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Want to find a person

17 Mar 2008 #61
can some please help to find out the last name of my friend in poland, its a long story why i dont remember it but i have his address

al. wlokniarzy 188 m16
91-0181 lodz, poland

his first name is rob.......please help
GlasgowSteven - | 24
17 Mar 2008 #62
now i dont know much about this but my girl keeps in touch with old school friends on a site called nasa-klasa, dont know if it will be of any use to you, but got to be worth a pop id say....

good luck
21 Mar 2008 #63
i have no idea how to use that site....sorry...i tried and tried...i dont know polish
Noor - | 2
22 Mar 2008 #64
Please can any one help me find my cousin. I know nothing about him except that his name is Rami and lives in Poland. i don't know polish, and i've never seen my cousin. we are form a completely different culture
22 Mar 2008 #65

weird i must say. is it his last name or what? sounds rather like nick to me
Noor - | 2
22 Mar 2008 #66
Thank u for replying. It is not a nick name. it is his first name, supposedly. I'm not even sure if he keeps this name or has changed it
23 Mar 2008 #67
can anyone help me? i dont know how to use that site...please???????
El Gato 4 | 351
23 Mar 2008 #68
How to find a person in Poland?

I'm not sure. You might want to start by going to Poland...

Jola 7 | 71
24 Mar 2008 #69
We have some Barasinski in the cities Haderslev and Kolding (Denmark)
scotsremnant - | 1
26 Mar 2008 #70
Scotsremnant is looking to make contact with Valendzec family in Siedlce
2 Apr 2008 #71
hello, im still no further of the bit ,im still trying to find my family in poland it's very hard to find,i know there names but not there address,CAN SOMEONE HELP ME,there daughter is called joanna stefaniak if your on here please get intouch.
z_darius 14 | 3,965
2 Apr 2008 #72
joanna stefaniak

If you know how she looks try these:
2 Apr 2008 #73
but i dont know what she look's like she's 25yrs old and has a twin and lives in poland that's it,i know her mother but lost touch
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
2 Apr 2008 #74
It's to check names too. If no-one does it now, I'll have my daughter check later.

Nasza klasa is like mysace,facebook and school websites all rolled into one.
2 Apr 2008 #75
sorry z-dariusthankyou, and thankyou wroclaw please if you dont mind my comp wont let me have a look on that site

wroclaw,please tell your daughter thankyou if she can help ,joanna twin brother is andrezj-b/ feb 1983
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
2 Apr 2008 #76
It will be another hour yet and I can't promise a result.
2 Apr 2008 #77
ok thankyou need anymore info let me know
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
2 Apr 2008 #78
It would be better if you contacted me by PM.

I need name, age, town. There are lots of possible results.

Or. when you get home make up a name, join a school list... and then search.
When you enter the name you are looking for... press search... and then some pictures will come up... click on the name under the picture for the persons profile.

Don't tell anyone I told you this.
2 Apr 2008 #79
hello wroclaw my daughter dosent know how to get intouch with you what's pm and she'll give you the info sorry about this because i dont know what to do

hello wroclaw all i know is she's called joanna stefaniak has twin brother andrezj stefaniak born feb 1983 mother and father live in lipiany please help
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
2 Apr 2008 #80

There are 85 women with the name Joanna S........

There are no men with this surname and called Andrezj

None of the women come from Lipiany

I can't check by age in the search, I have to check each profile individually and I'm afraid that I don't have time to do it today.

It would be much easier if you joined the site and looked for yourself.

And after all that she still might not be there.
3 Apr 2008 #81
hello i cant get on to its just coming up in polish and i think im going to the search but its not coming up with joanna stefaniak so i dont know what to do?
4 Apr 2008 #82
hello, still stuck can anyone HELP ME,it's driving me mad please anyone
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
4 Apr 2008 #83
I've just had another look. There are too many women in the same age group.
4 Apr 2008 #84
thankyou so what do i do now ive tryed most sites and dont know what else i can do
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
4 Apr 2008 #85
Give me some details about yourself and I'll post a message on the Nasza Klasa forum for you.

It would be better if you joined this site and then sent me a PM.
8 Apr 2008 #86
hello wroclaw,can you do it for me instead please im looking for any infomation on a maria stefaniak lives in lipany in poland has daughter and son (twins) joanna and andrezj stefaniak born feb 1983 father edward they went too secondrey school in pyrzyce in 1998-1999 any informaton would be helpfull i would do it but dont speak any polish or spell any please help thankyou her mam
8 Apr 2008 #87
Ok... how many times has Wroclaw told you to register to this site... DO IT!!!
i dont speak much polish... hardly any really, i only just managed to count to 10 in polish so maybe that will give you an idea... so if i can do it so can you... so for **** sake do it. oh hell why am i even bothering i already know your not gonna bother so i guess i will have to do it for you but you all owe me big time:D.

* First go to
* Go to the VERY bottom and click on regulaminu.
* Scroll down to #4... UCZESTNICTWO W SERWISIE.
* Click on (register... theres a clue in there somewhere)
* Now enter you details...
* Login (obvious), haslo (password), powtorz haslo (repeat password), adres e-mail (even my granny knows what this is), imie (forename), nazwisko (surname), data urodzenia (do i really have to tell you?), next tick both boxes further down and click on zaloz konto to finish.

* You will now recieve an email with a confirmation link (very important)... click on it!

when all is done and you enter the site look for szukaj at the top right... osoby(person), miejscowosc (town or city)... but be careful with the polish characters or it wont give you all the results;-).

oh... since you all aren't polish i would advise to delete your account after its served its purpose, to do this look for something like unsun or something when your in your profile.

p.s. any other questions... then ask Wroclaw :D
8 Apr 2008 #88
8 Apr 2008 #89
DONT be hard on her, she only asked ,where not all clever as some pepole you no,where here to help anyone anytime,that's what i thought,but good on you
Wersal 5 | 19
8 Apr 2008 #90
I could be wrong but are you sure lipany is in poland? cos it comes up as being in slovakia??? but pyrzyce is in the very north west of poland???

i didn't mean to be rude to her, many people have been asking wroclaw for the same thing... was only joking with her;-)

p.s. sorry but wearsil is me (problem loging in) :-(

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