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The Polish Land Forces (ARMY) - I want to enlist

8 Jun 2018 #1
I came on some years ago and I was curious about the Polish Army. I asked if I could join the Polish ARMY with no experience, but some family tutelage and a birth certificate in Poland. I got good answers back.

I'm about to start learning Polish with the money I have saved up since then- still ambitious to join my heritage.

They brought up a Polish bravo militia thing as well. I was hoping someone here can give me the DISCORD channel to that or a similar Polish bravo militia resistance kind of channel.

Also a regular Polish channel.

I am Sebastian Dabrowski, son of Dariusz Dabrowski son of Wiktor Dabrowski.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
8 Jun 2018 #2
Yes you can enlist as a polish birth certificate makes you a polish citizen. Provided you pass the physical of course. I have an uncle who is a major in the land forces and got to visit the base a few times when I was a little kid. I've always wanted to enlist but alas life took a different turn.

Your two options would be joining as a professional soldier or the militia/territorial defense but that's more of a weekend training kind of thing it would allow you to have a job during the week. It depends whether you want to so this full time with land forces as a pro or join the territorial defense which is a volunteer force.
OP privateer
9 Jun 2018 #3
Thank you. I'd like to join professionally.

I'll join the Volunteer Force if I were to not pass the physicals.
TheWizard - | 236
9 Jun 2018 #4
To join the army you need to start training way before that. Start running, weights, eating properly. Train train train!
First spend 3 months training hard, than go to physical. After your tests and stuff while you wait keep training all the time until they take you.

This will make everything 10 times essier.
9 Jun 2018 #5
I'm about to start learning Polish with the money I have saved up since then

You don't need lots of money to learn Polish. Plenty of good resources on the internet and try to mix with Polish people as much as possible.

To be honest though, I would say that your chances of getting in without being fluent are zero. You would never be able to pass the entrance/selection tests. The physical tests are the least of your problems at this stage .You are looking at a good couple of years minimum of intensive learning, probably more.

Not trying to put you off, but I think it's important not to give false hope. You will need to be fluent, no matter what anyone else here says.

I wish you well and good luck in learning the language.
TheWizard - | 236
9 Jun 2018 #6
Yep Polish is harder than the training for sure!

But.....if it takes a couple of years keep training. Become the nachine before you go. When you turn up a machine with high school level Polish which may be inadequate they will take one look at you and be keen to help. The army is not the hardest field of academia. Your job even if office clerk is to termiate the enemy. First you will be a soldier and after that you will fill out a form for ordinance. Once the enemy come to your line of supply you will put down the computer and pick up the sword. You just have to get good enough in Polish to get in and when thrown inside with the rest you will learn more very quickly. Last time i looked 10% of eligible males were suitable for infantry. Good luck!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
9 Jun 2018 #7
Last time i looked 10% of eligible males were suitable for infantry.

That's mainly due to the physical tests which sadly most men would fail

Honestly if the OP is set on being in the armed forces I think hed be better off joining the milita and getting a job so he can learn polish, then join the regular forces.
10 Jun 2018 #8
if the OP is set on being in the armed forces

He would have started learning Polish intensively 3 years ago when he first posted about his dream to enlist. Just read his comments on a previous thread and it appears that little has changed between then and now.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
10 Jun 2018 #9
I wasn't aware of any previous posts nor do I investigate every new member on this forum. We can only offer advice based on experience and they can take it or leave it.

If the OP is indeed serious about joining the land forces he will need polish no doubt about that. Imo it takes about 3 years to become proficient, not even fluent, in a language by devoting a minimum of 30 45 mins a day to learning first alphabet, then basic phrases, then grammar, then the hard part - all the vocab.

That's why id recommend the volunteer force as its entirelt more realistic. Not only will he be able to have a job during the week, learn polish, and go to trainings on weekends but then hell have a ton of skills omce hes in land forces, not to mention connections, that will help him move in the tanks.

Most people who enlist do it for personal development. Had things been a bit different in my life I too wouldve enlisted in the polish military at 18 and done a year or two. I think ebery man should do a year of service. We'd have less whiny beta soy boy cucks around.
11 Jun 2018 #10
I wasn't aware of any previous posts nor do I investigate every new member on this forum.

Firstly, the OP is not a new member and has posted here before and if you had bothered to read the first two sentences of his opening post, you would know this.

So in order to :

offer advice based on experience

I read the previous comments written by him to see what in the way of advice was offered to him before. Logical thing to do and it hardly constitutes an investigation does it?

The point I was making is that the OP had started to learn Polish 3 years ago, but clearly didn't keep it up as he says he is about to start learning Polish.......again. That does not sound like someone committed to joining the army and given that he said he was 23 when he first posted, he would now be 26, so by the time he has become proficient in Polish he is going to be pushing 30.

I don't know what the upper age limit is for joining, but I would have thought they want to train them from a younger age than that. I think with the volunteer force it's different though, and they accept older candidates, maybe that is the best way forward for him.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,070
11 Jun 2018 #11
I asked if I could join the Polish ARMY

Don't do it or you will risk going to some s***hole like Afghanistan as Poland's payback to the US.

If the US wants to waste its money and men to keep the mil-ind complex happy, let it be.

I just talked to Vlad and he assured me that Poland is not on his to-do list.
D4W1D - | 2
5 Nov 2019 #12

How to join the Polish military?

I am Polish and currently studying in the UK, but I am interested in joining the polish military. I would like to do something with tanks, like be a gunner, reloader, driver, commander or whatever. What requirements are there for joining the army and this position? Thanks in advance.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,361
5 Nov 2019 #13
The best would be to cantact the army itself and ask them these questions.
johnny reb 45 | 6,526
5 Nov 2019 #14
You also might want to consider being a mechanic for tanks as not only would that keep you from being a direct target in a conflict but also give you a free education as a heavy equipment technician with lots of hands on experience making you a prime candidate for a very good paying job as a civilian when you got out of the military.

Just my thought anyways.
D4W1D - | 2
5 Nov 2019 #15
Hmm. Sounds interesting. I may look into getting in touch with the army. And being a mechanic is not a path which I considered, but it's good that you bring it up. While I would like to actually help to operate the tank during missions and stuff like that, I think being a mechanic is also a cool option. And certainly much safer too.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,617
5 Nov 2019 #16
I think being a mechanic is also a cool option

And good advice from Johnny, it is a good trade to have.
Crow 160 | 9,212
24 Jan 2020 #17
What are mobilizational capabilities of Polish army? What force Poland can forge in 24 hours?
terri 1 | 1,664
25 Jan 2020 #18
In order to join the Polish Army you have to submit an application. They are the best people to advice you whether you are even suitable for this type of work. IO belive that the Police are always on the lookout for new recruits.
OP privateer
6 Aug 2023 #19
miscreants pretending to be bandits. It's too bad they wont listen to make their own topics, they just listen to spirits of vagrancy..

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