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How to find an employer in Poland, willing to process work permit

a012sharma 1 | -
11 May 2017 #1
Hello guys, I'm a software engineer from India with seven years of work experience in application support and development. My skill set is core java, hadoop, sql and shell scripting, I want to live and work in Poland. I speak fluent English and hindi. Is it possible for me to get work permit or how easy it is considering i'm non-eu, also how and where could i find an employer to process my paper work.

thank in advance for your valuable advice.
DominicB - | 2707
11 May 2017 #2

All the best jobs in the world are advertised solely by word of mouth, friend to friend in the real world. Recruiters and internet sites get only the table scraps. So the key to finding a good job anywhere is to diligently build your network of real-world contacts, and use them to expand that network outward like layers of an onion. Don't waste time relying on recruiters and internet sites, and be proactive. Your golden ticket is not going to just fall in your lap; you've got to get out there and hunt it down yourself.

If you get that through your head, you will be light years ahead of most other engineers from India, at least the ones that post on this forum, few of whom ever conduct a proper job search and just sit around and wait until some recruiter contacts them, or limit their job search to the internet.

The second thing you have to know is that human resource departments are your enemy unless you already have the hiring manager on your side. A successful job search depends on bypassing the HR department, and getting to the hiring manager directly. And the way you do that is by real world networking.

The third thing is that Poland is of little interest to experienced engineers from India because much better jobs exist in much richer countries. Poland is not attractive because the low wages and the high cost of living relative to wages collude to make saving potential abysmal. As an expat, the most important number for you is the number of dollars you are able to put into your savings account at the end of the month.

If you want an exciting and fulfilling life as an engineer, then go where the money is, particularly the R&D money. Poland has very little R&D. Most of its IT engineering, at least the stuff that Indians would be hired to do, is outsourced grunt work that nobody in the source countries could be bothered to waste time on because there are so many other interesting things to do. Outsourced jobs are boring, underpaid and, most importantly, are not of much value in advancing yourself in the profession. Find yourself a good job in a richer country where R&D money flows in broad rivers instead of frittering away valuable years of your time in a grunt job in a poor country like Poland where there is only a trickle of R&D funding.

Ignore any hype you get from recruiters or internet sites. Poland is not the land of milk and honey for Indian engineers. Nor are any of the poorer countries of the EU.

Last of all, never give a penny to any "agent" or "consultant" who promises to help you find a job. Any person who asks money from you for that is a fraud and con artist. Genuine headhunters NEVER take money from job seekers. Apparently, India is crawling with con artists eager to defraud naive, gullible and desperate job seekers, and also crawling with engineers who are too clueless to see through the scam.

Be patient and build your network. Find some senior engineers to mentor you, especially ones who work or have worked in great jobs in richer countries.

Good luck with your job search!
jon357 73 | 23043
11 May 2017 #3
Try It has the largest database of jobs. Increasingly, by the way, companies use LinkedIn in Poland.

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