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Want to find a person

danish_guy 1 | 11
4 Oct 2010 #211
perhaps stupid question, but, tried facebook? several girls there.
4 Oct 2010 #212
danish guy
yes i tried... but thank you anyway
I got her email add
8 Oct 2010 #213

17 Oct 2010 #214
Hello, My name is Mariza, I am trying to find my father. He was in Russia, Murmansk city in 80's and met my mother. His name Vakhtang. May be now he is living in other country of Europe. Sombody knows name Vakhtang in Poland?
17 Nov 2010 #215
Witam mam na imię i Ciaran im z Irlandii belfast, i pracował w ryby i chip restauracja o nazwie ramsdens harry, tam poznałem wspaniały facet nazywa albo Krook luksz lub kruk lukaz, im nie wiesz jak się nazywa, hes w wieku około 25 i bardzo wysoka, po opuszczeniu harry ramsdens, na bieżąco, InTouch z nim na chwilę, ale potem powiedziano mi przez znajomego, który był powrót do Polska, która moim zdaniem jest bardzo smutny, i chce się go kontaktu z go ponownie, mam z nim zdjęcia incase ktoś go zna, źle chętnie przesłać je na forum w celu uzyskania pomocy, i wcześniej jego adres e-mail, ale utracili ją, miałem jego numeru telefonu komórkowego uk ale został odłączony, myślę, że był z 2 z większych miast w Polska albo Krakowie czy Warszawie, proszę, jeśli ktoś może mi pomóc go znaleźć i będzie naprawdę szczęśliwy,

hi my name is ciaran and im from belfast ireland, i worked in a fish and chip resturant called harry ramsdens, there i met a great guy called either luksz krook or lukaz kruk, im not sure what his name was, hes around the age of 25 and very tall, after leaving harry ramsdens, i kept intouch with him for a short while, but then i was told by a friend that he was moving back to poland, which i think is very sad, i want to get him contact with him again, i have pictures with him incase anyone know him, ill gladly upload them to the forum for more help, i previously had his email address but lost it, i had his uk mobile number but it was disconnected, i think he was from 2 of the major cities in poland either Krakow or Warsaw, please if anyone can help me find him i would be really happy,
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
17 Nov 2010 #216
luksz krook or lukaz kruk,

google: £ukasz Kruk

there are quite a few results with that name.
19 Nov 2010 #217
Looking for Antoni Palka, the son of Ludvig and Maria Palka in or around the town of Zakliczyn, Poland. They are descended from Ignacy and Rosalia Yestremska Palka. Ignace was a farmer and a blacksmith in that area.
21 Nov 2010 #218
i am looking for my father that was here in the war he comes from poland contact 07879486088 his name is Munisky
wildrover 98 | 4,436
21 Nov 2010 #219
not a good idea to put your phone number my friend....can the mods remove this before the guy gets every nutter on the internet latching onto him...?
22 Nov 2010 #220
thank for the reply, i have tried google, ive been trying for thr past year and half, ive looked at facebook, tried the polish phone book, ive come on this forum and igned up to, but still i have no luck, i have pictures of me and him from a few years ago, but i guess you arent aloud to place them on the forum, do you suggest any other ways to find him? to be honest im finding it hard to use the site, i translate to english, i got this message in my email that i translated to english saying i had a message on my profile, ive looked and cant seem to find it, its sad that knowing i may not find my friend ever again.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
22 Nov 2010 #221

scroll down to the bottom and check page two too.
20 Dec 2010 #222

Im trying to find Dagmara Glebocka from Poznan, we lost touch in 94/95, she would be around 37 now.

If you know anything please write me on ccombic@hotmail.

Thank you.
29 Dec 2010 #223
[Moved from]: Nina Juńczyk or Jończyk, Searching for my husbands sister

Hello :) i am searching for my husbands sister. They were separated many years ago-roughly about 25 years ago. From what i know, her name is (possibly was) Nina Juńczyk or Jończyk. She is in her 20s. My husband would very much like to find her if indeed she is in Poland.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
29 Dec 2010 #224
Both names exist in Poland but have different etymology:

JOŃCZYK: patronymic nich from first name Jonasz (Jonah of whale fame).

