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I do not understand this Polish girl, is she playing with me? :( , I am Belgian boy

joeriehaay 1 | 1
17 Dec 2016 #1
i am a Belgium boy from 23 and work on a flower company and in summer (last week june) are coming for first time 2 Polish girls (i little negatief) and she coming 1 from 20 (high) and 1 from 25 (little). and i from :o but on works a woman from Ukraine live 10 years Belgium and can talk Polish.

The Polish girl from 25 i love but not understand
and next day so weird what see talking eating ... and she smokes. 1 weeks later she works with me and i need talk how it works and she understand everthing (from 25 difficult then the 20 ) no good english but so smart smarter then i think WOW. then i talking and she no boyfriend. and funny. and i on fb accept and sometimes talking i with translate Polish.

Then 2 weeks later i asked for swimming and yes but the Ukrainian talk with for good and then swimming. i, 2 Polish, boy from work and the Ukrainian with child and husband.

i need to drive with girl from 25 and other boy from work with girl 20. but after coming back want the girl from 20 with me but other not wanted and she asked from why you not sleep with us tomorrow work and . (no) then days after she happy and learn me 1 word in Polish : cow 'its from funny foto on fb' and i learn her dutch.

Next week she gone to Poland and the girl from 20 asked the last day if i gone buy cigarettes and i gone buy and after we gone photo's and i kiss the 25 on cheek and she back and i take her from ground and she hapy and . i learn her what dog on Dutch and see me Polish and she gone to home. (first weeks august)

talking now fb and so

after 1 month she back and she happy and laugh and smile and i asked if she know dog and yes she knows it. then 1 week later 1 Polish woman come (52)

But then i have many talk with her smile and learn polish/dutch words: Teddybear, Big, Little, Beatifull, ... and 1 time so i asked so and so the woman of boss asked to her so i to massage her and because she always sitting on chair and she talks so yes my dupa hurt and whe so ? and she from hit on hor ass and we ?.

she says 1 time what boobs are in Polish and asked what boobs i love and to.

2 times she asked for cigarettes to take shop
and the woman from 52 says that i need marry with girl.

But so in last weeks october we have fun and she always her tongue on me and puss me and come to me and always when she not understand the bosses she asked to me what he mean.

Last days of october the girl from 20 leave back to Poland.
1 november she sick but 1-2 november not working because holiday. i gone to her and first day she sleeping much and i talking with woman from 52 that i gone take praline because i know she love chocolate. next day i com with praline and she happy very happy and on fb she thanks me.

Sometimes i asked what she want so from us and she maybe i need to thinking.
10 November she gone back to Poland and the she say i have i boyfriend from last week august. :(

I feel now always so bad but i talk now sometimes to her and she say it sometimes now to. but i not understand why she so are to me are she playing with me or are Polish girls so ??
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
17 Dec 2016 #2
I'm living at the moment in London, looking for a new job and I'm really delighted that at least one person didn't understand what I said. I was shocked in the beginning but my friend told me get used to :)
OP joeriehaay 1 | 1
30 Aug 2020 #3

Working with a Polish girl - I dont understand her anymore

on my work (in belguim , i am belguim boy (27)) are now working a polish girl from 20 years old. (from may working)
We al have good talking and joking.

In beginning i was see that she was hide her arm and when later i ask she show that she cuts herself but its was 2 years ago. Later she don't more hide her arm for everybody.

She to once say me that she was 3 months in hospital 2 years ago because 3 polish men was attack her and fight her , she say that the people and 5 more now in jail in Poland (older then 25)

Sometimes she talk the story to me and then she stopped with talking and say nothing more only look sad.
Now i am little sad because she always want speak about it but never tell all story

She have to mentiol problem that she now very happy, doing crazy and so. and 5 minutes later she looks so that are fire coming in eye and speak not more and look angry.

She say that she depression and have PTSD ....

Now i think that i little love on her but i dont know how say and she doing to strange sign.
sometimes she asked me that i want to come for go with her away and so and she happy, when i come she dont want and say not want and want sleep ...

To she ask me for something and later she say that she not want ..
When she was in july 3 weeks bach go home, last day she dont want hug me and say bye she say nothing. when she was home first days she dont answer on messenger. and after 4 days she doing video call, then was every 2-3 day a video call about 30-1 hour about what doing and so. and show foto's and show her family and always doing face kisses

She say weeks ago that she come back and happy, now she here all for 4 days, today i go to her , she not antword me, she not speak and now on messenger she send me this

Weź sie ogarnij
Bo to już przechodzi ludzkie pojęcie jak się zachowujesz względem mnie
Jesteś tylko kolegą z pracy

i dont get her more, are she now playing with me?
mafketis 24 | 9,356
31 Aug 2020 #4
i dont get her more

She's been pretty clear - you're a work friend. She doesn't see you as boyfriend material. Even if she did she probably needs professional help before she'd be ready for a healthy relationship.

There's plenty of fish in the sea, cast your line elsewhere.
pawian 176 | 14,299
31 Aug 2020 #5
she not antword me

Why do you speak Dutch in Belgium?

Edit: Aaah, now I know, Dutch is the language of the Flemish community. Interesting.

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