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Penalty points on driving licences in Poland

Trevek 26 | 1,700
20 May 2012 #1
Does anyone have any idea about what happens if you get driving points in Poland and you have a UK (EU) licence?

As I understand it, the Polish system allows about 20 points before disqualification, whereas the UK system allows only 12.

If, for example, you get 6 points in Poland, would they go on a UK licence as 6 points, or is their some kind of exchange rate, where you'd get less but of the UK type? Also, how long would they stay?
wawa_marek 1 | 129
20 May 2012 #2
I don't think driving points from Poland can be transfered to UK, but the mandate you should rather pay.
pantsless 1 | 267
20 May 2012 #3
You do not get points. They do not go on your UK license. All you have to do is pay the fine. If you do not have legal residence in Poland you must pay on the spot.

Parking tickets are another matter, do pay them otherwise they will hunt you down.
OP Trevek 26 | 1,700
20 May 2012 #4
Aha, thanks. I have had cops on the spot wave the licence away when we asked about points, but this is a speeding camera job!

My worry was that it is an EU/UK licence, not just a UK one.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
21 May 2012 #5
I have another question in this matter. I drive here in Poland since years with my Belgian driving license (perfectly legal since it is EU). But we do not have points in Belgium so I only would have to pay the penalty.. A friend of mine however told me that the points are also linked to one's PESEL ?
smurf 39 | 1,971
21 May 2012 #6
A friend of mine however told me that the points are also linked to one's PESEL

your friend is yanking yer crank chap, he's bullshitting ya
sobieski 106 | 2,118
21 May 2012 #7
Meaning in normal - non hoodie, non grafitti - English ?
pantsless 1 | 267
21 May 2012 #8
Smurf meant that your friend is bullshitting you, in other words, he was not telling the truth. It's not "hoodie" or "graffiti" English (btw, graffiti???? wth does that even mean?), its regular slang.

However, he is not entirely correct. Yes, points are linked to a driver's license, not a PESEL number. However, on the basis of your PESEL the police can easily check how many points you have.

Nonetheless, if you hold Polish citizenship or are a legal resident but have a driver's license from another country you are not affected by points. You must pay the fine but it is "credited", i.e., you do not have to pay on the spot.
10 Nov 2013 #9
"Sobieski" is correct and 'Smurf' is wrong. If you have a PESEL then all points will be recorded against it and kept on the Police/Straz records (even if you are driving on a foreign licence!). So when you reach the maximum (24?) points Poland can ban you from driving and any Police/Straz who stops you can check on his phone within a few seconds.

I know this because I have a UK licence and a Polish PESEL and rather a few points.
GabiDaHun 2 | 152
10 Nov 2013 #10
All semantics anyway cos in Poland your points only stay in your license for a year. If it's touch and go with points you can always contest via the courts, and the process is so long that by the time your trial comes your points will have been wiped anyway. Explains the happy standard of driving. No one gives a **** about points here cos they don't need to.
26 Jul 2014 #11
If i get some points here, what is happen if don't have uk licens? I got 3
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
25 Oct 2014 #12
So when you reach the maximum (24?) points Poland can ban you from driving

How does one get 24 points here? That really would take some doing. I have 6 points outstanding - and that was for a collision with a blind woman on a pedestrian crossing :)

I just had to sign a form apologising, and promising never to do it again :)
Lermontov 1 | 2
26 Oct 2014 #13
Merged: UK Driving License Penalty Points


I can see that a very similar question to this has been posted before on this section, but that was back in 2012 and we all know how fast the laws about these things can change.

My question is this: If you get caught with a driving offence in Poland, and receive and on-the-spot fine and five points on a UK driving license, are these points then transferred back to the UK. Basically I was just caught turning down a street I wasn't allowed to. Stupid, I know, but I'm still getting used to all the one-ways and no-right-turns here :)

Thanks for any help guys
Looker - | 1,134
26 Oct 2014 #14
You'll still get away with this - the new law is not implemented yet and the points won't be transferred. But it will be changed soon.
Lermontov 1 | 2
26 Oct 2014 #15
Aha that's great. I paid an on the spot fine, but I thought it would be hard to transfer these points to a UK license as all the rules are different.

