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Internship for Engineering company in Krakow, what salary to expect ?

13 Aug 2012 #1
Hello guys, I've been offered a one year internship for a big Engineering company in Krakow. I'm going into my third year doing Electronic Engineering in the UK at a top University, I have quite a lot of experience in my field, with internships and everything.

Can somebody please tell me what salary I should expect ? I don't want to sell myself for nothing, even though this seems like a very good opportunity career-wise.
terri 1 | 1,664
14 Aug 2012 #2
Interniships are usually paid at the basic minimum.
You can always contact the company and ask.
cms 9 | 1,255
14 Aug 2012 #3
I pay interns 13 zloty an hour. It's about 20 percent above minimum. There are lots of employers who pay them nothing, even reputable companies , so maybe best you clear that with them before you leave. If they are giving you food and board but nothing more it still may be a good deal from an experience viewpoint,
RaduTomy - | 1
14 Aug 2012 #4
Holly mother, had no idea it's that bad. At this rate it's hardly 350euros per month, how can somebody cope with that wage ?! I'm seriously reconsidering if this is the case...
20 Nov 2020 #5

Internship in Krakow area

Hello everyone. I am a junior mechanical engineering student in Turkey who is currently looking for a summer intern or summer job opportunities in the Krakow area. But I can only find the jobs on glassdoor, Linkedin, etc. which do not have a full list of companies that a mechanical engineer candidate can apply to. It is the reason that I wanted to have this post. I want your advice. For a foreign student, which companies or institutions would you recommend? Or what would you do if you were in my situation? As a note, I will be in Krakow ob February and in the summer no matter if I have an internship or not.

I am basically looking for an R&D internship in such areas:
Automotive Technologies,
Design and Manufacturing,
Dynamics and Control,
Fluid Mechanics,
Micro-Nano Sciences,
Robotics & Mechatronics,
Solid Mechanics,
Sustainable Energy,
Thermal Sciences.

Home / Work / Internship for Engineering company in Krakow, what salary to expect ?
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