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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market.
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Sticky: Advice on Teaching English in Poland   2   3   4   ...   23   24
Polish Employment Contract Type; permanent and fixed-term position in Poland
Work Permit and Requirement (not authorized to work in Poland)
Love Poland, studying as Civil/Design Engineer
Looking for work in Poland like farming
Proofreading - What is the going rate in Warsaw?   2
Cost of living Warsaw, Poland for family of 2+1 (7 month baby)
Moving to Poland! Master degree and 12 years experience developing software
Native English looking for a teaching job in Poland   2   3   4   5
Business ideas for Poland   2
Companies and pay for a Native English Teacher in Warsaw?   2
Polish Canadian ESL job/student advice   2   3
Poland IT jobs websites?
Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland   2   3   4   ...   9   10
280 - @pratik did you had any luck in finding a job?...

Workrajesh321 - 22 Aug 2008 / Abhi178 - 10 Feb 2018
Sikh coming to Poland with over 14 years experience in Customer Service and running operations
What are job opportunities in Poland for a pharmacist from India?
The most popular job (and not only) advertising sites in Poland?   2
50 - and jobrapido You may also try Gumtree...

WorkInvictus - 28 Apr 2010 / kaprys - 5 Feb 2018
Chemical Engineering Jobs in Poland - Needing Orientation
What is the average accounting/auditing salary in Poland?   2
Can I find a job in Poland that requires speaking in English?   2   3
Cost of living in Lodz, is 2450-6400 PLN salary enough?
23 - @cms Yes I'm coming alone there. How much will be the rent for a single apartment....

Workstefanotir - 1 Sep 2015 / apollo721 - 29 Jan 2018
I want to go to make my own screen printing business in Poland
Closed: Question about working on your own in Poland
6 - Bug off, troll. Admin, you can delete this thread....

Worksksks - 25 Jan 2018 / DominicB - 25 Jan 2018
English speaking Tax accountant in Warsaw
I stay in Poland, freelance for UK company, and have a Belarusian passport. How do I get taxed?
Need help to open company & work permit (I am from Pakistan)
13000 zloty salary enough to save 9000 zloty with normal living in Poland?   2
Polish private pension - is it obligatory to join?
Poland is not the best country to get part time job with study?   2
Driving jobs in Poland. (HGV and bus/coach)
11 - A driver recruitment website?...

WorkdaveyM - 20 Mar 2010 / jon357 - 16 Jan 2018
Loan / Credit in Poland (on 1600-2000 PLN income)
The big step: moving to Warsaw and taking everything with me to Poland
Studies In Poland, is it easy to survive on part-time jobs?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
How is the job opportunities in Poland for my competencies? I am delivering business coaching services.
Are there any jobs for Americans in Poland?
29 - Dominic I've spent years in Poland as my whole family is there so im keenly aware of what the...

WorkChicabonita92 - 29 Sep 2014 / Dirk diggler - 29 Dec 2017
Should I move Wroclaw in 3M as a Rpa lead Developer from India ?
EU Blue Card for Poland. Which salary is needed?   2
Masters in Poland, Work, Residence permit..
Master's degree and job opportunities in Poland
Polish citizen with American husband in Poland ~ work ops?   2
55 - Yes, my son speaks 90% polish i have been @ home with him for 2 years so it's great....

Workoczko1993 - 19 Dec 2017 / oczko1993 - 21 Dec 2017
After Masters in Management, Job Opportunities in Poland ?
Is it possible that a Moroccan get a job in Poland?
Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times   2   3   4   5
Poland's Internships for English Speakers w/ Polish A2
Can a Poland work permit holder can work in Denmark/EU?
Salary & cost of living in Warsaw, Poland
Water purifying system services and airconditioning system services engineer - in Poland?
How can I found job for Hebrew speakers in Poland?
What is deducted from a salary in Poland apart from Income tax?   2   3   4   5
149 - if I get the 4000 PLN in a month , how much tax I have to pay or deducted...

Workpreetfzr - 5 Mar 2014 / hitupathak - 8 Dec 2017
Hi, I am Indian and will be shifting to Poland (diploma in Mechanical engineering)
29 - If ur good you can make a lot of money regardless where you go. Your degree is in huge...

Workjaved221 - 9 Aug 2012 / Dirk diggler - 8 Dec 2017
Resign from current work (60 days notice period) after receiving job offer in Poland (work permit in 2 months)
9 - Hi, I am a EU Blue Card holder in Poland which means my spouse is eligible to work...

Workmonata - 16 Feb 2015 / AnjPolishali - 5 Dec 2017
Poland job (senior development / compliance officer from India) - need an advice
Cost of living in Gdańsk, average salary for experienced software engineer in Poland   2   3
What salaries are for IT specialists (Senior QA Engineer) in Poland?   2
49 - @vishrocks21 Berlin is not in Poland. This is a Polish forum. Ask on a German forum....

Workkatrina85 - 4 Dec 2013 / DominicB - 26 Nov 2017
How much salary should I ask for IT Business Analysts in Wroclaw ?
17 - In my opinion you should ask at least 13k zl net....

WorkOzanOz - 9 Oct 2017 / LongTermR - 24 Nov 2017
I am Thai and looking for a job in Poland (therapy relaxing or beauty massage) please recommend or any advice?
Studying in Poland - are international students allowed to work?
How to get EU Blue card before entering into the Poland
Am I obliged to have a business before I apply for a temporary residency on the basis of starting a business?
Profi-Lingua - Still dodgy/shady?

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