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Where can I find Polish Festivals in Southern New England, USA?

Kazimierz 5 | 23
19 Jun 2009 #1
Witam wszystkich,

I am from Rhode Island, USA and used to go to a Polish Church (St. Casimir's) that had 3 polish festivals per year, with great homemade Polish food, Polish music (Mike's Polka Kings), dancing, and lots of fun. Unfortunately, the church was closed and I have been missing the company of Polish food and friends. Does anyone know of any Polish Festivals in Southern New England coming up over the summer months? Thanks!


P.S.-This is by first post, I just registered today! Any good tips on navigating the site and/or communicating more efficiently?
gumishu 11 | 5,127
19 Jun 2009 #2
hi mate

top of the page you got MyThreads - you can follow the threads you were posting in

also Private messages are there to check - you should have received one from the Moderators already

Of course you can also send private messages - click the envelope next to a poster's nickname on the right side of his/her post

welcome to the forums and enjoy
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,105
19 Jun 2009 #3
Does anyone know of any Polish Festivals in Southern New England coming up over the summer months? Thanks!

I couldn't find any. If you or any one else does hear of one please post it on PF. :)

Any good tips on navigating the site and/or communicating more efficiently?

Plenty. Try the FAQ and Feedback section, most things you'll find in there. :)
OP Kazimierz 5 | 23
20 Jun 2009 #4
Thanks....both extreamly helpful!!!! Very glad I joined!!!!!!

I found one hosted by St. Stanislaus in Fall River, MA....but it has already passed : (

Seems as if it is only an annual event.......
28 Jun 2009 #5
I have been collecting info about polish festivals for ri/ma area. the following are my can use the info to do internet searches..

Holy Rosary's Polish Picnic -Taunton three w's (no longer held..had pointers to others)
St. Lawrence Polish Picnic _ andover?
three w's . Polish restaurant, near Chicopee
three w's .
three w's . 1hr 30min off ma pike(80) east of springfield
St adalbert’s polish-american festival…(June 6 – 7 june 6 (6-11pm) june 7(12-6 pm))
church 639 Mount Pleaset ave
three w's -> picnics
St Stanislaus picnic june 12-13-14 june 12 (5-9pm) june 13 (5-9pm) june 14(12-4pm) 36-37 rockland st… fall river ma.
June 20, 21 Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 235 north front st, new Bedford ma
OP Kazimierz 5 | 23
29 Jun 2009 #6

Great! Have you been to the Pulaski Park? Seems like a good time!!!
CzescSandra 1 | 3
4 Jul 2009 #7
Hi, Yes, although a good one in Fall River just passed that I missed. There is one
in Bristol, Ct. St. Stanislaus Church. Sept 12th and 13th. I just contacted them. It should be pretty good!
jv0yf0 - | 1
3 Apr 2010 #8
I would like to inform those interested in Polish Festivals that OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP CHURCH in New Bedford, MA has a 2 day Polish Festival every year on Father"s day weekend. (That makes it easy to remember.)

Rain or shine entirely under tents begining at 11 am on Saturday June 19, 2010 until
8 pm. We have live entertainment with "Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push" playing 11am till 3 pm and then again from 4 pm till 8 pm.
On Sunday we have a POLKA MASS at 11 am with "The EDDIE FORMAN ORCHESTRA" playing in church and then continuing at the festival following the Mass till 5 pm.

There is a POLISH KITCHEN as well as hotdogs and hamburgers and booths and games for all ages. Free parking. Bring your own chairs for the entertainment.

Exit 16 East off I-195 (Washburn St) Exit 17 West off I-195 (Coggeshall St)

They also have an Autum Festival in September and a Christmas Fair in November with Polish foods but no entertainment.

czar 1 | 143
21 Apr 2010 #9
Polish Festival
Sunday, June 7, 2009 @ 9 A.M.
PNC Bank Arts Center
All day entertainment, 9 AM to 6 PM. Mass 10:00 A.M. Rain or Shine. Polish food and Craft vendors. Activities for children.
Johnny RI - | 9
22 Apr 2010 #10
hi st Adalberts is on Atwells ave in Providence #866. plz spread the word of our festival and i will gladly spread the word of any others. dzieki :)
plk123 8 | 4,150
23 Apr 2010 #11
21 Sep 2010 #12
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church's Christmas Bazaar Quaker Hill CT
Oct. 23 9-2
14 Jan 2011 #13
There is a Polish Festival in New Britain, CT during the summer time called Do┼╝ynki.

It usually takes place at the end of summer.
19 Aug 2011 #14
I was told there is a polish picnic this weekend (Aug 20 and 21, 2011) on Farmington Ave, New Britain
beckski 12 | 1,617
26 Aug 2011 #15
Did anyone here have the pleasure of attending the Polish picnic?
24 Aug 2012 #16
The Dozynki is sat August 25 & 26th at Falcon Field
nunczka 8 | 458
24 Aug 2012 #17

I am going to take you back to a time when your grandparents enjoyed picnics in America..

During the depression years, Polish immigrants hired a stake body truck with hay spread on the floor. For 50 a family could board the truck along with other Poles,and head out into the country to a farm owned by a Pole. No one could afford an automobile..At the farm there were tables an orchestra and a dance floor. Everybody ate, drank, and were merry. Polka music and songs were heard for the whole day Food was plentiful. The kids played in the fields. At the end of the day, people mounted the truck on the way home.. Polish songs were sang by almost everyone.. Most were pretty well intoxicated

This is what we old timers call the good old days.I still remember one song that I will never forget
Jak ja bym wiedzialem, kiedy ja umrem. Ja bym zbudowalem zielaznem trumnem, A na tem trumnem ja bym siadzialem kwiaty zeby ludzie by myslawi zie ja bylem bogaty

Excuse my Polish, but this is what we call Polish Honkey.
17 Jun 2015 #18
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church 235 North Front Street New Bedford MA Saturday and Sunday of Father's Day weekend every year (June 20 (11am-8pm) & June21 noon-5 pm) in 2015).

Polka Mass Sunday at 11 am in the church.

Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push Saturday; Eddie Forman Orchestra Sunday
Mr Boston - | 1
16 Sep 2015 #19
There is going to be a polish festival here is the info

Pilsudski Park, Old County Rd. Holyoke, MA 01040
Sunday, September 16, 2012 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Holy Trinity Parish of Westfield will be holding its Fall Festival on Sunday, Sept.16, 2012 from 12 noon to 6 p.m. at Pilsudski Park, Old County Road, Holyoke, MA 01040. Mass will be celebrated at 11 a.m. The Festival will feature a Polish & American kitchen with pierogi, golumbki, kapusta, kielbasa, hot dogs, hamburgers & refreshments. TAKE-OUT is available. Homemade baked goods will also be available.
Our fun-filled festival includes games of chance for adults, BINGO, children's games, activities and a Bounce House.

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