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Visa and work permit problems. Is permit valid for the specific employer in Poland?

D_anderson 3 | 12    
26 May 2012  #1
Dear all,

I need your urgent advice as i have a deadline to renew my work permit and resident card in 2 weeks.

I registered a private limited company in Poland and running it for 2 years now. I am currently having visa type "D" under this company. Since the business is not doing so well, i decided to work for others, and run my company in a part time basis. My questions:

1. If i am employed by other Polish company ( full time work), i will be granted work permit and resident card under this Polish company. Is that mean i can't perform any other services for my current company? As i understood the work permit is ONLY for that specific employer?This bothers me a lot because i still have some work from my own company, it gives me extra money. Maybe i can apply another work permit through my current company? So, 1 work permit from Polish employer, 1 from my own company, possible? I am not from Europe.

2. Another question is, i was told that my chance to get my work permit and resident card renewed under my own company is low because i dont employ 2 Polish workers ( with Umowa o pracy). Is that true?

Any urgent advices would be appreciated.

Thank you.

lawyer - | 2    
31 May 2012  #2
Hello. I'm a Polish lawyer. I would be able to help you with this. Contact:

Related: Work Permit to Teach Portuguese in Poland

Hi there! I have a work permit to work in a foreigner company in Poland and I would like to teach Portuguese in a language school in my free time. Do I need a work permit for it?
Thank you in advance for you answer!

Yes, every employment requires a fresh work permit.
bhel - | 2    
6 Mar 2014  #3
Sir / madam,
I just asking here what are the documents needed for applying a working permit visa. Hope you can help me this matter. Thank you
KaanKILIC 1 | 4    
12 Jul 2018  #4

Work Permit

Hi everyone,

I have studied and graduated in poland.(bachelor degree). They gave me one year extra visa to look for job in poland but they didnt give work permit ironically....

Because of I was weekend student. But companies do not hire employee without work permit. Many companies wanted to hire me but because of that I could not get job. They prefer to hire employee with valid work permit.

So anyone know how can I get work permit? Is there someplace or someone who give work permit temporarly or some other way?

Thanks in advance,
zeneregion - | 1    
14 Mar 2019  #5

Employee Change During Application

Hello everybody,

I am working in Poland almost 3 years. I changed job last June and I had to apply again residence permit ( I have diploma from Polish University I can work without work permit ). Since June, I am waiting for decision unfortunately... And they said it can take 2 more months. I got new job offer and I would like to move that new company. Anybody had that situation when they have application ongoing for residence permit and they need to change job ( I assume I need to apply again but should I write some petition to combine cases or I simply cannot change job I have to wait for decision?)

Best Regards,

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