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Someone help me with the Polish visa appointment!

Shrey - | 17
9 Sep 2018 #121
I guess 2 working days only.
9 Sep 2018 #122
How much time will they take to inform decision after the appeal? What all documents were required for the same?
10 Sep 2018 #123
7093687786 please call will discuss in details
vickey24 - | 4
10 Sep 2018 #124
Anybody were able to book appointment at mumbai today?? I am getting frustrated, tried so many times no luck. 3 of friends also tried no luck
Sudswadhwa - | 18
10 Sep 2018 #125
Same here, just saw dates moved from 28 /9 to 5/10, i was able to book 4/10 then it gave me some error and that I was not able to book.
Thambi - | 2
10 Sep 2018 #126
Not able to book appointment at mumbai today, very frustrated, any one booked today? please share the trick...
Shrey - | 17
10 Sep 2018 #127
Same number of days, you have to write a letter and pay the consular fees again
10 Sep 2018 #128
I have applied for D visa but embassy was refused by - ur intension to leave the territory of republic of poland before the expiry of visa could not be determined..

If I apply another by proof ,can I get stamp on visa...please help me .
Adidasboy 1 | 32
10 Sep 2018 #129
@iswarya No, you have to pay the visa consular fees only in the branch nearby embassy (i.e. Mumbai ). That branch is only opened for visa purposes I guess, everyone comes there to pay visa fees mostly.

Also, I'd suggest you to pay the visa fees a day before to prevent the rush.
vbhatia - | 9
10 Sep 2018 #130
no. only dates moved
TanviJ - | 1
17 Sep 2018 #131
I need to cancel my tourist visa appointment and get a new one..
I tried filling the form again however the error popped up as my entry is already present in the database.
Can someone help me asap.
Kavya V - | 1
17 Sep 2018 #132
My course start date is October 1st, I have been trying to get an appointment slot from past 3 months. I will loose a year if I don't make it now. Anyone please help me regarding this.

My email id is
VLR Tech
18 Sep 2018 #133
Visa Appointment - Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine & Schengen countries Tourist visa.
Contact me for further details
18 Sep 2018 #134

Hi Could you please help me out in getting work visa appointment, or let me know what is the faster way in getting the same. I am trying since 2 months and my work permit is going to expire in one month, i Have to be present in Poland within 90 days of my work permit issued date.

Today also unable to book appointment for National visa- Work as slot is not available till 05th October 2018 :(

Can you or anyone help me, it is very urgent for me.
18 Sep 2018 #135
same here. trying since 2 months, but not getting appointment. i have only 2 weeks now as 90 days will get over from date of work permit issued. i have even resigned from my current organization. need to be present in Poland before 10 Oct.
20 Sep 2018 #136
Hey guys contact on my whatsapp @9866324091 for poland slot booking
20 Sep 2018 #137
For European Visa Services contact : +91 7871186622.

Payments after visa confirmation email.
20 Sep 2018 #138
Hi friends, if you need any visa appointments please send mail to
Sudswadhwa - | 18
21 Sep 2018 #139
will there be slots open today for Delhi consulate bookings ?
21 Sep 2018 #140
no slots will open today.just confirmed on phone from embassy
Sudswadhwa - | 18
24 Sep 2018 #141
any one got slots for Mumbai today ?
Thambi - | 2
24 Sep 2018 #142
Any one got appointment for Mumbai?
Sudswadhwa - | 18
24 Sep 2018 #143
I got one, but not sure if I can go or not.
My passport is issued from Delhi, but I stay in Pune for work, I have rent agreement and bonafide certificate from my employer that I work & stay in Pune, still I am not sure if I can go to Mumbai consulate or not.
24 Sep 2018 #144
Did you get it today?
Did you get it yourself or some agent?

I think you can go with your rent agreement or certificate but it will be good if you may call embassy directly. Keep trying calling them, they sometimes pick phone.
Sudswadhwa - | 18
24 Sep 2018 #145
I got it myself, started trying from 10:00 am and got one at 10:30, there are certain agents which I talked to, but honestly speaking it is difficult to find which one is legit and which one is not. People will call you on whatsapp and not directly, so you can judge yourself.

I found a script on the internet which automatically selected the date if available and goes on to the next page, so it saves the time to select the date and click submit which that script automatically does. So that's how I got one.

If you talk to agents, delhi is next to impossible, charges would be somewhere around 35-40k and for Mumbai it might be 15-20k which i got to know after talking to agents.

I have the rent agreement of pune, bank statement, offer letter from employer(job location: pune), bonafide certificate that I work in Pune. will that be enough to prove that I am in the Mumbai consular region ??
24 Sep 2018 #146
Thanks for the info.
I think documents should be fine. Get the bank statement stamped from the bank.
It will be good if you still can call embassy.

Can you share the script or link which you got.
I need appointment in Delhi. I know here is next to impossible because either page hacks or dates just move ahead.
Sudswadhwa - | 18
24 Sep 2018 #147
I will get the bank statement stamped. I dropped an email to the mumbai consulate mail address, hope they revert.

For delhi, it is quite difficult since people from Afghanistan, Nepal etc also apply there and the slots are 40-50 so they get filled in like 15-20 seconds, keep trying.

Below is the link to script:
Sudswadhwa - | 18
24 Sep 2018 #148
Now I have booked an appointment today for Mumbai Consulate. Thanks anyways.
Chits - | 6
24 Sep 2018 #149
Could you please send me the steps how to implement this software:

i am unable to find out anything in github, gives me 404 error

mail id: if u could send me the code directly

@Jahed alom
Having Bangladesh passport can u able to book appointment in Abu Dhabi Polish consulate. Generally it should in Delhi right?

anybody able to get Delhi appointment today?


did they accept ur poland mumbai visit rather than to Delhi?
25 Sep 2018 #150

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