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Want to find a person

13 Apr 2008 #91
My name is Kim Goscicki. I live in Texas. My father is Donald Goscicki and lives in New Jersey. You may contact me at libra_heartz71@yahoo
Vismaya - | 1
20 Apr 2008 #92
can someone help me find Wojciech Fabjaniak? age about 67 years. last I heard from him he lived in Warsaw. He worked in films and television. Film credits in SOUND CREW on 1987 movie Heaven and Earth.
20 Apr 2008 #93
looking for relatives to ignacy kowalczyk born 7 jan 1900 marzenin poznan had two brothers
his parents franciszek and jadwigs przybylska
also for bronislawa drogomirecka born 10 may 1912 piaseczna krzemieniec she had three brothers and two sisters her parents are mikolaj and franciszka jablonska
my email
alwierz 1 | 1
26 Apr 2008 #94
John Tobiasz. Straszewo Parish in Aleksandrow Area

According to my great-grandfathers marriage record he (John Tobiasz) was born in Aleksandrow in the Straszewo Parish. He arrived in America in 1907 and moved to Milwaukee, WI. According to census records it states that he came from Russian Poland. Any info regarding Kujawsko-Pomorskie region or Staszewo Parish would be helpful.

gjene 14 | 204
7 May 2008 #95
Klemm family, Wegrow, Poland

Does anyone live in or near Wegrow? I am wondering if a Jaroslawa Klemm still lives at ul. Narutowicza 18a? Or a Zygmunt Klemm lives at ul. Narutowicza 14? For I am wondering if they are related to a Jan Klemm (who died in 1919) and who married a Hedwig Wegner, sister to my great grandmother. Thanks.
katie - | 1
25 May 2008 #96
[Moved from]: Looking for family Kondryc and Kotlinski

I'm looking for my family members with the surnames Kondryc and Kotlinski. My parents came out to Australia in 1980 and we've lost contact.. Anyone with some information please contact k.kondryc@hotmail
26 May 2008 #97
Tillman / Tilleman family in Poland

hi my name is Artur Tilleman and I miss my Polish family, my adopted family gave us all away b/c they don't love us, love you lots mom
27 May 2008 #98
if u have any info my email address is a_jurotich@yahoo
27 May 2008 #99
looking for the Tillman family my name is Artur me and Andrzej, Oktawia, Silwit, and Kashia were adopted in 1998 and i want to know my family and tell my mom Margetzata (Malgorzata?) i want to see her soon and i would like a picture if anyone has 1 you can email me at a_jurotich@yahoo
30 May 2008 #100
hi pple,
I AM MARK: looking for a polish girl i ve met in norway during the summer of 2004.i met her when she and her junior brother came down here to visit their father that at a time working here in oslo,WHICHE IS THE CAPITAL CITY OF NORWAY),her name is karolina J,she is now around 22-23 year old,and lives in kraCOW WITH HER MOM,,ANY ONE GOT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT HER PLSE?HERES MY EMAIL ADRESS PLSE HALLA AT ME/ MARK_DIAWARA@YAHOO.COM
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
30 May 2008 #101
I AM MARK: looking for a polish girl i ve met in norway during the summer of 2004.

Usual answer: Try. nasza
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
3 Jun 2008 #102

Has anyone used or know how effective Internet people finders are in Poland?
For instance:
Unfortunately, this one requries the name and address. ISstehre any population data base that would list all the people using the Chrisitian name and surname with their addresses, phones and e-mails? Probably not. Does anyone know for sure?
ForsakenOne - | 38
3 Jun 2008 #103
You can check online phone book, but it requires surname AND city, and you only get street/house number + phone number.
rdywenur 1 | 157
30 Jun 2008 #104
Just remember all the info you leave on the Internet may come back one day to bite you in the a$$. You may think its cool now but what if you have someone stalking you and you lead them right to your door. Or you apply for a job and have left a long trail of things you now wish were never posted. Food for thought. It's on here forever.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
30 Jun 2008 #105
Just remember all the info you leave on the Internet may come back one day to bite you in the a$$

LondonChick 31 | 1,133
30 Jun 2008 #106
Or you apply for a job and have left a long trail of things you now wish were never posted.

