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Want to find a person

15 Aug 2006 #1
Thats may be not the right place to ask, anyway I ll try: I am looking for a person in Poland, i mean for any information about her (as e-mail address, tel.NO , mobile, address or whatever). All I know is her name and age . Is it possible to find out something? If u have any idea, PLZZZZZZZZ, share with me. THANK U!
krysia 23 | 3,058
15 Aug 2006 #2
Do you know her name?

OOps. Sorry. You did say you know her name. There is a phone directory on-line, if she has a phone. It would be easier if you knew what city she lived in.
OP Beata
16 Aug 2006 #3
Hello Krysia!
Can u help me, yes I know her name : Beata Pulka (i already tryed to find out something via searching sites, but most of them are in polish language, so i dont speak Polish). About her city i am not sure anymore, coz she probably moved.

Could u please help me? Thank u !
krysia 23 | 3,058
16 Aug 2006 #4
You can try
look for " people search". It's a start for now.
You can enter who you're looking for in there.
OP Beata
17 Aug 2006 #5
Thank u so much Krysia! I ll try right now
12 Sep 2006 #6

Easy question: how do you find a person in poland?

Phone book?
City registers?
People searchers?
Identification numbers?

What resources do you guys have on the web for finding people?
Any help please.
bolo 2 | 304
12 Sep 2006 #7
People searchers - if you pay somene he/she'll find the guy ;). Phone books may work unless the person is not delisted. ID numbers -- not as advanced like in the US where soon chips in head will become "popular" ;).
30 Oct 2006 #8

I'm searching for Rogoznicki family. My grandfather's grandfather moved to Torna├║jfalu,Hungary (currently Turnianska Nova Ves, Slovakia) from Poland arround 1848/49. His name was Janusz Rogoznicki. If you have any information pls write me.
17 Nov 2006 #9
joanna petlicka
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
17 Nov 2006 #10
You shouldn't be posting names on the internet.
Ranj 21 | 947
17 Nov 2006 #11
Why not? Isn't it a good way to find someone you are looking for?:(
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
17 Nov 2006 #12

Do you want your full name on the internet ? I doubt it.

When talking about living people, who are not in the media, it is protocol not to use their names.

If someone wants a trace they should do it through a private message.

Ranj 21 | 947
17 Nov 2006 #13
Actually, I would not mind my name on the internet (I've got nothing to hide), especially if someone were looking for me. I know privacy laws are more strict in Poland, but here in the United States, you can google someone and have all kinds of info pop up on them. I'm not saying that's a good thing---some people may be searching for unsavory reasons, but if it's to get in touch with a long lost friend or relative, the more people who see it, the chances of someone knowing that person to be greater.
17 Nov 2006 #14
I am looking for a person named " Joanna Petlicka" last address known was 20-075-Lublin, Vlad. Protyniak, Poland. She has a daughter named Isabella, and Isabella's father is looking to meet his daughter. We only know her last address! I would like any suggestions on how to conduct this search..
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
18 Nov 2006 #15
I take your point.


A father doesn't just forget where his daughter is. I suspect that there is more to this.

The real father can simply contact the police.
20 Nov 2006 #16

Of course not, but life is a bit more complicated. He is Dominican and did not know that Joanna was pregnant of him when he left Poland. Unfortunately, he was not able to return to Poland, but he received a letter from Joanna telling him about his daughter. That letter was misplaced and found now after many years and that is the address that I provided here. He wishes to meet his daughter one day. I know it's going to be difficult but, one never knows! Hope should always be there!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
20 Nov 2006 #17

I understand your problem now. And you do have a problem. Things might have changed in
the family, if it has been a number of years. Do you believe that the child wants to meet the father ?

You could look for a web-site, message board for the town and write something there.

I wouldn't use names if I were you.

Try something like this: Dominican father looking for ten year old daughter.

Then hope that the mother or a friend finds the post before the daughter does.
20 Nov 2006 #18
Thanks, That is a good suggestion!
8 Jan 2007 #19
[Moved from]: Pieniezna/y; Dolczewska/i; Garbrecht???

I'm looking for people with those surnames to see if I have any long distance relatives :)
5 Mar 2007 #20
Hello .My name is Lori I'm looking for a woman in Poland. Her first name is Jenny. She was my nanny in and about the years of 1970 thur 1974 about. Iwas about three years old and she taught me so much. I would like to thank her. How do I find her??
Lee_England 4 | 51
5 Mar 2007 #21
I'm looking for a guy in Ireland called Patrick, his nickname is Paddy, has anybody seen him?
Kasia Mac
6 Mar 2007 #22
I am searching for the whereabouts or any information on Mieczyslaw Chludzinski.

He was born 26th Sept 1918, was trained as a paratooper, Para Badge No 3336, and served in the Second World War as an agent , based in England, against Hitler.

He returned to Poland in 1947 and I would like to connact any family relative or friend who knew or know of him.

Terry Timms
26 Mar 2007 #23
[Moved from]: Goscicki family

Hi there, I have been working on my husbands side of the family and are looking for any Goscicki's or Drozdzak's. I'm part of but have found very few Goscicki's in the U.S. I spoke with another person and she was saying possible the name was spelled Goszczycki.
9 Apr 2007 #24
Can anybody help me? I'm looking for my school friend in Poland. I know her name, old address, her son name, date of birth, some facts of history. But I know that she marred and now has new address. I want find her. If anybody can help me i can give more information. When i serched for my friend in London, one Russian woman has advertized in the London newspaper and my friend has answerd me. How i can find my friend in Poland?
10 Apr 2007 #25
haha too funny
10 Apr 2007 #26
I'm looking for a guy in Ireland called Patrick, his nickname is Paddy, has anybody seen him?

Bloody hell, i'm looking for him as well. Wow, small world eh!
2 May 2007 #27
Hi my maiden name was Garbrecht. I would love to hear from you.

you can email me if you like at or Teresa1862@yahoo
Davey 13 | 388
29 Jun 2007 #28
[Moved from]: Surname 'Trzop' in Silesia

I'm looking for relatives of my great-grandfather who immigrated to Canada from Poland( I think Silesia) in the 1930's...I even have a certificate of his immigration that I found online: so if anyone can help please do=)
8 Jul 2007 #29

I'm probably the person you're looking for (the daughter). I know it's been over 6 months since your posts, but I've only just read them. If you want, you can contact me by email (it's in my profile).
16 Aug 2007 #30
I dont know any of does people sorry,but does anyone know a girl 13 or 14 called Joanna Tunejek. she went to America for a year and went back. im just tying to reach her but i cant. people search wont work nor would polish yellow book. if any one has any information please tell me

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