JUŃCZYK: patronymic nick from someone 'juny' (young, plucky) as in the word junak (spirited. brave young lad).
4 Jan 2011 #225
scroll down to the bottom and check page two too.

sorry i had a look, its not my friend, i really do appreciate everything you have done for me, it may jut be impossible to find him, anyways im sure your not aloud to post stuff here but i know he wouldnt mind if i did, as im trying to find him heres a picture of me and him at a party a few years ago, hes the one in the left holding a bottle of beer, if anyone knows him please contact me soon, thanks alot

replace then xx with tt!/photo.php?fbid=466394199418&set=t.1357571640
dublinare - | 2
10 Jan 2011 #226
[Moved from]: PAWLINA: plz help me in finding my dear friend

hi all,
i use to have friend by the name of PAWLINA.she use to work with me long while ago.just want to get in tuch with her as i miss her a lot.

we use to work in IBM
asik 2 | 220
10 Jan 2011 #227

You probably mean a girl by first name Paulina.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
10 Jan 2011 #228
PAWLINA: topo nick from Pawlin in Lublin region.
Pat58 - | 1
14 Jan 2011 #229
[Moved from]: Koscik, Andruskiewicz - looking for my family

Hi! I am trying to research my mother's family, and unfortunately I did not ask enough questions when my relatives were alive. My grandmother was Helen Koscik and was from Gosciejewo, Lomza Poland. She was born in 1892 and emigrated to the US in 1911. Her father was named Piotr and she had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My grandfather was Vincent Andruskiewicz and was born in 1888 in Bresz-litewski and also emigrated to the US. If anyone can tell me anything about these names or places I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Polonius3 990 | 12,349
15 Jan 2011 #230
KOŚCIK: possibly a hypocoristic (pet) form of Konstanty or a topo nick from a locality starting with Kość- or Kost-.

ANDRUSZKIEWICZ/ANDRUSKIEWICZ: patronymic nick from Andrzej (Andrew), one of many including Andrzejczak, Jędrzejczyk, Jędrusik, Andrzejewicz, Ondraszek, etc.
dublinare - | 2
16 Jan 2011 #231
please guys that's a girl by the name of Pawlina.
i don't know her surname that's the problem.
please help me in finding her.
many thanx
27 Jan 2011 #232
am looking for my friend in poland not sure where her name is agnieszka danieluk my name is devon
ribax - | 2
20 Mar 2011 #233
Hi. I'm searching for a friend. I have an old address from her (ca. 1996), old photos, and i lost the contect with her.
Where i can find more informations about her? I have search on google, facebook etc. but no result.
Here name is Olszak Anita (or Aneta), in 1996, she lives in 22-506 Stefankowice.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
20 Mar 2011 #234
Here name is Olszak Anita (or Aneta),

there are photos on the net of someone with this name.

search her friend's pages.
ribax - | 2
21 Mar 2011 #235
I have found some pictures with this name on the net, but it's not the person i'm looking for.
Unfortunately, I don't know their friends.
I have some old pictures from her. Perhaps it's helpful to send you?
jacobadam - | 4
21 Mar 2011 #236
Better to Look in the Polish telephone directory?
cjj - | 281
21 Mar 2011 #237
"Better to Look in the Polish telephone directory?"

To be fair that's quite difficult.

Our local phone directory is ordered by City/Wies.

I'm not sure how to explain what a Wies is -- if you were Irish I could say "townland", a concept which for me fits very nicely. (It's not "village" as the common translation would suggest, as it's not a clustered settlement.)

I live out in the country so, in order to find my phone number, you need to know the townland I live in. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. And forget finding all the Smiths in the general area and eye-balling it -- you have to know the names of the surrounding townlands so you can seach each of them separately.

and then you decide to give up and just drive there instead :)
ante - | 1
22 Mar 2011 #238
Hello everybody

I'm trying to find a friend I guess resides in the Warsaw area. Her name is Krystyna Targonska....Help!
29 Mar 2011 #239
Hi !
maybe this email will be correct...until recently it operated

Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz
vila 1 | 3
27 Jun 2011 #240
[Moved from]: Looking for Andrzej in Vaughan, Ontario

Andrzej, you attended a few events with MMA - Toronto in August 2009. If you are still available, I would like to get in touch with you. Please contact at this email address:

This is Andrzej from Vaughan. Does anyone know him? If so, Please email me

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