Yup, when I am recruiting staff, the first thing that I do is google the candidate... check out facebook, bebo, friends reunited etc. Common sense stuff, really.
30 Jul 2008 #107
how do you find someone in poland when all you have is his picture and that you know that he attended world youth day 08 in sydney?
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893
30 Jul 2008 #108
check out facebook, bebo, friends reunited etc. Common sense stuff, really.

Blimey, I just google me S.................. ............ and there are a few peeps about with my name but nothing on me personally...How strange there is someone living in Poland with name, they are on
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
30 Jul 2008 #109
Friends Reunited is usually the one that I check, as I'll have the school details too. Sometime the FR profile gives a few extra clues as to where to find a candidate online too. Gawd, I sound like a really sneaky cow, don't I?

Also, googling hotmail / yahoo accounts can sometimes to some interesting posts on forums :D
2 Aug 2008 #110
Hi Iam your queen

Iam look for people to help me to be a county. I would like you as a county to help get the momey as a county. I just went to be county as you get the % as I am aqueen. but you as a county help me as a queen. but I would the people to help the land that we live in.

love god bless are land
6 Aug 2008 #111
I am looking for girlfriend in Poland, but i only have her full name and age. I dont know where she lives exactly i only know that it is not far away from Krakow and it is about 3, 4 hours(with car) from Zakopane.

Please help me if you can
kishorechoksi - | 1
16 Aug 2008 #112
I am in search of an old friend of mine who was my class-mate in Greenlawns High School in Mumbai 1968-1971. His name is Piotr Brolski. Any clue will help.

Kishore Choksi
23 Aug 2008 #113
I am looking for MARZENA MIETKA from Gdynia the last time I saw her in 1969 when i went to australia .
please help me to find her .
Viktorea 2 | 7
27 Aug 2008 #114
Walczynski (wife Barczak) family from Poznan

Jacob C. Walczynski b. 1856 in Strzelno, Poznan. Jacob married Katherine Barczak b. 1858. They were married in Poland and emigrated in 1907 to Minnesota. They had children John (b. 1878), Stella (b. 1880), Frank (b. 1882), Victoria (b. 1884), Michael (b. 1886), Frances (b. 1888), Stanley (b. 1891), Andrew (b. 1898), and Cecilia (b. 1903). Family members are scattered all over the US. Would like to have contact with Walczynskis near and far.
jennym - | 1
27 Aug 2008 #115
Looking for Family Members - Latosinski, Kuchno, Badylak

Researching some polish relatives for our family tree. If anyone knows of the following people, or you are one of these people please contact me .. Simon Latosinski, Magdalena Kuchno, Simon Badylak and Catharina Badylak. Thanks

FuryKid - | 2
10 Sep 2008 #116
Hi all, I saw one guy here, his name is Wroclaw, that`s exactly where I have to look at. I`m looking for one girl Marta, 26 y.o. in Wroclaw. Any contact number or ardess will be very fine.

That`s her full name and dateof birth is 24.11.81
Please, if anyone can help, I`ll be very much appritiate it.
10 Sep 2008 #117
Hmm, I have a problem aswell... I need to find a guy who I once met at a festival... He is from Poland, and I know his name and which city he lives in... How do I find his phonenumber?

10 Sep 2008 #118
you have to get a phone book and make phone calls to every guy with that name in that city... as easy as that...
FuryKid - | 2
10 Sep 2008 #119
I don`t think it`s that easy. And how am I gonna get that book if I`m in London and, I guess, that book you can find only in that city. May be any internet links?
travel55free - | 1
14 Sep 2008 #120
[Moved from]: Looking for an old friend, Beatrice (Beata) Niedzialek (NiedziaƂek)- she lived in Warsaw, Poland.

Her name is Beatrice Niedzialek, although if she has married then her last name is of course different. She played tennis in college in Monroe, Louisiana in the early 90's. She lived in Warsaw, Poland. Please contact me at travel55free@yahoo or on facebook.

Kath(y)erine Webb
formerly of Louisiana
now living in Montreal and NY

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