Thanks for the help!
14 Mar 2015 #16
hi i got 6 points on my English license in Poland will i still get away with this or has the law changed ? if it hasnt do you have any news about changing it soon ? because im gonna stay here for couple of months more and i love to put my foot down (when its safe)
pigsy 7 | 305
15 Mar 2015 #17
Even though I have a Polish license but I always show my international license and American license when pulled over.Last time the officer stopped me ,with his expression I figured he knew that I did have a Polish license as the car is on my name with Polish plates but on the ticket he only mentioned first 3 numbers of my pesel on the ticket and left the others blank and gave me a receipt for 400 something Zees,that I gave him as fine.Been over a year but no letter or anything about points on my Polish license yet though.Just to mention I was very courteous and nice to the copper saying "nie rozumie po polsku pan officer" and so on with my little Polish,to which he showed me his 1944 hand held radar and tried to explain me the violation for speeding 20km over the speed limit(which I knew) but acted scared and apologetic.

Just to remind they always stand after the posted white and black posted speed limit sign like in states as legally the ticket is illegal if the sign is not posted if given after a specified distance from the sign.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
15 Mar 2015 #18
To cut a long story short, you were driving way too fast and then tried to play the "dumb foreigner - I do not speak Polish" act.Too bad the new fine system is not in force yet for people like you.
pigsy 7 | 305
15 Mar 2015 #19
Are you jealous about that ?I would never act like a smart foreigner like you suggest and get points.Wonder what you are suggesting is smart in real world?
15 Mar 2015 #20
Even though I have a Polish license but I always show my international license and American license when pulled over.

That would be a remarkably stupid thing to do, given how it is in itself illegal to identify oneself to Polish authorities with documentation other than Polish if one has. Compounding the foolishness is the fact that an international driving licence is itself utterly worthless (they are all entirely unofficial and worthless; one actually needs an International Driving Permit). And just to add a bit of icing to the cake, when one gets a Polish licence, one is required to hand over one's foreign licence; that licence is then sent to the US embassy in Warsaw, which then returns it to the licensing authority in the US, which means that if a person goes to the DMV in their state, they either need to surrender their Polish licence or lie by claiming that they have lost their US licence, which is also a crime.
pigsy 7 | 305
15 Mar 2015 #21
Just to educate you sunshine that I have had Polish license since 2003 without an expiry date and renewed my us license 4 times since then and no one has asked for my Polish license back.Given to the fact that someone who mentions stupid things dont have proper documentation in Poland and has threatened ticket checkers in Poland and evaded custom duties for so many years in Poland.,

Above all someone mentions about a crime who has been ranting about the same and couldn't do anything for it after threatening for almost a decade like a mouse.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
15 Mar 2015 #22

I know it's Sunday night and we are all mentally challenged but what are you on about Pigsy? Harry laid it out in black and white. Show the pigs the one documentation, not several licences or whatever....... don't give them ammunition for their brains to tick over.

And your fine, whatever it is, is automatically removed from your bank account in fullness of time by the tax police.
29 Jun 2017 #23
I have very important question. .. I wan a ask. How can we chechk. Polish driving license online. If you apply polish. License you have any website. We can check. In home. .... If some. One knows. Plz rply me im. Waiting
Phil G
23 Feb 2020 #24
Is it worth starting a campaign to lobby the UK government (via MPs, Transport Minister etc) to change our points system to one like Poland? Poland award penalty points taking into account road conditions, excess speed margin, potential hazard to other road users or pedestrians etc. Rather than our dumb 3 points for anything. I drive professionally and have got 3 points on 3 separate occasions for doing marginally over 80 on the empty A30 in Cornwall. Easy pickings for camera vans, but can be life changing for drivers.
Atch 22 | 4,128
24 Feb 2020 #25
Considering that the UK has the safest roads in Europe and Poland the most dangerous, then NO, definitely not.
Looker - | 1,134
16 May 2020 #26
How to verify the number of penalty points in Poland?
Check here or visit this website for more information:,mam,punktow,karnych,Jak,to,sprawdzic,37618.html

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