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Regarding demand of physiotherapy in Poland

pradeep 134 1 | -
29 Mar 2013 #1
hi,i am from colombo and i got a chance to follow master in physiotherapy in poland.....if anybody know how is the condition in physiotherapist in poland....are they paid well in is the job oppertunities in poland....please reply me...god bless
29 Mar 2013 #2
Hi Pradeep, i am assuming you are talking about sports massage and physio.

As far as Warsaw is concerned after having keyhole surgery on my knee, I was put on rehabilitation program for for 12 weeks, the cost paid by my insurance company was around 2,500 PLN ( 750 USD ) there are many centers which have popped up in the last few years. I guess if you considered opening a more exotic center it would have a draw and find a niche market.
28 Mar 2015 #3
Merged: Physical therapist work in the EU after studying in Poland.

How difficult is it to find a physical therapist job in the UK after studying in Poland. I speak fluent English, some Spanish.

What countries have highest demand for work?

Any other thoughts, the good, the bad and the ugly about this topic please share....
DominicB - | 2707
29 Mar 2015 #4
A major reason for going to university is the ability to cultivate good contacts that can help you in your future career. If you want to work in the UK, studying in the UK will give you a big advantage over graduates from abroad, if you remember to aggressively cultivate useful contacts.
zaid diwan
26 Aug 2016 #5
i am indian physiotherapist having 5 year experience in my filed as well in admin i want to further study in modern technique in physiotherapy can i find part time jobn there during study
terri 1 | 1661
26 Aug 2016 #6
@zaid diwan
Could you suggest to you what jobs you can actually perform, not knowing the local language and having to face the fact that not many Poles or Polish firms would want to employ you.....
20 Dec 2016 #7
Merged: How to work as a physiotherapist in Poland ?


I moved to Poland with my husband. I'm from India and professionally qualified as Physiotherapist.

I wish to work as a Physiotherapist in Poland, but not sure how to start the process. Are there any pre-requisites which need to be in place before I start working.

Any help/suggestion will be deeply appreciated.

terri 1 | 1661
20 Dec 2016 #8
Most important thing is that you must speak Polish and have recognized qualifications. You must get your qualification recognized and learn sufficient Polish to understand people, their customs, their religion, their values.
21 Dec 2016 #9
Thanks to get the qualifications recognized ? I tried searching on the net but couldn't get any convincing information.
Atch 21 | 4158
21 Dec 2016 #10
You would need to contact the Polish Ministry of Health. Their website has a section about recognition of qualifications but only for those who trained in other European countries. However it will give you some idea of what's involved before you speak to them: member-states-of-european-economic-area-and-switzerland
Sunil87 - | 1
28 Feb 2017 #11

Physiotherapy Salary for Indians in Poland

Hai to all
I m planning to move Poland, as a physiotherapist per month how much I can earn? What about living cost in Poland.
Which city is best location for working.?

delphiandomine 86 | 17823
28 Feb 2017 #12
Hai to all


You will find it nearly impossible to get your qualification recognised in Poland. There's no demand for physiotherapists here, and it's commonly seen as a career in which you need a rich partner in order to survive.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there's simply no career for you here.
DominicB - | 2707
28 Feb 2017 #13

Agree with Delph. You have no chance of finding work in Poland as a physiotherapist. There are not enough jobs in that field even for Polish people, and wages are far to low to consider relocating for.
5 May 2017 #14

Am from india..

Hey Am a physiotherapist . I want go poland with my 2 year old daughter . Plz u can help me to get information about visa ..n its posible or not.
DominicB - | 2707
5 May 2017 #15

It's not a realistic plan.
Sijo joy
17 May 2017 #16
I am physiotherapit from India. ..I would like to settle down in Poland...can anyone help me to guide this ambition..Thank you
DominicB - | 2707
17 May 2017 #17
@Sijo joy

It's not going to happen. Getting your qualifications recognized would be very difficult if not impossible, and there is no shortage of physiotherapists in Poland. In fact, Poland exports physiotherapists to richer countries. Healthcare jobs in Poland are paid very, very low.
17 Oct 2020 #18
Hi ,
My name is Ishan and I'm 20 years old. I'm looking to go for 5 years integrated programme in Poland. Would it be a good option and profession . Please let me know

It'll be for physiotherapy or shall I go for the nursing
delphiandomine 86 | 17823
12 Jan 2021 #19
Go for nursing, as it'll be easier to get your qualifications recognised internationally.
pawian 221 | 24216
12 Jan 2021 #20
Yes, there is a great demand for nurses everywhere, they just show the papers and are hired, while physiotherapists need to wait.
Riya patel
18 Jun 2024 #21
Hi mam any update regarding this about your job and all. What are you currently doing??

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