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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market.

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D Visa- To work and study in Poland
14 - You were trying for Mumbai or Delhi?...

WorkFinfairy - 17 Jan 2013 Gauraog - 2 days ago
Panic at the doctor - I need a sick note (L4) from my work in Poland
Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
Tax and other deduction from Salary in Poland
What is deducted from a salary in Poland apart from Income tax?  2  3  4  5  6
151 - 1000 euros is what ive been offered , supervisor role, what will be my income tax ?...

Workpreetfzr - 5 Mar 2014 mohammed mosin - 4 Nov 2018
SAP Consultant Salaries in Warsaw, Poland.
Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times  2  3  4  5  6
Men in child care (creches/nurseries/kindergartens) in Poland
17 - Well yes. In the days before vetting, my dad would pop down to have a ganders at the...

Workdelphiandomine - 24 Oct 2018 Dougpol1 - 25 Oct 2018
After Masters in Management, Job Opportunities in Poland ?
Need Advice on visa interview at Polish embassy
Jobs for a foreigner in Poland without a uni degree
Poland - Corporation in corpo, what to do if you work for 4 languages and you are not paid for?
15000 pln gross in Poland or 1.20 lac take home in India
17 - Been living in Poland for few months and I can say 15000 pln is a lot to live a...

WorkBhavik0827 - 11 Sep 2018 Adidas - 13 Oct 2018
Bar staff - Hourly rate Wroclaw
4 - In general, in Poland: If you're running a good bar, count on a minimum of 12-15zł an...

WorkCrafty beer - 27 Sep 2018 delphiandomine - 13 Oct 2018
I'm Filipino living in Bielsko, I wonder what are the jobs available for foreigners here in Poland?
Jobs in Poland - when do employers hire workers from abroad?
Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland  2  3  4  5  6  7
13000 zloty salary enough to save 9000 zloty with normal living in Poland?  2
38 - Depends also for what type of work....

Workabhinav saxena - 4 Jun 2016 terri - 5 Oct 2018
Moving to Poland with Family - cost of living and salary?  2
46 - iam indian poor girl. moved to poland my life safe...

WorkArunamanivannan - 28 Jun 2012 archana - 3 Oct 2018
Does it take 100 days to get Poland's work permit? Local hire?
Poland IT jobs websites?
Can a foreigner become a police officer in Poland?
My experience leaving Canada and going to Poland to find a job
What are some good tips that you have that would boost my chance of getting a job in Poland after graduation?
The most popular job (and not only) advertising sites in Poland?  2
Is it possible to work whilst studying in Poland?
Work in Poland for a person who moved to America as a kid, and who speaks great Polish
Offer of 12k zloty enough in Warsaw?
10 - See above. Not great, not dire....

WorkAltruist - 17 Oct 2017 jon357 - 18 Sep 2018
Import/Export Business - leather made, surgical and sports products. Will it be successful in Poland?
15 - @Billy Plz contact me at ‭‭+48 532 175 376‬‬...

Workshy123 - 8 Jan 2015 Bill634 - 12 Sep 2018
Can a Poland work permit holder can work in Denmark/EU?  2
Salary for entry level Scandinavian / Finnish speakers in Poland
Taxes in Poland if working for American company?
Esl English Teacher in Szczecin
Cost of living in Gdańsk, average salary for experienced software engineer in Poland  2  3
Electrician seeking work in Warsaw. Is it in demand in Poland?
16 - I want to work in your country please help me iti electrician job...

Workuksparks - 18 Aug 2013 Thangapandi - 11 Aug 2018
Poland's National VISA and work permit
Living in Poland with income from the US.  2
Work permit for weekend students in Poland
2 - Up, same status and need to help....

WorkKaanKILIC - 13 Jul 2018 Escobar26 - 2 Aug 2018
What salaries are for IT specialists (Senior QA Engineer) in Poland?  2
59 - Don't worry. Poles are very thick skinned :))...

Workkatrina85 - 4 Dec 2013 Atch - 1 Aug 2018
Questions regarding living&working in Gdansk
Salary & cost of living in Warsaw, Poland
Anyone willing to move to Scandinavia for work? Or is economy better of Poland?
Electronic invoicing service in Poland for businesses? E-invoices (e-faktury)
Online Poland's visa status
Notice period when terminating a work contract in Poland as an employee - four weeks or one full month?
New Job at Warsaw International School as an English teacher - Advice? What should I expect?
Studies In Poland, is it easy to survive on part-time jobs?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
259 - Par time work tends only to pay minimum wage. Maybe if you are in a large city,...

WorkKrishna27 - 19 Jan 2009 dolnoslask - 12 Jul 2018
Moving from India to Warsaw to study. Need information about Warsaw city, jobs etc.  2
Job Relocation to Lodz from Mexico
Salary in Gdansk (multinational IT based company)
Will Poland tax my SIPP?
18000 zloty (before tax) salary enough to save to live normal life in Krakow with wife and a 1.5 yr old kid?
Residential areas near Krakow business park
RELOCATING TO GDYNIA, Poland - salary question  2
Will Brits working in Poland lose their jobs post Brexit?
I am Thai and looking for a job in Poland (therapy relaxing or beauty massage) please recommend or any advice?
IT Jobs in Poland?
How to earn interest on Euro Account or Deposits?
The Polish Land Forces (ARMY) - I want to enlist

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