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Tourist business idea - Would non-Poles be interested?

Oathbreaker 4 | 418
27 Aug 2021 #1
As many of you know I moved to Poland in February with the intent of joining the Polish military. Alas I have to wait one more year before applying again (formalities like that sucks...)

So I have been looking for things to do, work, writing a book... Whatever I feel like doing while waiting...

So I have come up with a business idea as a tourist attraction! Wondering if any of the non-Polish users here on this forum or future guests who would like to share their opinion about it.

There are many internet nerds out here (hello btw), and I know for sure I would love doing what I am going to propose so... Here it comes!

Hero's guild

Those of you who know anime/manga/mmorpg/rpg/fantasy games&movies
(You name it) have heard about questing, partying up and generally have a good time with party members while on journey together.

Some like to compete against each other, others just to socialize together and some even just living it out.

So I have come up with a concept of creating a real life "adventures guild" naming it: "Heroes Guild", it would provide services to the local town (my current idea is Warsaw as it has an good communication app with gps function) but, any city/town/village who would allow/back it legally would suffice really. Everything from looking for lost animals to helping out with various things that people need help with would be given out in the form of a "quest" on a "questboard" organized by the guild itself with close co-operation with the local authorities (maybe even a governmental worker present in the building).

This would provide a "goal" for tourists or local kids/teenagers/interested to go around and explore the area organized by the guild which would also promote crafts made cloth&gear for fashion/use purposes from local tailors&blacksmiths.

The local authorities would only have to pay for the upkeep cost of the building until it would have enough of a client base to afford all the costs itself.

Basing it's economy on promoting various craftsmanship and sponsorship from any private company interested. (Which then would be possible to offer the customers the possibility of certain sets of cloth/gear if promoting the company while "adventuring" (example having metal armor fashioned with Coca Cola instead of heraldry and a red tabard with Coca Cola written on it)

What you guys think?
amiga500 4 | 1,495
28 Aug 2021 #2
It's an idea. probably good, not enough people have ideas these days, good work :)

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