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I have an Israeli Driving License. What do I have to do to get a Polish driving license?

Roiam 1 | 3
18 Jan 2014 #1
I am an Israeli, and I have a polish citizenship and a local Israeli license.
Is there any option to get a driving license from the embassy? Do i have to go to Polska for this?
Do I need to take a test even that I already have a driving license?

Thank you !
gask7 - | 50
19 Jan 2014 #2
Seems to me you must have international driving license. It is valid in Poland, but just for 6 months since your arrival - according to act about drivers of the 5th January 2011 - Dz. U. 2011

no 30 poz. 151 - art. 4 ust. 1 pkt 2 lit. a. and art. 5 ust. 4.
Israel was the part of the Geneva Convention about road traffic of 19th September 1949.
To have the local Israel license is rather not enough.
If you want to live in RP longer than 6 months you can change your license after your arrival.
The embassy don't have technical possibility and also rights to do so.
OP Roiam 1 | 3
19 Jan 2014 #3
Thanks. And how can I get a permanent license?
Paulina 16 | 4,446
19 Jan 2014 #4
Maybe this link will be useful:
el_easy 2 | 54
21 Jan 2014 #5
I don't know if Israel license has the same requirement as American license, but what i have is international driving permits fee $15.00 with my original license.

PERMIT VALID FOR ONE YEAR ONLY, but you can renew every year and come out better, because when the Police stop you and see it they don't even bother you much..

International Driving Permitspic
LindaWoskalos - | 11
21 Jan 2014 #6
The international driver's license DOESN'T exist!

Is just a translation of yours. If you want to drive in Poland you can do it for 3 months , if you live in Poland for more than 3 months you have to apply for a "residence visa"and they you can 'exchange" yours for the polish one without needed to do any exam.
21 Jan 2014 #7
Wrong, wrong, right, and wrong. Never mind Linda, one out of four is better than some people get.
OP Roiam 1 | 3
25 Jan 2014 #8
Thanks for the comments.
I think I was not clear, I want the driving license as an Identity Card, I don't want to go any time with my Polish passport in airports etc.

Because I don't live in Poland I can't get an ID, So I thought that a driving license could be a great solution.

25 Jan 2014 #9
You need a permanent address in Poland in order to get a Polish driving licence. Also, they'll take your Israeli licence from you.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
25 Jan 2014 #10
I want the driving license as an Identity Card

A driving license is not an ID card. You can want everything until hell freezes over, but it won't work.
Israel is not in the EU, meaning your driving license has zero value in the EU.
No EU country would accept a driving license as a substitute for an ID card. (would yours, by the way?)
OP Roiam 1 | 3
26 Jan 2014 #11
I ment that I need it for Airports etc. :)
27 Sep 2015 #12

I should be a good idea to verify that you do understand the question before trying to answer.
I will make it easy for you to understand the question:
How should someone who:
- Has a polish citizenship AND
- Lives permanently in Israel AND
- Has an Israeli driving license

How ( is it possible?) can he get a PERMANENT polish driving license?
- Is it possible?
- What is the procedure?
- can it be all arranged from Israel or should he go to Poland?

clear?, well, if and only if you are sure that you have understood the question and you do believe that you know the right answer and have double checked your answer, then please shoot your answer...

regards, Hooper
27 Nov 2015 #13
Merged: how can I convert my Israeli driving licence to a Polish driving license?


I am holding dual Israeli and Polish nationality. I hold an Israeli driving license from 1992 (C + A2).
how can I convert my Israeli driving license and issue a Polish driving license?

kpc21 1 | 753
27 Nov 2015 #14

In Polish, but:
1. Israel belongs to the countries which signed the Vienna Road Traffic Convention, therefore you can simply exchange your driving license to the Polish one. In case of countries which haven't singed it, like the US (and, for sure, the countries using American-style road signs), it's also necessary to pass the theoretical part of the Polish driving license exam.

2. You need to go to the "Wydział Komunikacji", "Wydział Praw Jazdy" or a similar institution in your "powiat" office (starostwo powiatowe), or, in case of bigger cities, which are a "powiat" on their own, in the municipal office. In the place where you are registered that you live there.

3. You need the following documents:
a) filled-in application form (available in the office); as far as I know, it's in a special format, so you need an original one taken from the office

b) a photo fulfilling special requirements - the best is just to go to a photographer and tell him that you need a photo for a driving license, he will know how to take it (it's the same type of photo as for identity cards in 2014 and before)

c) a xerox copy of the original driving license and its translation made by a translator authorised for official translators (offices of such translators are often available in the "wydział komunikacji" buildings)

d) xerox copy of your "karta pobytu" (when you are a Polish citizen then you probably have a Polish identity card or passport, it should be OK)

e) only if the validity of your original driving license is not time-limited - you need a medical statement; you get it from a "medycyna pracy" doctor, you have to pay for it not more than 200 PLN

f) for the exchange of the driving license you have too pay 100,50 PLN

With your original Israeli driving license you can drive within 6 months after beginning your stay in Poland. Unless its validity ends earlier.

You are talking about a C category license. Remember that to work as a lorry driver in Poland you need some additional papers (which are quite expensive to get, and you need to pass some extra exams), a driving license is enough only if you have just a private car for your own use.
12 Nov 2019 #15
If you wish to pass the exam for another driving licence category you could also use an app like that in English version. It has official english questions. The theory test is easier to pass than practice. So practice course needed anyway in that case.
dumbul 1 | 1
15 Jun 2021 #16
I got pkk number now what should I do?
Looker - | 1,131
15 Jun 2021 #17
Here you'll find all the info you need:

When you have the pkk already, the the next step is to find a driving school and register there for course/exam.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,491
15 Jun 2021 #18
I wonder how people now take tests with them parking assist/auto stop/blind stop sensors and esp with rear cameras to park in the cars.One dont even have to look around,just the camera and signs and park perfectly.During my days even if you didnt turn your head to check the blind spot,they would fail you.Now with these gadgets in the cars how does the examiner examine.
Alien 20 | 5,205
1 Feb 2022 #19
@Cargo pants; During my days even if you didn't turn your head to check the blind spot, they would fail is still the same today Cargo.

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