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Want to find a person

Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
14 May 2009 #151
I would like to find a friend of mine called Ewa

the place to search is: nasza klasa. pl
wil4 - | 3
18 May 2009 #152
Thanks for the info. But I have already searched there. There is indeed a photograpth of a girl with the same name but that is not the person. Besides, I don't understand polish and I don't manage the page well.

I would need other help like knowing where in the forums of nasza klasa I could place this info? or where else I could seek?

Or much better to get to know someone that lives there in Zdunska Wola



P.S. I was registered at Nasza Klasa when I made the search, the only handicap is I don't understand polish and I just don't know where to place the info about this person.

I know you must be fed up about these questions, but please help )))


do you know any polish portal where you can find personal phone numbers? I've heard some of them even give you the adress, if you give the name and family name of the person

Thanks in advance

6 Jun 2009 #153
Hi I am looking for my babys daddy who is in Poland, probably in Mielec Poland, if anyone has any way of me contacting him or have any info on how I can locate him please contact me at matthelenalex@yahoo. Thank you I would appreciate any information thats relating to me finding him,
frd 7 | 1,399
7 Jun 2009 #154

The only things I found is this entry:

it's a webpage of physical geography faculty at the Ludz University, there's a topic of her thesis next to name from 1994, I doubt they would give you any information at the Uni, but you can always give it a try and write an email to their deanary, you can always say you're a foreign long lost cousin ; )
8 Jun 2009 #155
I am looking to find Katyrynia and Kamil Kucab. They live in poland, she worked at the Monica guest house in Krakow as a receptionist. He is a physiotherapist in a hospital. I wish to contact them as i have lost their address. Anyone who knows them please tell them i am looking for them , and wish to meet again.

Ps if you do know them tell them they can contact me ,,,,, Thanks to all.
wil4 - | 3
8 Jun 2009 #156
Thanks a lot for the info :-)

I'll try it.


9 Jun 2009 #157
Hello, I am looking for my biological father. name Leon Kazinski I believe, he was in the army in Italy (Monte Cassino) wounded by Italiens and taken away by the communists.

I have just found out as I have the name of the man who married my mother.
I believe he was near Torun and had a brother Janek.
Much appreciated and thanks for the help offered. Wanda
15 Jul 2009 #158
Hello .My name isYOUSEF I'm looking for a woman in Poland. Her name is AMIRA ANNA AHMEDE . She was my sister these my information

amira anna el-buheisi
mother name :- oraz urszuli liszko
date of birth :- 26 lipca 1970
place of birthe :- zamieszkle przy ulicy obrńoów stalingradu 124 m.6 90-764 £ódź

ahmed el-buhheisi dai in gaza in 1996 and his brother in 2009 excused help my plez thes may email abosose@hotmail im stay
adcdcl - | 1
11 Sep 2009 #159
[Moved from]: Sobianek and Dziurda Relatives from Lublin

Looking for relatives of Chester Sobianek and Anna Dziurda who lived in Lublin, Poland and moved to Michigan, USA.
11 Sep 2009 #160
if you give me any further details, I might help you. Contact me or via a formular at my website

By the way, a part of my family comes from Lublin, that might be helpful
erika - | 3
5 Oct 2009 #161
hey !!
i know this forum is a a little bit old...
haha but i want to know someone form poland!
i would like to know your way of living and so on.. sombady can help me?
krysia 23 | 3,058
5 Oct 2009 #162
i know this forum is a a little bit old...

a lot younger than u honey....
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
5 Oct 2009 #163
She meant this thread, which is 10 months old. For the rest I don't understand what the heck she is talking about: "your way of living"? There are other threads for that.

M-G (Wroclaw's avatar pictures M-G's mood best at the moment)
cut_nick - | 2
6 Oct 2009 #164
Dear all,

I am another case, worsen that mentioned here, beacause I don't know her name.
I am looking for a Polish girl that I met in Milan 28 september in front the Milan Chatedral and left Italy to ga back to Poland the next day in the early morning

She said to me that her parent are chemical negineers and her father do the researcher.
Moreove he study Marketing and next december she will finish the tesis and she will take the degree.
Moreover she worked for Tui has Animator.

