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Driving in Poland without a driving license?

back989 1 | -
31 Jan 2022 #1
HI, a few days back I was driving without any license, and got caught by civil white dress cop. they asked me about my driving license but I said I have but in my home. to be honest, I don't have any license. they asked I am drunk or not, but I wasn't drunk and I don't drink. and they took my pesel and noted it. and they warned me not to drive again without a driving license. however, i have my own car and I have a PKK number as well. I am afraid will they come to my house to investigate or not? because I don't have a driving license.
pawian 202 | 21,196
31 Jan 2022 #2
civil white dress cop

That`s about my wife. She interrogates our kids like a cop, but is still civil when handling me. And she wears white dresses. :):)

All in all, I think you have mistaken Poland for Russia or Belarus now.

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