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Can I find a non-corporate job in Poland?

28 Apr 2020 #1
Hi all, I love Poland and I've been trying to apply for a job there. However I'm not impressed with the job market. The companies are wow (Shell, JC, Accenture etc.) but they're all entry level monotone, repetitive, tedious corporate jobs, the likes Office Space makes fun of and those called "Bullshit Jobs" by David Graeber in his eponymous book. Accounting, data processing, customer care, phone sales etc. They don't really lead to a good career (a call center manager is seen not as a true professional outside of outsourcing) and frankly they don't pay that well if you're not in IT.

So I would like to ask can one live & pay rent/utilities in Poland with *selling cars* in an auto dealership for a living?
And what about the performing arts (I'm a singer/actor/dancer)? I know for dancing Polish language is not needed so much except for basic words.
jon357 63 | 15,214
28 Apr 2020 #2
Hi, I think you posted before under another user name. The guy fron Serbia, right?

*selling cars* ,,,
And what about the performing arts (I'm a singer/actor/dancer)?

The few used car dealerships tend to be family businesses; the used car market here is surprisingly small. Performing arts? It's possible, however as ever, 90% of the work goes to 10% of those chasing it, and 10% of the work goes to 90% of those chasing it. That is an optimistic estimate.
OP Jojo1
29 Apr 2020 #3
Thanks! I didn't mean just used cars but new cars are even better to work with e.g. working at a Citroen dealership. I have such experience from my country. I do realize I need to learn the local language so I can sell there of course (most jobs I would like doing require local language skills). I could do a call center job until I learn Polish good enough and secure a job in Academia, car sales or the performing arts. But I'll prefer a part-time one (just not worth it investing 8 hrs at a dead end job).

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