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Poland work permit and visa fee if cancelled

networkengineer 2 | 6
5 Apr 2017 #1
Hi I have an offer ,I will come to Poland in August and start to work ,my recruiter asked my to send copy of my passport in order to prepare visa and work permit ,I have also second work chance in another company ,I am in 3rd stage ,this job is actually my dream job and I want to work there much ,my question is like that ,if I send them my passport and if they start to apply to work and visa permit and then suddenly i will say them I am not able to come because i have better offer ? Will it cost them a lot ? I know that it is rude :( Please help me
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Apr 2017 #2
Because you have not signed a contract yet, you have no legal obligation to this employer. Nor do you have any moral or ethical obligation. If you find a better job, don't feel guilty about taking it. They certainly would not feel at all guilty if they suddenly found a better candidate and decided not to hire you. It's not "rude". It's business, and the money you cost them is a normal part of the cost of doing business.
OP networkengineer 2 | 6
5 Apr 2017 #3
Hello friend ,i did not signed yet ,but I just send email that I am accepting this offer .So what will happen ?
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Apr 2017 #4
Until you sign the contract, you could always send another letter saying that you are politely declining the offer. Of course, you should be considerate and let them know as soon as possible, so that they don't waste any more money and time on you, and can start looking for a new candidate.
OP networkengineer 2 | 6
5 Apr 2017 #5
Thank you very much !! I am not sure that I will be accepted or not ,but at least I should try my best for this position ,as I said it is my dream ! So until I arrive to Poland and sign the contract then everything begins I guess

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