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Is it difficult to make a living playing Soccer (football) in Poland?

Robert U 1 | -
18 Jun 2013 #1
Good evening,

I am 24 years old and I play in the third division in Spain. I would like to know if it is difficult to play like a professional in Poland.

Thank you in advance, I will wait your answer.
11 Jun 2014 #2
"Play like a professional" is in Polish Premier League (Ekstraklasa) - maybe.
Teams in second/third division are filled with mostly amateur players. They have regular jobs and often smoke and drink like ordinary Poles ;) They are paid - like they play (poorly)

It is difficult to play like a professional for them.
Gaucho 2 | 49
9 Jul 2014 #3
I haven't seen you play, but I assisted to many TS Podbeskidzie games. They are in the lower tier of the Ekstraklasa (the major division). And heck, it hurts my eyes.

Physically they are usually tough, or speedy (rarely both). Technically...bad, except for 1/2 players the rest looked like amateurs when comparing to Argentinian league (that's where I come from).

The pay is not great unless you're in a top team, but you know about this. Get a name with some nice performances and you'll get suitors behind you.

Contact me on PM if you want talk more (I speak Spanish and was a sports journalist back home)
prince101 1 | 8
15 Jul 2015 #4
[Moved from]: Leads to Football club in Poland - I'm a footballer from Ghana on Schengen visa

i hope this thread finds everyone in good health. so Im a footballer from Ghana here in poland on schengen visa. wanted to find out how is it like to play in Polish leagues and if anyone has leads to any club. Salary is not a problem for now. the ball on the field will decide.

best regards

Merged: Average salary for a football player in Poland

whats the Average salary for a football player in Poland?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
15 Jul 2015 #5
Which city are you in? I can help you if you're in Poznań.
15 Jul 2015 #6
so Im a footballer from Ghana here in poland on schengen visa. wanted to find out how is it like to play in polish leagues and if anyone has leads to any club.

If you're in Warsaw, go to La Mama cafe on Andersa and ask to speak to Arinze (the owner): he's from Nigeria and used to play for Polonia when they were in the Ekstraklasa.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
15 Jul 2015 #7
One thing - I don't know if it's still current, but there was some provision to grant citizenship after 3 years to non-EU players.
prince101 1 | 8
15 Jul 2015 #8
I come to poznan on 21 since my friend invited me to watch lech poznan match.. It will be awesome to meet up with you ...
15 Jul 2015 #9
A football/soccer player on the highest level (ie. in Poland playing in Ekstraklasa League) is a 'creative' profession. As such, the earnings vary greatly (just like they very for actors or entertainers). However, at the lower professional levels (I liga, II liga, Liga okręgowa), the earnings could be called regular salaries and could range from 1200 PLN to probably 10000 PLN or so.
prince101 1 | 8
15 Jul 2015 #10
Thanks a lot Nathan. Do you have any leads to any football clubs here in poland. if yes i would appreciate it if you can help me. ( premier or lig I or II )
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
15 Jul 2015 #11
Ah, man, I'm not here then. But I'll send you the contact details to a Nigerian-Polish football agent based in Poznań. I'm sure he'll be willing to chat with you :)

Contact him, he's a licenced Nigerian (but qualified and registered in Poland) FIFA football agent. I'm sure he'll be able to sort out a trial for you with a team or two :)
prince101 1 | 8
15 Jul 2015 #12
When are you leaving Poznan ? It would have been great to meet you.. If its not too soon I could make some time and sure I will really appreciate it to have his contact no? You can PM me .

Best regards.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
15 Jul 2015 #13
I'll be around from Thursday till Sunday only, it's summer holidays for me, so I'm not here at all really :(

His number (at least, the one I used to have for him - if his wife answers, just ask for him) - 502 362 818

(mods - it's not personal data, it's his business number that's published online)
prince101 1 | 8
15 Jul 2015 #14
Ahh okay .. Sure I will do that.. And thanks a million for the lead. Maybe I can make time on Friday to Poznan. To have further discussion and possibly meet up with him. That's if you have some free time to spare.
16 Jul 2015 #15
You could try here for a I Liga club Wigry: or or (this is coach's address). They should have several foreigners in their squad...
prince101 1 | 8
21 Jul 2015 #16
Hey so I called Justin but was told he's not doing this again. Do you still have any leads or can you help out ?

