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How does a person join the Poland's army?

27 Oct 2016 #31
Im Polish and Im living in England and I attend cadet training so I learn the ways of the British Army. You have to be 16 to join the Army in UK and 18 for Poland. Soon enough I'll be old enough to qualify through our detachment. Im fluent in Polish and I still have Polish citizenship. In the future, will I be able to use my past experiences and training to apply for a job in the Poland's Army and if so how?

Thank you
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9 Feb 2017 #32
Hello. I was actually kind of loopy back then. I have calmed down and found myself a woman that truly loves me.

Now I'm going to officially start reading back up on my Polish and learn to write as well. (I still intend to join the Polish Army. It's something I feel I should incorporate into my life even just for 9 months.)

But I have a new question this time. What is the age restriction to join the Land Forces? 33, 32?

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