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Someone help me with the Polish visa appointment!

3 Sep 2018 #91
hi i am looking for national visa - others appointment, can help?

hi mate,

Please help sharing you appointment experience, i believe your appointment is of 03rd Sep.
3 Sep 2018 #92
I am trying for national work visa for the past 2 weeks(Mumbai consulate), though was able to get a date once but post clicking make reservation it showed try other dates. Any tips or pointers to get the appointment date?
3 Sep 2018 #93
Does anyone have any idea now a days how much time they take to approve work visa?
vickey24 - | 4
3 Sep 2018 #94
Please share tips on how to book the visa appointment for Mumbai Consulate. I need to be in Poland on Nov 1 to join the company
3 Sep 2018 #95
How to use this software?
3 Sep 2018 #96
@Arijit Some visa decisions have been made on 31-Aug and updated on the site . You can check your token number .
3 Sep 2018 #97

* To use this script install any browser extension(Tampermonkey, VoilentMonkey or Greasemonkey), though Tampermonkey is preferred, in Chrome or Firefox browser.
* After that open this file in text editor(ex. notepad) and select all text by pressing Ctrl+A, go to *whatever_monkey extension's dashboard, click on new script and paste this code. Then click on Save and close.
vickey24 - | 4
3 Sep 2018 #98
Does this script work, Have you tried it.

Do they help to book an appointment???
3 Sep 2018 #99
@sonison30, for some unavoidable reason I could not attend the interview.
3 Sep 2018 #100

I have a similar invite from AGH Krakow. We're you able to secure visa appointment and get the Visa? Are you still going to AGH?
vickey24 - | 4
4 Sep 2018 #101
Does the visa booking appointment for Mumbai open today.
4 Sep 2018 #102

ohh!! sorry to hear that, so i believe appointment was valid and authorized via agent, how much time did agent took to book your appointment? what will be you next plan now?
4 Sep 2018 #103
@sonison, I don't intend to plan anymore on this.
4 Sep 2018 #104
sorry about this, all the very best for your future endeavors!!
Shrey - | 17
4 Sep 2018 #105
Hey everyone, my cousin's visa got rejected saying that the documents given by him were false information, which sounds a bit odd, because the only problem in his application was one error in his name("-" after his name was printed") even though he pointed out the error to the consulate, he still got his visa rejected. you think this is the real problem?
vbhatia - | 9
4 Sep 2018 #106
Hi All,

One query regarding joining time to new employer
Is there any obligation to join the employer within 3 months of start of work permit.
4 Sep 2018 #107
Please reply me my contact number 9624604484
Or mail me
4 Sep 2018 #108
@Shrey, what reason have they officially told for rejection?
When was his interview?
5 Sep 2018 #109
Hi My passport is ready for collection at Delhi embassy.
Can you please inform to which number should I call to know if it is approved or not?

What documents do I need to carry to collect my passport?
5 Sep 2018 #110
You'll need your fee payment slip and your ID card. Its better to carry photocopy of your passport.
Also, can you please tell me a way to connect to you? I had few questions. TIA
vbhatia - | 9
5 Sep 2018 #111

is it work visa.
you can check status at:

can u provide your numbr to contact u.need some info regarding delhi embassy
Shrey - | 17
6 Sep 2018 #112
[Moved from]: Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

They marked the 7th point on the refusal letter, which states, that the documents I provided them had false information or data, when my cousin asked the lady at the desk about the false document, she told him that it's because of the mistake in the name
6 Sep 2018 #113
@Shrey, When was his interview?
did you correct the name by signing your name beside it and after that submitted the form to the lady in consulate on the date of interview?
Shrey - | 17
6 Sep 2018 #114
He did try to correct it, but he told me that the lady on the desk didn't allow him to make the changes
Adidasboy 1 | 32
6 Sep 2018 #115
That is sad to hear, Shrey. Did your cousin appeal for the visa again? That might help.
Sudswadhwa - | 18
7 Sep 2018 #116
Did anyone get appointment dates today ?

I could see the dates got changed from 19/9 to 20/9 for New Delhi Embassy.
Shrey - | 17
7 Sep 2018 #117
Yes he did, now he's again waiting for the decision, let's see what happens
7 Sep 2018 #118
Is it possible to make visa fee payment on the same day of visa application submission.
Will it be difficult/problem due to large que??

Is it acceptable to make visa fee payment in any branch of Adu Dhabi commercial bank.
For example in Kerala, instead of in Mumbai??

@Umar5314 I guess you can edit your application using pdf editor.
I am not sure.
Please email and confirm with the consult.
Ravibehera070 - | 1
8 Sep 2018 #119
For appointments any advice to European countries message/Watsapp to 7400376879
8 Sep 2018 #120
@Shrey, for the first time when the visa was rejected, how many days did they take to inform the visa decision?

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