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Driving License Penalty Point Checks

5 Jul 2021 #1
Hi all,

I work for a small company and we have a number of Polish drivers - it's that time again where we check our employee's driving licenses for penalty points, but I have no idea of how to do this. Does anyone have any advice?

This may be a silly question, but can points be added to a Polish license if they are obtained in the UK?

No idea how anyone in the company did this before, but I would really appreciate some wisdom and advice in the matter!

Thanks so much!
rtfm 1 | 62
5 Jul 2021 #2
Best thing you can do is ask your drivers if they have lived in the UK for 6 months. If they have they must swap their polish driving licence or they are breaking the law. Once they've swapped their licence tou can do your usual uk checks.

To answer your original question I think in theory yes they can but making them swap their licence to a UK one will be the best thing for your business. They won't need to retake any tests.
OP emzyloozy
6 Jul 2021 #3
hi there - I've taken a look at the website and it doesn't seem to state that anywhere, can I please ask where you found that information?

Here it says that my workers can drive on their EU licenses, but says nothing about having to swap to a UK license:

Thanks for your advice!
rtfm 1 | 62
6 Jul 2021 #4
Hi there, apologies, it seems the rules have changed for EU nationals in UK. Although not for UK nationals in Poland. According to the DVLA as long as they aquired their licence in the EU they can drive cat A/B on their licence until 67 before they have to swap it.

The rules are more complicated for other vehicles but their is a dvla checker here you can use:

Having said the above, they can still swap their licence voluntarily and I would make that a condition of their employment with you as it simplifies your checks making it easier for your business to be compliant with your insurance for example. It also validates that their licence was indeed valid to begin with and not a counterfeit.
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