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Someone help me with the Polish visa appointment!

abdullah asad
23 Jun 2018 #31
I am facing a much problem in getting a visa appointment to poland. Last date to check-in the intership is 6-07-2018..but till 18- aug-2018 there are no appointmnts available.please can u help me out to get an appointment.

E-mail: abdullah.wadhawan@gmail
kambojg1rry - | 1
30 Jun 2018 #32

hello for appointment

please help me out to get appointment in delhi for my work visa
Ashutosh - | 2
12 Jul 2018 #33
Hi i need help in getting poland national student visa please contact me on wadge.ashutosh1993@gmail.
sukhchain from p
13 Jul 2018 #34
Very very bad Delhi embessy i wait for many days But do not want to appointment date work permitD cartegery . So i am very sab . Then Delhi poland embessy is very bad embessy. If any helping for me that conect me 7508694334
Mamunur rashid - | 2
16 Jul 2018 #35
Hi, kambojg1rry;
If you still require any assistance with the visa appointment please contact with this emailed person who can assist you with the quick appointment.

19 Jul 2018 #36
I made the video about it. hope it helps:
please like share and subscribe
sayan1994 - | 7
24 Jul 2018 #37
Does the Delhi consulate reply to Thursday mails for appointment at 9AM?
vbhatia - | 9
31 Jul 2018 #38
what is latest appointment date available for national visa work at delhi.
please reply if anybody is able to book appointment in last 2 weeks
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,934
31 Jul 2018 #39
What the hell is going on here. Is the PF now an answering service for the Polish consulates?
Rob1212 - | 34
31 Jul 2018 #40
Sadly, that's how the consulate here works. Nobody cares.
9 Aug 2018 #41
Did you get response for the mail ? As I have done the same since last few weeks but didn't get any response
sayan1994 - | 7
10 Aug 2018 #42
No, didn't get any response for my Thursday mails. I just keep getting automated mails stating failed delivery from them.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,934
10 Aug 2018 #43
The Polish bureaucrats job description does not include (1) picking up the phone, (2) returning calls, (3) replying to emails, and (4) voluntarily providing information that could be useful to the inquiring person but was no directly requested by said person.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,815
10 Aug 2018 #44
The Polish bureaucrats job description does not include

Gosh you really do understand what it is to be Polish,

"could be useful to the inquiring person" says it all.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,934
10 Aug 2018 #45
Gosh you really do understand what it is to be Polish,

Sarab grewal
16 Aug 2018 #46
I am getting 10-20 slots every week for poland visa appointment but i charge in advance so plz contact only serious client no timepass plz i cant give my number because in future i cant remove from comment box my email is
17 Aug 2018 #47
If any one can help to arrange Work Visa appointment at Polish Embassy in New Delhi , Please contact me at : or cell 977-9851037145, I am from Nepal and I have few clients need work visa appointment at Polish Embassy in New Delhi urgently.
Jahed alom
20 Aug 2018 #48
Hi sir iam jahed alom from bangladsh iam get job in polend i get oll document for my company after iam visit the polish embassy abu dhabi submit my documents after 14 day refuse my visa since of refuse letar nambar (9 justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided ) please halp me what can ido now please contact me my email id
21 Aug 2018 #49
Any one in need of Student Visa appointment? I have an appointment ready. Charges all negotiable. Appointment pdf direct to your mail address. Contact fast at
Prinsh patel
24 Aug 2018 #50

KINDLYCONTACT -+91 8000502007 (100%) slots

Hello, guys I was also having very hard time to get the slots , as me and my frnd were applying for the student visa , then one genuine agency helped me for taking the slots, they are not at all fraud , they will guide you everything in a proper manner.

If anyone wants help regarding the date then you contact at this mo 9904455130
You guys can trust them.

vivek1989 - | 6
27 Aug 2018 #51
[Moved from]: Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!


Did you applied for National- Work Visa ?

When was your appointment and when did you get the result.

Adidasboy 1 | 32
27 Aug 2018 #52
Hey bro! I have called the embassy and the lady told me that the visa officer is on leave today. How did you get to know the decision? I requested the lady and she said she's not authorised to share the info.
27 Aug 2018 #53
I have sent an email to u. Please check
27 Aug 2018 #54
Thanks for reply.

If consulate can't help and I can't myself resubmit the appointment form then what is way ahead?

Every time I submit form I get error at end stating: " more than one form for data provided not permitted"

Now how should I go ahead,

Mails not answered, call replied once but no action after that, no calls accepted again.
Umar5314 1 | 8
27 Aug 2018 #55
its 12th hour and there are no signs of available dates for appointment .
i had appointed my younger bro after 2 O Clock before that i had tried after every 5 minutes to check status and website displayed same message dates not available, any suggestion please in the regard ,
kohliu - | 10
27 Aug 2018 #56

Call consulate and check if your appointment went through and probably you did not recieve email.

If that's not the case, clear browser cache and keep trying.

I guess I dont have more information on this.
wsthi - | 9
28 Aug 2018 #57
Hello guys,

I need to apply for my wife's dependent visa. I need some information about the same.

1. Checklist of documents.
2. I have work visa now, I am going to travel soon to Poland. Do we need to have TRC before applying for my wife's dependent visa?

3. Any good consultancy for appostile(marriage certificate) in Mumbai?
4. Any other information which is important to know before applying for dependent visa?

Thanks in advance for your response.

P.S. : I am aware this is wrong thread to ask this information, but this is the thread I got most of the information about visa process and people actively help each other. Thanks to guys who contributed to this thread by posting their experiences.
vivek1989 - | 6
28 Aug 2018 #58

Your appointment at KL will get Cancelled in a week or two by itself after that you can apply filling in INDIA.
I have the exact same issue

Also you need to drop mail to Polish embassy in KL to Cancel the appointments and just ask them after few 1-2 days for followup on this.

You cannot book 2 valid appointments anywhere from the world.

You can contact me on whatsapp
kohliu - | 10
28 Aug 2018 #59

Try calling Jetsave travels in Mumbai for apostille of documents for marieage certificate. I guess it should take 2-3 weeks.

For dependent you can check the website for documents, it would require very simple documents for her plus your details.

All documents same as your work visa (minus work permit details), but she will have to put your work permit copy and approved visa and passport details for you along with it.

She will also have to have insurance (+1 month from travel date) and travel and accommodation can still be temporary or your temporary residence details if you are there before her.

If you are already in Poland and have bank account and a payslip already over there, that will also be a good document to carry to show financial stability.
Shrey - | 17
28 Aug 2018 #60
Hey, can anybody please guide me on how to cancel my appointment? What do I have to fill in the second box?

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