with top-10 MBA
25 - NO....

WorkPolishMBA1 - 24 Jun 2015 Cargo pants - 2 Mar 2021
Moving From Ireland to Poland - Job Hunt
Polish gaming industry and work culture criticised?
Working as a PL-EN translator - good idea? Sworn translators in Poland.
As a Foreigner, being a sole trader in Poland. Own company and working permit
Teaching Post in Zory (2600 zl per month after tax good?)
10 - Thanks Jon - would defo do it by road. Reckon it can be done in under 1 hour in...

Workshedboy66 - 21 Aug 2012 JacekthePole - 31 Jan 2021
What are career opportunities for a foreigner in Poland?
16 - Merged: Career opportunities in Poland with frequent travel Can one find a job in Poland that involves...

WorkMyNameIsNotDon - 16 Apr 2013 JakeRyan16candle - 24 Jan 2021
Is it difficult to make a living playing Soccer (football) in Poland?  2
48 - @Dagi Hi dagi I'm also from Ethiopia if you get any help please give me some info...

WorkRobert U - 18 Jun 2013 JOMINIAL - 19 Jan 2021
NFZ and contributions and a FINE!? Working as a teacher in Poland.
Expected gross salary per month of a market risk/ credit risk professional ?
Qualifications - Mgr Title on my business card?
Regarding demand of physiotherapy in Poland
Medical tests before working in Poland
23 - I had tb 6 years ago and i cured my disease but there are spots in my lungs i...

WorkMirandaVisser - 30 May 2013 Ankit semwal - 12 Jan 2021
Learning Polish in Olsztyn... crazy prices for private lessons.
27 - Sorry the most you would get is 30zl where i am....

WorkArtLover - 7 Mar 2010 dolnoslask - 9 Jan 2021
What are the income tax rates for someone living in Poland as a resident?
What are the average salaries in Poland for teachers, doctors, engineers?
16 - Not always, it depends on a job. Besides, costs of life are lower than in the West....

Workfiveforthedive - 31 May 2013 pawian - 5 Jan 2021
What is the job situation like in Poland? I am thinking of moving to find work
Opening a Preschool in Poland (Krakow)
Black English Teacher going to Wroclaw  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Employment prospects of a Computer Science Graduate in Poland
What is a good monthly salary for an English teacher in Poland?  2  3  4  5
After Masters in Management, Job Opportunities in Poland ?  2
34 - Outsourcing?! That's jibs for 3rd world uneducated guys....

Workraj5151 - 2 Mar 2013 Zanko - 20 Dec 2020
Teaching English in Poland - better opportunities for an American?
Indian moving to Poland has a few questions.
Will a net monthly salary of around 3000zl be enough to live comfortably in Silesia?
9 - I wonder what the first 3 posters and other former members are doing....

Workmanseca - 21 Aug 2011 Michel88 - 21 Nov 2020
Internship for Engineering company in Krakow, what salary to expect ?
Starting out as an English teacher in Poland - any pearls of wisdom for me?
11 - Meet and talk with other NATIVE Polish teachers who have connections....

Workdon'tpanic - 11 Feb 2011 johnny reb - 20 Nov 2020
Is there a luxury market in Poland?
6 - People in Warsaw are richer than in many parts of Germany and France...

WorkZlatko - 8 Oct 2020 Richardnorman - 14 Nov 2020
Esl English Teacher in Szczecin
13 - Do you teach Polish? I speak English and need to learn Polish....

WorkMrs S - 1 Sep 2018 jakub_a - 13 Nov 2020
Teaching English in Poland? I am American and I have the CELTA certification.  2
I am non EU citizen living inPoland. I have TRC for 3 years. Can I work with that TRC in Netherlands?
Are Indian dental qualifications recognised in Poland?
Work Permit / Salary in Krakow - Poland
Going rates for Staff, housekeeper, nanny, driver, gardener in Poland?

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