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Strengthening and modernisation of Poland's armed forces - is it done sensibly?

GefreiterKania 32 | 1,327
17 Sep 2022 #1
There can be no doubt about the necessity of strengthening and modernisation of Wojsko Polskie. Russia is back to it's old imperial self and although Ukraine bought us time for preparations, we will undoubtedly one day have to face Russian agression ourselves. The question, however, is: is it being done in a sensible manner?

The ideas of buying Patriot batteries, as well as a lot of HIMARS, Korean K9 howitzers and Apache attack choppers seem spot on, but let's take a look at other purchases.

When the acquisition of tanks is complete we will have American Abrams, German Leopard, Korean K2 and still some number of Russian T-72/PT-91. This has to raise significant logistical problems in case of any conflict, and in case of Abrams there is a question of roads and bridges in eastern Poland not being able to support their weight and local terrain (mud and marshes) rendering them useless against Russians there. Of course, we can keep Abrams in the west and defend the eastern borders with K2s and Leopards, but what's the point of buying ridiculously expensive (in purchase and upkeep) tanks and keep them against Germany (what are the chances of Polish-German war in foreseeable future?). Also, if we get the number of tanks planned, our land forces will turn into a huge panzer army, WW2 style. Are we sure we are preparing for the right kind of conflict?

Then... Korean F50 trainer-batlle aircraft. Why do we need them? We have PZL-130 for basic training, M-346 for advanced training, and for proper battle training we have F-16D two-seaters. What are those F50s for? Especially that I read that they are supposed to replace Migs-29, which is ridiculous - Mig-29 is still a good fighter plane, which F50 certainly isn't. Su-22 are to be withdrawn in 2025 but they are fighter-bombers and will be replaced with F-35A, not with Korean lightweight planes. Strange.

We are spending huge amounts of money, but sometimes it seems they are spent too quickly and without enough consideration. Unless, we don't know everything and the war with Russia is closer than we all thing. Then, of course, the haste is understandable.
Kashub1410 6 | 684
17 Sep 2022 #2
I would focused a lot more what Poland can provide for herself reliably and to a larger degree. To reduce amounts of fuel costs and it being biologically driven I would actually have pushed for horse cavalry with PIORUN equipped units, focused on taking out mechanised/motorised/tanks.

With armoured support taken out, enemy infantry would be so terrified and demorolised that any form of possible infantry assault would most likely beat them or force them to surrender as they are over reliant on vehicles for their tactics

With underground hidden and untraceable stables which would have stable temperature and ventilation all year round.

Poland is an agricultural land so having enough horses shouldn't become a problem.

With regard to AA-defence Poland would have to rely on foreign constructed fighter jets (euro jets/Swedish jets/American Jets)

As for naval impact it should be as small as possible (submarines/destroyers) with close co-operation with special operations in taking over foreign ships)
OP GefreiterKania 32 | 1,327
17 Sep 2022 #3
horse cavalry with PIORUN equipped units (...) underground hidden and untraceable stables

Wow! A truly romantic idea - I like it. :)

naval impact

Baltic is a shallow lake, no point building a huge fleet for it. Better to just get sh*tloads of anti-ship missiles and blow everything off the surface of water if need be.
Kashub1410 6 | 684
17 Sep 2022 #4
More practical then romantic, horse driven cavalry wouldn't be depending on oil/gas prices. Would allow for longer engagments and one only has to compare the technological need for procuring horses compared to trucks/tanks.

From an economical point of view is a lot better if the factory production of vehicles isn't up to point yet. It wouldn't be much of a threat for an American army, but for sure would create enough casuelties among Russian special operation units.
Alien 20 | 5,192
17 Sep 2022 #5
There are light weapons and remote controlled or AI controlled weapons thet will win future wars and not tanks or maned planes.
OP GefreiterKania 32 | 1,327
17 Sep 2022 #6

Could someone please correct the misspelling in the thread title ('strengthening'). Thanks.


We are getting drones too but not nearly enough of them imo.
jon357 75 | 22,573
17 Sep 2022 #7
We are getting drones too but not nearly enough of them imo.

It's still very early days for drones. Big expenditure now could lead to large stocks of obsolete technology in the blink of an eye.

Especially with the new drone swarms and the development of AI.

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