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I want to go to make my own screen printing business in Poland

cldagy 5 | 16
4 Jun 2012 #1
I'm 22 years old, i live in mexico and i want to go to poland and put my own screen printing business overther.
my girlfriend is Polish and she lives there ofcourse. we decided to get marry there so i can request for residence and start my business overthere.

Can anyone advise me or help me please

thank you
kj99 8 | 54
8 Oct 2012 #2
[Moved from]: Poland printers who print "estate agent " for sale signs....

can anyone advise of a polish company , perhaps even one near lodz that prints estate agent for sale signs ...

typically these signs are printed on 4mm correx , very durable and ideal for advertising etc -

can easily get them in britain , but have not seen anywhere near lodz that supplies them ...
Wroclaw Boy
8 Oct 2012 #3
Most for sale signs in Poland are done by the owners themselves as agents never disclose property location till they have a contract. Maybe try an arts and craft shop and make one up yourself.
Looker - | 1,114
11 Nov 2014 #4
screen printing business

What's the printing type - large format, small format? Have you ever had any printing business yourself? So it will look similar way. Try to find proper equipment, suppliers, etc. Check what services are worth to provide - explore the market demand in Poland. But from what I know the future belongs to 3D printing..
OP cldagy 5 | 16
26 Oct 2017 #5
Finally made it to Poland :) (sorry forgot about this account) I came here on July 15 2016. It's been more than a year now and I have to say I love it here in Poland. My background is I was born in Mexico and raised in Texas. Extreme heat (54c) for 26 years so I was so done with it. Now I'm living in my prime :). I got married to polish Guralka and enjoying life. I have been abiding to the law from the beginning of my arrival. Just last week I passed the infamous theoretical and practical driving test in Poland (in English of course) after 30+ hours of lessons and tomorrow I'll be going to pick up my new driving license. (Third time in my life I get a driving license first Mx then Tx lol) Now I'm really starting to get into opening a business. After a year of studying polish economy and the culture I'm thinking about a screen printing business for clothes specially t shirts. I also thought about Mexican restaurant (real Mexican restaurant) but as of right now I don't see potential on it.

I have intensive knowledge and experience with sitodruk. I'm bilingual with English and Spanish and a little po polsku.

If anyone is interested in any venture or would like to share ideas or comments I'm all ears.
OP cldagy 5 | 16
26 Jan 2018 #6



I want to ask for your opinions/ideas about any businesses or groups that might need/want to order printing on garment (t-shirts, sweaters, polos, etc) in Poland?

Schools, businesses, restaurants, sport's clubs.

There are many churches here. Maybe summer camps, excursions, plays, etc.

I know there is no uniforms code in schools here. But you might have a good idea where else to look...?
13 Sep 2021 #7
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