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Want to find a person

bartek212 2 | 19
17 Aug 2007 #31
1st case:

HOW OLD IS Beata Pulka EXACTLY? Tell me the city (even if You're not sure).

2nd case:

There's "Joanna Petlicka" working about 40 kms from Lublin.

Here's her e-mail address: prodzw AT

Does it match?

3rd case:

Diana, send me a Private Message with her info.

4th request:

I'm sorry, but is impossible to find Jenny "the nanny" ;)
Michal - | 1,865
21 Aug 2007 #32
es people sorry,but does anyone know a girl 13 or 14 called Joanna Tunejek. she went t

The trouble is that now that the borders are open the Polish have become so transient she or anybody can be anywhere in the world by now. Mind you, I was in Czluchow in about 1989 and met an old man who's brother was living in England since the war and he wanted to make contact. I looked through directory inquiries after I returned home and there were two in the same town but both were ex-directory so it did not help. Later, last year with the advances in computer technology, I was able to trace both address and send him the information. His brother had since died but he is now in contact with his brothers son. It all goes to show that miracles do happen from time to time and in my case a brief chance meeting with a man in Czluchow working as the janitor of the little local castle did the trick in passing on the information to me. If it is a person living in Poland it might be worth finding the local church as that person may be in the local congregation. There might be local Catholic new letters where you may be able to have a plea for information printed-just a thought.
silverroses - | 2
21 Aug 2007 #33
Hi everyone:

My dad is in Poland right now and Im looking to contact him, preferably by letter mail. Can anyone help me out? I know not to post a name on the net; who should I message here for help?

Thank you!!
Qacer 38 | 125
21 Aug 2007 #34
I'm probably the person you're looking for (the daughter). I know it's been over 6 months since your posts, but I've only just read them. If you want, you can contact me by email (it's in my profile).

Oh wow! That would be an awesome story if you get reunited with your dad after so many years.

I'm also looking for a guy who moved to Poland. First name is Mike. Last name is Rotch.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
21 Aug 2007 #35
Can anyone help me out?

Give us more details. which part of Poland ?

Have you checked the phone book ?
silverroses - | 2
21 Aug 2007 #36
The town is the Podkarpaskie area.

I dont have a Polish phone book..havent been really able to find one online that gives addresses/
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
21 Aug 2007 #37
The first part of the phone number tells you a particular part of town.

If you have the number and a map with codes. Then you'll know the district.

That's one step closer.

You won't get the address from the phone book unless it's a business address.

This only applies to land lines of course.
27 Aug 2007 #38

is someone here from wysockie mazoviesky? i am looking for my friend Asia B. Please help
30 Aug 2007 #39
Seeking to reconnect with an wonderful part of life.
Have contact information that is approximately 15 years old;
name, address, phone.
Are there sites to search out updated contact information?
gavin79 3 | 72
30 Aug 2007 #40
I'm looking for a guy in Ireland called Patrick, his nickname is Paddy, has anybody seen him?

Yes I seem to see him everywhere in oxford, but he is always changing his appearance :-0
nin - | 3
11 Sep 2007 #41
Hello can you help me i need email or Address or numberphone someone in poland
this ditail about person
Irek : his name
Anielewicza w : road
Warzsaw : city
his job ist Translettor for polish and Embassy in warzsaw
Ranj 21 | 947
11 Sep 2007 #42

Why don't you just contact the embassy....probably will have more luck with getting in touch with him there as opposed to finding personal address/phone number.
nin - | 3
11 Sep 2007 #43
I dont know with Embassy he work. He ist Polish and he speak enlish
jaroszczyk - | 1
21 Oct 2007 #44
Im looking for my borth mother Krystyna Jaroszczyk in Wroclaw ?

Im meant birth-mother. Me and my adopt-mother have been sending her letters for years but without writing our adress on the letter, last year we did to see if she would answer but she didnt. So Im thinking maybe she has moved away ? Are there other people called Jaroszczyk in Wroclaw ?
27 Oct 2007 #45
how to find a person if i have phone number and the city name

Joanna Cemor
Kataryna - | 36
28 Oct 2007 #46

I'm searching for the above surnames. These are my great grandparents names. I have heard that Nestor may be a Lithuanian name? Cywinski came from Rohatyn (now Ukraine, then Eastern Galicia) and Ejsmont from Hrodna (now Ukraine, then Poland).

Would love to learn more. :)
baski - | 2
30 Oct 2007 #47
[Moved from]: Looking for relatives in Poland - surname Barasinski / Barasinska

I am working on the Barasinski family tree and would like to make the links to the relatives in Poland, but I need some help from inside Poland.

I do not speak Polish myself, but I have friends who can help me translate. Apart from that you can write me in English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Dansh.

Any input that can help make the links back to Polish relatives.

Family Tree can be seen on
Mathur - | 2
17 Nov 2007 #48
How can I find someone who was working on her PhD at Katedra Lingwistyki Formalnej University of Warsaw back in '76. Her name was Anna and last name started with D. Can't remember the last name.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
17 Nov 2007 #49
To start you off. Try looking for papers/articles she might have published as a PhD student. Or papers she contributed to. You have the source of any such articles, which is the university. This will give you her name.

Failing that. Which city did she come from ? Find a message board for that city and post a message there.
Mathur - | 2
19 Nov 2007 #50
You've been a help. I'm sure it's the same person and she is published, i'd be positive if I found a picture but all my searches do not show her picture
nin - | 3
23 Nov 2007 #51
Hello i look for Mr. Irek Ros Roszczypala. he ist in warsaw Poland. he ist Transletor.
if somebody know him please tell him i have some urgent thing to tell him or if have his email please send to me ni27@ .

thank you .
bobby 6 | 32
9 Dec 2007 #52
[Moved from]: Calling all Dembinsky's....

Seaching relatives/decendants of Ann Dembinsky (Maidan name) - dont know what married name is.

She did move to New York some time, dont know when. She Married an Italian.

qnicet 1 | 5
9 Dec 2007 #53
Hey man!
I know that Red Cross does some research in lost family relatives. Thats how I found my uncle from UK :]

Try it
traceyjdawkins - | 1
4 Jan 2008 #54

RJ_cdn - | 267
4 Jan 2008 #55

There are 63 Kajdewicz's in Poland. The most are located in Białystok region - 24, less in Gdańsk -12, Opole -7, Elbląg - 7, Warszawa - 5 regions.
11 Jan 2008 #56

This is Dale Trzop , living in Trenton On.
18 Feb 2008 #57
My name is Irene Makene simply Irenka....I looking for my lost friend Called Ola Czachowska,we lived together in Warszawa in 1995-1997...We studed together in school Postawowa nr.303..If anybody knows her please contact me through

Mufasa 19 | 357
18 Feb 2008 #58
Cześć Irenka - good luck with search.
24 Feb 2008 #59
hello everyone,
im from america, anybody can help me find person, im looking ? i know her old email adress, How can i search to find person new email adress ? she is used new email? anyway try to find her new email adress where do i have to look how do i have to search for poland????????

anybody hepl me out thank you all ...
25 Feb 2008 #60
If you want to find someone in Poland please try this site, there are now 7 million people from Poland. You can Search them by Name, Surname and/or City, first you must register there. If you'll find someone you should see all information like phone number, skype, Gadu-Gadu number(polish communicator), Age, City, Photo galleries, and which school they finished.

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