Please could you send to your friends this messager indicating to forward to their friends so that I can reach the Polish girls?
After consecutive forwards the girl should recognize me, what do you think? I am driming??
My e-mail is:
It should work.

Thanks in advance
7 Oct 2009 #165
I am researching my family history, my great grandfather was a kotlinski. He moved from Poland to Canada in 1906, along with his wife and 3 children. I have minimal info on the Kotlinski side, but maybe we can compare notes?

I can be contacted at marleneheather@gmail
Natalia - | 1
9 Oct 2009 #166
Hello...looking for Peter Savlak, any information appreciated

Hi,my name is Natalia i live in US,originally from Latvia.I'm looking for my father,we lost contact some time ago and recently somebody told me that my father my be leaving in Poland at this time,hi may be has some mentall illness like a lost of memory.His name is Peter Savlak.

I would appropriate any information...

Thank you
mnimpt - | 1
4 Nov 2009 #167
Hey there,

I am looking for my very close friend of mine ( she used to be). Her name is Joanna and she WAS Mieroslawska 30 years ago. She was 26 y.o. also 30 years ago. She lived in Gdansk on Fornalskiej 54. I'll appreciate if somebody help me to get her e-mail, skype or yahoo messenger address.
22 Nov 2009 #168
i got almost the same problem, i dont speak polish too , but i use google translater, but i dont know what to do anymore , my last chance is the site of the private investigators, i think i use them it is no expensive $50 ,if they dont find anything you dont pay
alluchka - | 1
4 Dec 2009 #169
I seek relatives (descendants of brothers) of Yurkowsky Simon Wassilyevich, born in 1869, who emigrated to Belarus from Poland and settled down near Narovlya (Gomel Region) before the revolution of 1917 and was executed by communists in 1937.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
4 Dec 2009 #170
I can't help you in the field of genealogy or family history, but the Jurkowski surname probably origanated as a toponymic nick from such localities as Jurków or Jurkowo (rough translation: Georgetown, Georgieville, ec.).
18 Dec 2009 #171
My Father - Marek Powalski


My father passed away yesterday and we are desperatly trying to get in touch with his family in poland. My fathers name is Marek Powalski, and he came over to england after world war 2. I would be greatful of any help or advice.

My contact details are: Marek Powalski telephone: UK (01782) 341820 and my email address is: marekpowalski1@ntlworld.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
18 Dec 2009 #172

There might be sth there like a list of family members.
seneth - | 1
17 Jan 2010 #173
Jan 17, 10, 22:53 - Thread attached on merging:
How to find

hi how do i find a person in loadz, poland?
musicwriter 5 | 87
18 Jan 2010 #174
Do you mean £ódź? That is a big city.
29 Jan 2010 #175
I just discovered that someone had actually answered me.
I dont feel comfortable just e-mailing like that, I'd like to ask some more questions.
How many brothers or sisters do you have? How old are they?


Maybe the name has changed through marriage, what do I know.
And if you think putting the persons name in this forum is bad then why do you ask if I have the adress, putting that here would be even worse. Her name is really all I got, how else am I supposed to look for her?
30 Jan 2010 #176
I am looking for a girl i met a couple of years ago in the US. Her name is Beata Chatterjee (maiden name is Kisiel). She used to live in Matwica. Does anybody know where she is now? Did she move from Poland or she is still there? Maybe her email or phone?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
30 Jan 2010 #177
Her name is Beata Chatterjee (maiden name is Kisiel).

try facebook
31 Jan 2010 #178
hi guys,
any body might know of a Polish girl by the name jane who was studying chinese in china in the late nineties, 1997-1999
wildrover 98 | 4,441
31 Jan 2010 #179
any body might know of a Polish girl by the name jane

Jane is not a Polish name i think....?
Scott Sonik
31 Jan 2010 #180
Lookin for Any Sonik in Wawrzenczyce My E mail

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