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What salary can I expect in Warsaw?

Warsaw24 1 | -
31 Aug 2020 #1
Hi folks,

I am going to write applications soon. I would like to live and work there for a while.

Altough I did a investigation on my own before, I am not sure what salary can I expect in Poland (Warsaw). Most likely I will relocate to Warsaw, because there are the most job oppurtunities.

Here are some facts about me:

- 30 y.o.
- Degree in Accounting and Controlling
- Degree in Languages (Russian and English)
- Native speaker of German, fluency in English and Russian both written and verbal
- active blogger since one year
- manage a social media website for about 18 months
- basic programming skills (HTML5 & CSS3).I have built some websites that I can show HR-Managers
- certified by google (Ad Words & Analytics)
- skills in Adobe Photopshop and MS office (Acces, Excel, Word, Office, Power Point)

I am looking for job oppurtunities in the Digital Marketing/E-Commerce field. I will only apply for positions where German is either an advantage or mandatory.

Of course I did a investigation regarding to the living costs, too. I have to earn at least 8000 Zloty gross per month to pay all my bills and save some money.

What salary could I ask for, when I apply in Warsaw?

My idea would be 9000 Zlotz. What do you think?

Many thanks in advance for your answers.
cms neuf - | 1,987
31 Aug 2020 #2
Do you speak Polish ? If so then you will have a lot more options.

You have some quite good skills but without Polish you are much less useful and the 9000 zloty might be a stretch - almost all
Warsaw inhabitants under 35 speak some kind of English now. I don't know how marketable the social media / blog stuff is.

Your angle might be to focus on the e-commerce / customer relationship management stuff - the job market will be tight next year and employers will be looking for people who can put some money in the till.
pawian 187 | 17,898
31 Aug 2020 #3
and the 9000 zloty might be a stretch - almost all

Especially in the time of pandemic.

Home / Work / What salary can I expect in Warsaw?
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