Best regards
pappy jnr
14 Mar 2017 #17
am a Ghanaian but am in Ukraine now. am skilled with football but am yet to fine a team.please if you can me I will appreciate it a lot.
4 Aug 2017 #18
Hey sir how can I contact you? I'm a soccer player thinking about coming to play professional soccer in Poland
9 Sep 2017 #19
Hello Good people
I'm george and I'm a footballer in England and also played in the Welsh league
I'm visiting Poland in few days and would like to know if anyone have any links to a good team in Poland like in the premier league or I Liga as I will be staying in Warsaw for 2weeks please if you have any info please kindly msg me on Instagram @george_the_2nd

KieranLing - | 1
26 Oct 2017 #20

Looking to join Poland's football team

I'm 19 and currently play football in the United Kingdom but I am looking to take my game to the next level, I was wondering what teams I'd have a high chance at getting a trial with within Poland that are at a professional or semi pro level. At the end of this season I will have a video of my matches from this season to present to managers/scouts on youtube and will be happy to learn the language spoken in the country.

Thank you.
cms 9 | 1,271
26 Oct 2017 #21
Probably quite low - there is a limited number of professional teams here and outside the top 2 divisions the money is probably less than you would get working minimum wage in the U.K. So you would probably need another job to support yourself.
Andrew1396 - | 2
7 Jun 2018 #22

Is it hard to make a living playing football in Poland?

I am a 22 year old footballer with no professional history of football, I have played for many teams in and around the area where I live in Dunstable.

I have been looking into moving to Poland and I was wondering how hard is it to get a trial and/or get noticed while playing football, I have dreams of playing in the highest division possible to me and from what I have see of Polish football I think I would do well there.

Any information on this subject would be amazing, I would like to play in any of the top few Leagues however I don't know much about the wages. Also I'm not too sure how they feel about an English player playing over there as I have not seen many so I'm not sure if that's a bad sign or potentially a good one for me 🤞🏻

Many thanks
Lyzko 29 | 7,094
7 Jun 2018 #23
Andrew, in Europe, I'd go with soccer myself, as American football probably isn't too popular on the continent at present. Only European country with which I'm familiar that's into American sports is Germany, which has several semi-pro baseball teams, I believe!
Andrew1396 - | 2
7 Jun 2018 #24
Thanks for the reply! I was talking about soccer as we call it football over here haha, do you know anything about football in Poland ?
cms neuf - | 1,579
7 Jun 2018 #25
If you havent played semi pro in England i think that would be difficult to get amything in Poland worth more than a few hundred zloty a game.

Think my Dad played for Dunstable for a few games a long time ago ! He was in a few non league teams round there.

Why not try and get a coaching badge and get work at a summer camp for kids ? Dont know if that is feasible but its more realistic than playing pro
Kasim - | 1
27 Jan 2019 #26

Can anyone link me up to a soccer club in Poland for trials ?

Hello audience in the house,
Let me go straight to the point, I am a soccer player in Nigeria & a football Agent in Cameroon want me to pursue my football career in Poland but what I don't have clue on is this,,,

- Getting a trials in Poland either in first division or 2nd division

- Standard of living in Poland

- Do amateur players get paid over their? & can the pay sustain ones livelihood?

Pls i need help on this especially clue from experienced people I will appreciate it 🙏
10 Jun 2019 #27
Hello , this is dagi from ethiopia , i played for three diffrent teams in my country and i am in toruń know , i am 20 years old i need some clubs with good team sprit
pawian 176 | 13,997
13 Jun 2019 #28
I know nothing about any member of the PF being a chairman of a football club, neither a football player, let alone an owner. I think you need to contact prospective clubs by mail or phone. Send them your portfolio first of all.
15 Aug 2019 #29
I played in Poland around 7 years ago for Korona for two seasons when I was 32. You don't make lots of money there, but if youve played pro at home, you will find it quite easy to do well on the pitch at least. Hope you can handle the mosquitos in summer...
pawian 176 | 13,997
15 Aug 2019 #30
you will find it quite easy to do well on the pitch at least.

And you can teach your kids some pro football. They might even follow dad`s example.

Hope you can handle the mosquitos in summer...

Yes, they are not so obnoxious as I predicted. Just standard summer mosquitoes.

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