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Golf jobs in Poland

rosco 1 | -
10 Jan 2010 #1
I am wanting to move to Poland with my Polish wife and im wondering if there are any golf jobs in Poland. I speak a little Polish but main language is English. I will have my Diploma Level 3 in coaching in a few months.

Can anyone help??
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
10 Jan 2010 #2
My brother-in-law who is German plays golf at a local club and uses the services of the pros. Many of the pros are not Polish. As far as I can tell they are not employed on a full-time basis but rather get paid by the hour for the hours they have clients.

Good luck!
pawian 195 | 19,915
1 May 2021 #3
if there are any golf jobs in Poland

There must be some but currently I haven`t heard of any recruitment drives. Anybody?

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