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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market.

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What is a good monthly salary for an English teacher in Poland?  2  3  4
What is the job situation like in Poland? I am thinking of moving to find work
Medical tests before working in Poland
22 - i want to study medicine in Poland by i am HIV positive, do they accept HIV positive students?...

WorkMirandaVisser - 30 May 2013 gabriel 2020 - 23 Nov 2020
Will a net monthly salary of around 3000zl be enough to live comfortably in Silesia?
9 - I wonder what the first 3 posters and other former members are doing....

Workmanseca - 21 Aug 2011 Michel88 - 21 Nov 2020
Internship for Engineering company in Krakow, what salary to expect ?
Starting out as an English teacher in Poland - any pearls of wisdom for me?
11 - Meet and talk with other NATIVE Polish teachers who have connections....

Workdon'tpanic - 11 Feb 2011 johnny reb - 20 Nov 2020
Is there a luxury market in Poland?
6 - People in Warsaw are richer than in many parts of Germany and France...

WorkZlatko - 8 Oct 2020 Richardnorman - 14 Nov 2020
Esl English Teacher in Szczecin
13 - Do you teach Polish? I speak English and need to learn Polish....

WorkMrs S - 1 Sep 2018 jakub_a - 13 Nov 2020
Teaching English in Poland? I am American and I have the CELTA certification.  2
I am non EU citizen living inPoland. I have TRC for 3 years. Can I work with that TRC in Netherlands?
Are Indian dental qualifications recognised in Poland?
Work Permit / Salary in Krakow - Poland
Going rates for Staff, housekeeper, nanny, driver, gardener in Poland?
Studying in Poland - are international students allowed to work?
Expected gross salary per month of a market risk/ credit risk professional ?
Chances of working in Poland as an IT System / Server Administrator? ( I have 3 years experience )
Additional freelance work in Poland - ZUS, taxes?
Regarding demand of physiotherapy in Poland
Does it take 100 days to get Poland's work permit? Local hire?
How much Father Christmas earns in Poland
Can I find a non-corporate job in Poland?  2
What would be a good salary for an MBA graduate in Poland?
What salary can I expect in Warsaw?
3 - Especially in the time of pandemic....

WorkWarsaw24 - 31 Aug 2020 pawian - 31 Aug 2020
15000 pln gross in Poland or 1.20 lac take home in India
24 - Ever consider taking advice of a professional Ksińôgowy (Accountant)?...

WorkBhavik0827 - 11 Sep 2018 Cargo pants - 25 Aug 2020
Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times  2  3  4  5  6
179 - Merged: Work permit Hi As of now how much time is work permit taking in krakow, Poland,...

WorkNewbie - 25 Jan 2008 devil_storage - 23 Aug 2020
Companies in Poland that support Work Permit
Is it difficult to make a living playing Soccer (football) in Poland?  2
English school or beauty salon in Poland? Business option
What is life like in Poland for a student?
Polish nurses, gender and salary
Is it going to be hard for me to find a part time Job in Warsaw?
Medical jobs in Poland?
Possibility of jobs in Warsaw - how much pay per hour?
12 - Curently, the minimum wage is 17 zlotys per hour. About 4 euros....

WorkROLLERS88 - 7 Feb 2013 pawian - 21 Jul 2020
CPAs in Poland?
What are job opportunities in Poland for a pharmacist from India?
Teaching English in Poland - better opportunities for an American?
Choice of Poland's OFE ( Open Pension Funds )
Teaching English in Zakopane, is it safe?  2
English teachers in Poland - why are they so unhappy?  2
Hands-on agricultural jobs in Poland?
NIP 7 Polish tax registration form translated to English
South African wants to move to Poland, please provide some input?  2
59 - Don't you know?...

Workjanajakkals - 12 Dec 2015 Ironside - 14 May 2020
Warsaw job with US experience (tech company)
The level of English of Polish teachers of English. What do you think of it?  2  3  4
101 - Ok. Present English = deliver prepared material in English language....

Workcracovian - 21 Feb 2011 Sylvio - 21 Mar 2020
What do English Teachers do during the summer for work in Poland? Jobs for teenagers?
How can I found job for Hebrew speakers in Poland?
Water purifying system services and airconditioning system services engineer - in Poland?
Are there any Americans teachers left in Poland?  2
What Jobs are there in Poland for an Englishman besides teaching english?  2  3
Is it difficult to make a living modeling/singing in Poland?
MBA IN FINANCE. How to do my masters and work in Poland?
A young Dutch man moving to Krakow-tips for work, living etc.....  2
Questions regarding Job and salary? Junior accountant position in Poland.  2
33 - @cms neuf Thank you for your reply:)...

WorkKarl_Win - 1 Jun 2012 ingriduzza - 21 Feb 2020
Resigning during the job probation period in Poland
Excel Template For Faktury (invoices) in Poland
Proofreading - What is the going rate in Warsaw?  2
English speaking Tax accountant in Warsaw
Is starting a language school doable in Poland
Got a Job Offer in Poland but a 3 month Visa and Probation Period concerns me
Part time work / Web Developer job in Poland

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