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Want to find a person

2 Feb 2010 #181
Hi! I looking for one girl names Ursula Judek from Bydgosc.I meat she in Germany 1995.i want to find her.

Thank you!
9 Feb 2010 #182
I am Beata Chaterjee, who is asking ?
9 Feb 2010 #183
hi okay i found Beata Chatterjee . shes my cousin sister .
and she didnt live in that place i wrote. she lived in Poznan .
sorry about the mistake . and thnks you guys .

hi my name is same , but i dont think i know you . to everyone i know i have a regular contacts . and that one who comes from Matwica i know very well .. she is married to Abhijit Chatterjee , her husband is a little different . but she is a great lady .

if she met someone , her husband will know him too .
19 Feb 2010 #184
Hi, i'm looking for a man named Paweł Brzęczek, i hope that i can get some help here to find him.
I know that he is 26 years old and live in Częstochowa..
19 Feb 2010 #185
Do you mean that guy on When you click on the "Rozwin cala liste obecnosci" on the left panel you can see his photo at the top.

19 Feb 2010 #186
Hi Lukasz, thank you very much, i think i forgot to say that i know that he have a profile on and i have contact with him, but i will surprise him with a phonecall or a letter to his address, that was more something like that i was looking for, but thanks alot (:

And it is not him on that photo, but again thank you very much :*
21 Feb 2010 #187
hi i am looking for Wojciech Strozyk from Poznan . can be helpfull his sister Ewa Zyk
jocruy 2 | 8
14 Mar 2010 #188

I am searching for a girl in Wroclaw - Hanna Najbar. I lost contact with her 15 years ago, she should be between 30 and 33 years old now. I found a street in the phone book online where she lives but no housenumber, neither an emailadress. The street is SOLTYSOWICKA. I come in 3 weeks to Wroclaw after many years and would like to contact her. People who know her can send me an email jocruy@hotmail

Johan Cruysweegs
pgtx 29 | 3,146
14 Mar 2010 #189
I am searching for a girl in Wroclaw - Hanna Najbar.


She's there...
jocruy 2 | 8
24 Mar 2010 #191

I know she is on nasza-klasza but i don't speak any word of Polish... i don't understand how to subscribe on the website. Poland is already 15 years my favourit holliday country but the language is really too difficult for me...
tanmay - | 2
26 Mar 2010 #192
[Moved from]: I'm searching for my friend, Simon and Marie, who is Polish

hi friends,

i m searching for my polish friend whose name is simon....her girlfriends name is marie.....the
only thing which i have of simon is a phone no..which is not working.....he gave me a no which is 0048601761369.....searching internet to find this no owner doesnt work here but i came to know that this no is of leszno(i m not sure about it)....even i have a mail id of maria thats that is also not working.......i have 2 pictures of them too...i ll post them soon.......i ll b very greatful if some1 plz let me know how can i find them.........hoping to c them soon....plz help me........
frd 7 | 1,399
26 Mar 2010 #193
You could try creating an account on and on facebook and trying to find somebody who matches your pics....
tanmay - | 2
28 Mar 2010 #194
thanx frd
i had already tried facebook and orkut for that but no result there also thanx for the suggestion i'll try nasza hope to find them there
Corv1 1 | 4
28 Mar 2010 #195
I am looking for any information about a Polish artist (painter) with the name of Jan Zielecki. The information I have about him are:
• Born 1949.
• Academy studies in Warzaw.
• Married to Danka.
• Children Jan Jacob (born 1977) and Catherine Anne (born 1978).
• Father was engineer and died 1980.
• Mother was rescued out of concentration camp 1945 and was brought to Sweden and returned to Poland 1948.
• He was very active in the beginning of the 1980’ies, with several exhibitions.

I am an admirer of his paintings and want to get in touch with him, but cannot find any leads in Sweden where I am living.

I hope you can help
29 Mar 2010 #196
hi i am looking for Jamil Akhtar . he will know who is asking Tini and Sarah .
9 Apr 2010 #197
I'm wanting to locate and re-recruit 3 guys who worked for us in the UK in 2006.

Names were: Daniel, Pryzemezlav?, and Marcin. Marcin was last living in Warsaw. Pryzemez was at Krakow? They all went to University in Poland and then were going into Telecommunications. In the UK were all excellent at making garden buildings.

They were all born between 1982 - 1984. I have surname of one of them if this helps. Thanks if anyone can help. If not earning like this in Poland they might be interested to change jobs? Flights and accomodation paid plus salary of £30k each.

Contact email:
dreamliner2010 - | 1
15 May 2010 #198

I am looking for a dear friend from high school and have exhausted my resources online. She studied in Texas for a year and then returned to Poland. Unfortunately I do not speak Polish and I'm having a diffucult time finding her.

I have an address from 1993 while attending college but have lost contact.

Previous address:
Wioletta Bakowska
Krusza Podlotowa 18
88-101 Inowrocaw

my contact email sedillo@hotmail
24 May 2010 #199
Beata Chatterjee
11991 Red Fox Drive
Maple Grove, MN 55369
countrygirl205 - | 1
26 May 2010 #200
[Moved from]: Looking for Agnieszka i Witel Zakrzewscy

I am trying to find a girl that was an exchange student in the USA. She was here when she was 15 -16, lived with my grandparents Dale & Kate in Alabama. She got married in May 2003 her name is Agnieszka i Witel Zakrzewscy . I have the last address she sent letters from, it is about 5 years old though. Anyone with any ideas on how to locate her would be great. My grandmother is not doing well and would like to talk with Agie one last time . . . . .
plk123 8 | 4,142
26 May 2010 #201
it is about 5 years old though.

very possibly that addy is still good..
Rebecca Monnett
6 Jun 2010 #202
what about her phone number?
effaren - | 2
26 Jul 2010 #203
[Moved from]: Krystyna, Witoszow Gorny - trying to find a Polish girl I let down in the early 70's

trying to find a Polish girl I let down in the early 70's, she was a school teacher in Witoszów Górny named Krystyna, I was staying with a family there at the time. Its probably a long shot but you never know.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
26 Jul 2010 #204
Its probably a long shot but you never know.

your first port of call should be: nasza klasa pl
nymph888 2 | 31
26 Jul 2010 #205
@effaren: I admire your determination :) I wish you'll find her... good luck and wish you well!
30 Jul 2010 #206
I am trying to locate Kazimesz Olźesi in Szchećin. He is my cousin. I currently live in California U.S.A. I can be teached through my E-Mail: lucybarbaracoleman@yahoo

My name in Poland was Lucyna Pumputis. My mother, Janina, and his mother were sisters. I left Poland in 1959. My brother is Zenek.
BigYank - | 1
19 Aug 2010 #207
[Moved from]: I am looking for my old friend Henry Woynowski

I know this fellow Henry Woynowsky from Sydney, in fact I stayed with him for several weeks years ago when I was living in that country. The email addresses I have for him are no longer valid and I see that someone else managed to contact him on here a year or two ago. I would appreciate it if someone could give me his current email address so I could contact him again.

Thank you.
Need Help
20 Aug 2010 #208
I am looking for Martyna Swatowska, still studying in Poland, aged 16. Could you guys help me find her and email me at if you find anything
22 Aug 2010 #209
i'm from morocco i was in polond laste week. and i was in meet ith girl in south of polond .
after that i come back to morocco and i call her every day but no answer me .
so can somebady help me

thes is my emille si_staf01@hotmail
4 Oct 2010 #210
I am looking for a girl called Joanna Kaniewska. She studied in denmark for sometime and went back to Poland in the summer this year and I haven,t heard from her. I don't have any address for poland. pls need some help.

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