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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market.
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Sticky: Advice on Teaching English in Poland   2   3   4   ...   23   24
Polish / Irish couple with kids moving to Warsaw - finding a job without any connections.   2
IT job offer from Wroclaw - advice on flats needed and other questions about Poland
What qualifications are required to teach English in Poland? Completed 2 week TEFL course
Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland   2   3   4   ...   7   8
I need help to calculate the tax in Krakow, Poland
16 - Many thanks for your help and advice...

WorkMody1987 - 26 Apr 2017 / Mody1987 - 1 day ago
English childcare in Poland? Other work opportunities?
Salary expectations for CAE engineer in Poland?
I have to decide between two job offers, Berlin vs Wroclaw   2
Portuguese Speaker considering a costumer service position in Poznan.
11 - I do. I wouldn't want anyone thinking I'm saying Cracow but with a K, after all like other...

WorkCostadinov - 24 Apr 2017 / WhirlwindTobias - 26 Apr 2017
RELOCATING TO GDYNIA, Poland - salary question   2
39 - @ruban_rk, Please share me your contact details, will reach out to you for some details....

WorkLemy - 23 Oct 2013 / raghuprasad1404 - 25 Apr 2017
Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland   2   3   4   5   6
Jobs in the field of electronics in Poland? I have an engineering degree.
Studies In Poland, is it easy to survive on part-time jobs?   2   3   4
Job offer in Poland and signing contract on first day of work?
What should I study for easy job in Poland?
Poland is not the best country to get part time job with study?
About Work permit for Student Visa in Poland
Fraudulent job situation Poland
Taxes in Poland if working for American company?
6 - You don't have to worry about that....

WorkDavidH - 6 May 2010 / chrisk - 13 Apr 2017
Will Poland tax my ISA?
8 - Thank you....

Workcja - 10 Apr 2017 / cja - 11 Apr 2017
Salary for Engineer with 3 years Experience in Poland. 7500 PLN gross good enough?
I am Thai and looking for a job in Poland (therapy relaxing or beauty massage) please recommend or any advice?
Poland work permit and visa fee if cancelled
5 - Thank you very much !! I am not sure that I will be accepted or not ,but at least...

Worknetworkengineer - 5 Apr 2017 / networkengineer - 5 Apr 2017
Advice about salary level Unix admin in Poland
Radiology Field Jobs such as Computed Tomography Technologist - salary and job requirements
Living in Wroclaw... Any tips on jobs and salaries (sales/marketing) in Poland?
Job in Poland Bydgoszcz - Is there an Indian community here?
24 - jamshaid in which company you will be join in april and which position...

Workda185035 - 4 Sep 2012 / napsnobile - 27 Mar 2017
What salary can be asked at IBM Poland?   2   3
Senior system administrator in Wroclaw - is 7500 OK?
Polish Military - Salary / Benefits
Legal professional on a lookout in Poland
Is there anybody who work for Atos in Bydgoszcz as a foreigner?
30 - @napsnobile I sent you an email, can you please check your mailbox....

Workbakkalgazi - 29 Aug 2016 / bakkalgazi - 21 Mar 2017
D Visa- To work and study in Poland
14 - I see that you are from Azerbaijan, if you speak russian well you "might" find a job in a...

WorkTopman - 12 Jun 2011 / dany_moussalli - 16 Mar 2017
Polish PLN bank account for foreign company constituted under civil law (Spółka cywilna)
Finance Work in Poland - is it hard for a non-Polish speaking person?   2
Is it difficult to make a living playing Soccer in Poland?
Expected salary for an engineer in Poland?
Cost of living in Gdańsk, average salary for experienced software engineer in Poland   2
Net Salary for comfortable life in Wroclaw
10 - hehe was in which year? 1994? maybe was :) It would be Eldorado when the average Polish...

Workguru_mmb - 21 Oct 2016 / peter_olsztyn - 14 Mar 2017
Study in Poland to learn Polish language?
10 - [Link / Image / Video / Quote]

Worksamnslon - 6 May 2010 / gumishu - 13 Mar 2017
Never work for Mike Mills in Warsaw
Why do businesses in Poland fail?
How much is a good salary for a manager at software company in Poland?
7 - Have a look here:

Workrush7 - 18 Jan 2017 / inkrakow - 6 Mar 2017
The most popular job (and not only) advertising sites in Poland?   2
Test period for work in Poland
Salary and cost of living information - Krakow   2   3   4   ...   6   7
Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times   2   3   4   5
Regarding demand of physiotherapy in Poland
14 - Thanks for reply.....

Workpradeep 134 - 29 Mar 2013 / Sunil87 - 1 Mar 2017
I'M SO SURPRISED BY THIS SALARY FOR IBM in WROCLAW 3000 ZL gross   2   3   4   5
Salary in Gdansk at a multinational Company, junior position, with Hungarian language
Is 400000PLN per year a very high salary in Poland? If so, what kind of job can make this money?
Can a Poland work permit holder can work in Denmark/EU?
Earn $6800 a month in Warsaw? Job scams in Poland.
What are career opportunities for a foreigner in Poland?
15 - Not to mention being able to talk to the customers to explain various products......

WorkMyNameIsNotDon - 16 Apr 2013 / mafketis - 19 Feb 2017
What is the average accounting/auditing salary in Poland?
How does a person join the Poland's army?   2
I want to live and work in Poland in 3 years. I'm from Québec, Canada.
Average salary for software engineer in an IT company in Poland with a 7 year experience in Java/J2ee Eclipse.

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