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Looking for a person living in Warsaw - any online phone book in Poland?

jarrad 1 | -
3 Apr 2008 #1
how do i find a phone number in warsaw, poland - is there an on line phone book?
RJ_cdn - | 267
3 Apr 2008 #2
is there an on line phone book

Miasto - City
Ulica - Street
Nazwisko - Surname
Szukaj - Search
sagit - | 1
10 Apr 2008 #3
If u need any help let me know-I'm polish so it will be much easier for me;)
tkloppo - | 1
10 Apr 2008 #4
hi sagit,my name is tony klopotowski im looking for any relatives in or around warsaw, or for anywhere in poland, sorry cant speak or write any polish
Polonius3 980 | 12277
11 Apr 2008 #5
A major concentration of Kłopotowski family members is in the Greater Warsaw area. Another is to the NE in and around the city of Białystok.
gadaki - | 1
15 Jun 2008 #6

I"m trying to find people with the surname Wysoczarsky in Poland but am not sure how I'd type that name into a Polish phone book. The spelling could be different...

Thank you,
Teresa Marie
16 Apr 2009 #7
I am looking for a person living inWroclaw - any way to find?
time means 5 | 1309
16 Apr 2009 #8
I find the name and address usually helps.
hansomreiste 3 | 24
31 Dec 2012 #9
Merged: Phone List to find a number in Poland?


Is there any list where I can find someone's number? I know some countries have this kind of thing where you search the name and simply reach the mobile phone number easily. Is there anything like that for Polish citizens? I mistakenly deleted the message including a phone number and now I don't want to say, "Well, I deleted your message, so send me your number again" to that perrson. It'd be great if I had an electronic phonebook.
TommyG 1 | 359
31 Dec 2012 #10
Who's number are you trying to get? Surely you can just say:

"Well, I deleted your message, so send me your number again"

(your words) and they will understand.
That is unless you are just some Turkish guy wanting to marry a Polish girl so that you can gain EU citizenship and she's decided to get well shot of you...
hansomreiste 3 | 24
1 Jan 2013 #11
Well, as I had a long-term relationship with a Polish girl, I naturally know a lot of Polish people. I wouldn't ask for my ex-GF's number here.

No, this time I need to contact a big boss of a drug cartel, that's why I want to find a book or something like that, instead of saying what you think I could speak easily. Thanks for the idea, though.
12 Apr 2017 #12
I am visiting Poland and have met a girl on my last trip. Unfortunately I lost her number and is there any way to to find her phone number?
jon357 73 | 22638
12 Apr 2017 #13
Is she on Facebook or Nasza Klasa?
Teresa Ptaszek - | 1
23 Apr 2017 #14
I would like to try and find my cousins who used to live in Warsaw (they may still do so), their names were Ewa & Krystyna? Ptaszek. Krystyna was married with a daughter called Marta. Ewa was not married when I last saw her and her ambitions were to open her own hairdressing salon. Their parents were Lonek and Honerata Ptaszek and they came from Pultusk. She stayed with us for a year to learn English and was going to work in a hotel to begin with. Any help would be gratefully received. Her last known address was Ul Olbrachta 15/19, Warszawa 01-111, Poland
28 Dec 2017 #15
could you let me know if the surname Hielscher is still in Poland please.
DominicB - | 2707
28 Dec 2017 #16

There are only four people with that name registered in Poland. Three of them live in or near Strzelce Opolskie, and one in or near Zgorzelec.
kaprys 3 | 2101
28 Dec 2017 #17
There were some Hierschlers in Wrocław, too ... years ago ...
There are also some Hielszers (Polonised spelling) in Gliwice.
19 Feb 2018 #18
I am looking for my cousin Barbara Kowalska (formerly Olszewska) or her daughter Beata. Basia's Husband's name is Roman
I last had contact with them about 20 years ago, when they ran a tennis club near Most Poniatowskigo near the Vistula.
Any clue as to how to locate them would be very much appreciated ... as we will be in Warsaw in June and would like to connect.
terri 1 | 1661
20 Feb 2018 #19
Try 'google' then Facebook then 'gumtree'.
21 May 2019 #20
Hello I am Henio Slawinski my father's name is Josef Vincenty Slawinski. He was a teacher in Nieswiez before the war His sister is Janka who married a Russian named Konstantynow. They had 3 children, my cousins names Wanda,Stan & Irka. I think Wanda's surname is Szczygielska who may live inOsiedle Brodno Ul. Bazylianska 8. I would like to make contact over the internet to find out some of the Slawinski family history
boris pevzner
12 Sep 2019 #21
@boris pevzner
hello i am looking for Yanosh Sukenitzki from warsaw. his age is about 80. he was often in moscow.
pawian 221 | 24216
12 Sep 2019 #22
Yanosh Sukenitzki

Probably you mean Janusz Sukiennicki. The only man bearing this name available on the net is a translator of German authors.
13 Apr 2020 #23

Polish Phone Book

Hi I am looking for an online polish phone book to find someone in Olsztyn. I have read that phone book is no longer posted online. Is this true? Thank you
NoToForeigners 6 | 948
13 Apr 2020 #24
Who and why are you looking for that person? Remind You Poland STRICTLY respects EU laws in regard of personal data known in Poland as "RODO".
jon357 73 | 22638
14 Apr 2020 #25
online polish phone book

Landlins are increasingly rare; you'd maybe have more luck on social media.
Paulwiz 1 | 55
14 Apr 2020 #26
What does "RODO" stand for?
mafketis 37 | 10776
15 Apr 2020 #27
Those are the Polish initials of General Data Protection Regulation, a particularly useless EU law

Rozporządzenie o Ochronie Danych Osobowych

It doesn't really help or protect anybody but it makes it harder to access lots of web sites in the EU (and I can no longer access many US papers that don't want to jump through EU bureaucratic hoops)

It also enables more surveillance than before so there';s that I guess....
Paulwiz 1 | 55
15 Apr 2020 #28
Thanks @mafketis. I read where the Polish people are very protective of personal information. The article said this was because of the years of communist rule so it all made sense to me. But it sounds like the actual situation is more complicated. Not being able to easily read what you want to read would be reason to complain. I don't think very highly of US newspapers but a person should be able to read whatever he or she wants.

Thanks again.
kaprys 3 | 2101
18 Apr 2020 #29
Actually there were no regular phone books before rodo.
Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych etc.
mafketis 37 | 10776
18 Apr 2020 #30
Actually there were no regular phone books before rodo.

Very long ago they used to have them I remember back in the 1990s going to the post office to get phone books for different województwa.. (for work related travel). that was also when you usually made long distance calls in the post office too.

Back in the PRL many people didn't have home phones because the commies didn't want them to so phone books weren't that... necessary? I also remember people used to use the telegram service in the post office to send info to people without phones...

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