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Want to find a person

jojason - | 3
30 Oct 2008 #121
I am looking for a very special friend of mine named:

"Malgorzata (known as Malgosia) Sternik"

who used to live in Poznan and possibly working as a TEACHER.
Her mother also live in Mielec.

If you know her or have her e-mail, mobile number or any contact PLEASE let me know.

I live in London, if you know how to find this person PLEASE DO ADVISE ME

Eurola 4 | 1,902
5 Nov 2008 #122
Her mother also live in Mielec.

I have a friend who comes from Mielec. Her family still lives there. I will ask if she knows the name. People in small towns tend to know each other...
16 Nov 2008 #123
Please can someone help me ?
I am looking for a friend of mine his name Piotr Poniniski .I have his two phone numbers but either one is no longer useful.I tried internet but the all in polish.

rdywenur 1 | 157
18 Nov 2008 #124
Well blow me down. Thanks or the phonebook link it actually is valid. Found my aunt's and cousins names in it.

Last time I heard that Poles did not publish personal phonebooks on line only the business ones. Looks like they changed their minds about privacy.
25 Nov 2008 #125
krysia 23 | 3,058
25 Nov 2008 #126

Maybe it's Poniński?
25 Nov 2008 #127
I'm looking for an old girlfriend. Her family was from Wrocłow
25 Nov 2008 #128
Wrocław? try
wildrover 98 | 4,441
25 Nov 2008 #129

Drawsko pomorskie...not far from me....remember the Vendetta pitza place....?
17 Dec 2008 #130
Hi everyone,

I understand that someone will probably tell me to try, but I do not know how to read or speak Polish, so I must ask for your help. I met a boy three years ago on a trip to Germany. He was also a visitor. We exchanged email addresses and he had emailed me three times, however, any emails that I sent to him apparently did not reach him. We have lost touch since then :(

I only have his full name and his old email address. I know that he is a dancer from Siemiatyzce, Poland. I managed to find his dance group's website ( ) and I wrote to the webmasters in the hope that they could help, but I have not heard from them.

His name is Daniel Dawidziuk from Siemiatyzce. If anyone with an account on can help, please reach me at sophia.mateos [at] gmail

Thank you!
mjaroszczyk - | 1
25 Dec 2008 #131
Im looking for my borth mother Krystyna Jaroszczyk in Wroclaw ?

If you still want to learn some more, please write to
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
25 Dec 2008 #132
Jaroszczyk in Wroclaw

Is it possible the name has changed through marriage ?

Do you have an address ?

Have you tried the phone book or nasza klasa ?

My opinion: Putting someones name on the internet, under these circumstances, is not good form. I understand your reasons though.
sanjay_2007 jun
31 Dec 2008 #133
I am looking for a person in Poland, i mean for any information about her (as e-mail address, tel.NO , mobile, address or whatever). All I know is her name and age . Is it possible to find out something? If u have any idea, PLZZZZZZZZ, share with me. THANK U! her name is margaret and she is around 20 to 30 years.
31 Dec 2008 #134
im sure there are alot of margrets that are aound 20-30 you need to have more detail
sweetlioness - | 1
4 Jan 2009 #135
Hello, I am looking for my ex Husband and he resides in Poland. I believe Augustow anyway, if anyone knows Zbigniew Liszewski PLEASE let me know. It was to my understanding that he owned or still owns Fabryka Night Club. Please email me at
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
4 Jan 2009 #136
It was to my understanding that he owned or still owns Fabryka Night Club

Why don't you phone the club and ask ?
5 Jan 2009 #137
My great-grandparents left Kolaczyce around 1905 for the USA. Is there any way to find out information about them and their predecessors from Kolaczyce records? I don't speak Polish, so I would be looking for a translatable website, or a person there who may speak English...

Thank you
16 Jan 2009 #138
i am looking for a girl named malgozata mianowska, all i have is her adress ul wolska 17 m-15 warsaw poland. i tried writing , my letter doesnt reach there i am in USA. u guys can email me at desiusa2008@yahoo
Seanus 15 | 19,674
16 Jan 2009 #140
There are some of that name on
Chris K
27 Jan 2009 #141
I am in search of an old friend of mine who was my class-mate in Greenlawns High School in Mumbai 1968-1971. His name is Piotr Brolski. Any clue will help.

Kishore Choksi

Mr Piotr Brolski is a CEO of Abrex Corporation. Visit and you will find a way to contact him.

Chris K.
12 Feb 2009 #142
HI, I hope you guys can help me.

I used to know a girl in Lublin she studied english in pulawy this was in 1997.

Her surname was Zurawiecka.

If anybody have info for me my email adress is

Hope someone can help me.

Would love to hear from her.
karro83 - | 1
25 Feb 2009 #143
Thread attached on merging:
Find a person in Poland. How?

How do I find a persons adress in Poland?
Ive got the mobilenumber and name but need the adress!
26 Feb 2009 #144
I need to find my cousin i dont know her name,address or age all i know is that my ancle was studying on a scholarship someback either in 60's-70's i am not sure which year and girl get pargant for him and she had a beautiful daughter and i would like to know her. Please help me find to find her
14 Apr 2009 #145
what does that mean, you know her?
noone - | 2
20 Apr 2009 #146
[Moved from]: Please help find Zenon Marian Kusior, last known to be in Wollongong

I am trying to locate Zenon Marion Kusior or anyone who has any information on his whereabouts or history.

Last known to be in Wollongong, NSW in the 1960's.

Regards, Zenon Raphael Kusior.
28 Apr 2009 #147
I seek for Jadwiga Les (between 50 and 60 years old) My mail adress:
kastanedowski 1 | 13
28 Apr 2009 #148
Maybe is Kosior, that is more common

You have to leave further information,places, names, dates

Maybe I can help you here in Poland, I speak 4 languages

5 May 2009 #149
I am looking fo a Polish friend called Grzegorz Kalis, from Krakow. He is 34 now (2009), used to work selling computer equipaments. He came to Chapada Diamantina (Bahia), Brazil, em 2006. We lost track of each other. If, by chance, someone knows him, please leave his e-mail or another form of contact (mobile, address). My e-mail is Thank you
wil4 - | 3
14 May 2009 #150
I would like to find a friend of mine called Ewa Browarna. I met her in England in 1994, she was then about 24 years old but I lost her contact. She was blond and used to live in Zdunska Wola near from Lodz. As I know she lived then in a street or adress sounding similar to Sieradzkie or al least this word appeared in her address.

She was a teacher of Geography at a school. If someone could help me find her address or contact details I would be very grateful.

If someone knows something about her, pleas write me to my personal e-mail: guidelp@gmail

Kind Regards


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