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Cash jobs in Poland? any?

8 Aug 2016 #1
Hi I was recently divorced by my spouse of three years. As a divorced person, is it possible to get legal employment in Poland or at least some cash jobs? Does anybody know of any cash jobs?
cms 9 | 1,255
8 Aug 2016 #2
do you have the legal right to residency in Poland ?

If you are an EU citizen then of course you can work

If not then that is more complicated.

yes there are plenty of cash jobs - fruit picking, laboring, restaurant work etc but the wages would be very low
Nuwa001 - | 2
15 Dec 2021 #3
Hi good day everyone. Im planning to visit Poland. With work permit. Any thoughts guys...
Nuwa001 - | 2
16 Dec 2021 #5
i like to move poland

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