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Is it difficult to make a living playing Soccer (football) in Poland?

16 Nov 2019 #31
Hello there, I am Ernest antwi a footballer from Ghana who's played in Lesotho premier league for 2 years and also in Tajikistan 1st league for one year. Am I central midfielder and I can also play offensive midfielder I have a Schengen visa and I want to come to Poland so I want to know about the league 1 in Poland because I want to start from the league to study the league. Can someone tell me what I need to know, please???...

Thanks in advance
Miloslaw 6 | 2,754
16 Nov 2019 #32
To have any degree of success as a footballer you need to have truly exceptional talent.And stay focused and determined to make it.
I know some very good footballers who earnt a good living for about 10 years and then never really made it.
One of them played for the England under 23 squad and is now one of my van drivers on a fairly low wage.
It is tough.....
jon357 63 | 15,660
17 Nov 2019 #33
Can someone tell me what I need to know, please???...

There are a few threads here about football in PL, and some useful info on the league's wiki page.

Have you made contact with a football agent who recruit for Polish teams? Football is thriving here.
Luke93 - | 6
3 Mar 2020 #34

Football trial for Gdansk, Gdynia or Bytów - soccer player salary in Poland?


I'm from Australia but I'm a citizen through my mother. I want to play football for one of these teams, and would like to trial.

I'm 26, central midfielder. Ball control, passing, intelligence, vision and composure is what I offer. Play similar style to Varretti (PSG) x Andrea Pirlo - I'm a CDM. Playmaker.

I'm married with 4 children, my wife and I want to buy home with small land and settle in this region permanently.

I hope to finish my career with one club, and then coach youth there.

I'm not using Polska like a step ladder. We want to live there. We want to die old in Zwartowo.

I will be in Polska permanently in 4 months (mid July).
In few weeks I will have videos of matches.
No signing fees.

Does anyone know how much would players at Bytów get paid?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,483
3 Mar 2020 #35
Well, what's your footballing CV? What level are you currently playing at?
Luke93 - | 6
3 Mar 2020 #36
I've just been signed to a semi professional team in the 2 tier, but they pay me full time. No buyout fees though

I had not played for 8 years (for family reasons, too tragic and personal to explain) but as a youth was raised at one of Sydney's top clubs. I had trained more than the 10,000 quality hours they say that's what it takes to make it.

This year I started watching a few games and thought I could match it.

So I tested what skill remained. I could pass perfectly, still juggle easily to 1000 (left-left-right-right), ball control completely there. As for football intelligence and vision - as a youth that was my skill. I have kept very fit - 14 on beep test.

I asked for a trial almost as a joke, but when I played it was like I never left. I was offered a full time contract (though small) for the semi pro team.

It has reignited hope for my wife and I of moving to Polska. It has long been our plan, but illness and financial hardship have made it impossible. Giving my all to football as a youth left me with no qualification.
4 Mar 2020 #37
Does anyone know how much would players at Bytów get paid? (...) I've just been signed to a semi professional team in the 2 tier

You've just signed for Bytovia? Interesting. The league is called 2. liga, but it's the 3rd tier, not the 2nd (the top one is called Ekstraklasa).

Your team is playing Resovia at home on Saturday; I hope you make your debut then. Fingers crossed. :)
Luke93 - | 6
4 Mar 2020 #38
Hi Torq,

No, not Bytovia - a team in Australia. I wish that were true, that would mean my family and I were in Polska!

I am hoping to play for one of these teams, and hoping for a trial
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
4 Mar 2020 #39

If you read Polish this is a good guide - 3 years old though so if you add a bit of inflation I guess it's 5-10k a month in the lower leagues - probably you won't get paid in the off season. Below 2 Liga most clubs are part time and to are unlikely to make much money

Good luck - you probably need to think about a back up plan but if you speak Polish there are other jobs around
Luke93 - | 6
4 Mar 2020 #40
Thanks so much. I'll be learning the language very fast then.
I sell handmade pastries at markets, so back up is no problem.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,483
4 Mar 2020 #41
Forget about the top league teams. They won't touch you unless you're in demand already.

With teams in the II Liga, it really depends on the individual team as to what they can offer. Some are wealthy teams, others are struggling.

If you're planning on coming here, I'd suggest finding a team in the III Liga so that you can get noticed - a player that dominates in the III Liga will almost certainly be signed by a higher profile team during the winter break.
Luke93 - | 6
5 Mar 2020 #42
Thanks Delphia.
I'm pre season now, I'll play out the season and take videos. I just found my coach is half Polish and played professionally in Poland for a while, so has some connections down south. His father shortened his last name so I had no idea he was Polish.

Maybe mid season in Poland I will try to come. Thanks again
Luke93 - | 6
27 Mar 2020 #43
Does anyone have links or know someone who does to any of the following teams? It appears we will be coming to Poland in July, I'm looking for a trial - played at the same level in Australia.

Order of preference..
-Sandecja Nowy Sacz
-either team in Rzeszów

Or any team in 3 Liga in this region.

I have a few houses around here my wife and I are looking at, but I want to live close to the team I will play for.

RKozak - | 1
21 Aug 2020 #44
How difficult is it for a US player to get a trail in Polish football?
pawian 176 | 14,299
22 Aug 2020 #45
If you possess Lewandowski`s skills, you are worth millions and will be able to earn them.
29 Dec 2020 #46
Hi everyone, I'm a 21 year old Football Coach in England and I manage a ladies football team, I am FA Level 2 Qualified and waiting to enter my UEFA B.

My girlfriend is originally from Poland and we want to move to Poland and I would like to continue my job as a coach,

Would anyone know any contacts I can use to try and get a paid coaching job? I don't mind the age or gender. if you would like to contact me with any information that would help.

Thank you
delphiandomine 88 | 18,483
29 Dec 2020 #47
Simply put: you're not going to get a job paying anything beyond a token amount without the UEFA Pro licence. You *might* be lucky and find something with the UEFA A licence, but because of the way that the system works in Poland (way too many coaches trying to get a place on the UEFA Pro courses, they artificially limit the numbers), you're essentially competing against a lot of Polish coaches who also have connections within the PZPN.

If you want a career in Polish football, stay in the UK and get the UEFA Pro licence, then move to Poland.
19 Jan 2021 #48
Hi dagi I'm also from Ethiopia if you get any help please give me some info

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