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Want to find a person

michaela - | 1
9 Dec 2023 #751
Can we connect regarding the Armata last name?
11 Dec 2023 #752

Searching for Paweł or John David from Jeglijowiec

I'm looking for Paweł David or his name could have been John. He was born around 1883 in Jeglijowiec. He left for the United States. He had a wife, Anna. He left Poland for the United States of America in 1913.
Caro1974 - | 1
29 Feb 2024 #753

Looking for son's father not for support.

Hi I'm looking for my son's father. His name is Kryzstofer Bocian from lublin Poland. My son is almost 15 with no contact since birth. His father's parents were Henry and Henrietta but I don't know spelling etc.if anyone could help
Viktor1706 - | 1
13 Mar 2024 #754

Want to find a person

Hello, I'm desperately looking for information about my sister who is from my father's first marriage - Julia Julianowa Padobas (I'm not entirely sure I'm spelling her last name right). Her former last name, before the marriage, is Chakarska. Our grandma says she has a second/double name - Louise(Julia-Louise). She was born on December 25, 1986 in Bulgaria. She must be married to Gregorj Padobas(again, not sure about the last name) and has two children(our grandmother says her children also have double names), one child named after our grandmother - Liliana(Lilly-Anna) and the other is Alexander(Alexander-An, maybe, she can't remember exactly). She moved to Warsaw in 2000 and she certainly lived there until at least 2016, but after that we don't know if she moved away. Any information at all would be gratefully received. If you think something else would help the search, please say so.
1 Apr 2024 #755

Tempska Jadwiga

Hello - I'm trying to trace the records of Jadwiga Tempska (born 16.02.1925 died 16.04.2017) and buried in Cmentarz Centrainy (stara czesc) in siedlce - I want to know if she had any children - can anybody point me in the right direction please to find out? Many thanks

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