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Someone help me with the Polish visa appointment!

Adidasboy 1 | 32
28 Aug 2018 #61
Hey I got my passport, my visa is granted. :)
jagatkc34 - | 4
28 Aug 2018 #62
how did you get appointment date ?
Adidasboy 1 | 32
28 Aug 2018 #63
I got it from an agent. I was trying on my own for more than 5 weeks and I failed to get slot every Monday. I got super pissed and since I'm currently working and had no time to book on my own, I reached out to a guy who got me slot in 2 days, my interview was on 21st August and it got granted in 4 days :)
28 Aug 2018 #64
I have a query regarding booking the tickets. For visa application (which is on 14th September), I have the first Member state entry in Germany. Can I book the ticket in which first member state entry is not Germany (To give for visa application)?

This is because some flights are less expensive which are not directed towards Germany.

Anyone, please help.

Thank you.
28 Aug 2018 #65
hi everyone

i have a group of 80 passenger for national visa D type but i m not getting appoinment whats the solution can i appoach to embassy how to submit the documents
vbhatia - | 9
28 Aug 2018 #66
did anyone get apointmnt in new delhi embasy today :)
28 Aug 2018 #67
@Adidasboy, could you please inform where from you managed flight itinerary?
jagatkc34 - | 4
28 Aug 2018 #68
no. I tried but date closed in 1 min.
Adidasboy 1 | 32
28 Aug 2018 #69
Not sure what you mean by flight itinerary.. can you elaborate ?

Hey People!

Just wanted to let the future applicants know that rejections are quite high this time. I saw so many people leaving the embassy with teary eyes because of the rejection.

I would advise people appearing in the future to avoid making simple mistakes like not mentioning purpose and duration of the visit. Also having a good cover letter might help a lot.

If people have any questions or need suggestions with student visa please ping me at I'm just a mail away.

It gives immense happiness if I could help someone in any way.
28 Aug 2018 #70
We need to show one way flight reservation. How did you show it? Where from did you make the arrangements?
Adidasboy 1 | 32
28 Aug 2018 #71
I booked my one way flight ticket from a travel consultant. You could do it from anyone.
29 Aug 2018 #72

Do I need a transit visa if I hold a National Visa?

Thank you
Sarab grewal
29 Aug 2018 #73
Hi i am sarab grewal from Ludhiana, i can book appointment for poland visa contact
wsthi - | 9
30 Aug 2018 #74
Thanks for the information!
31 Aug 2018 #75
can you give me idea how to take working visa for poland embassy interview appointment date.
how to get work permit visa interview appointment date.
kohliu - | 10
31 Aug 2018 #76
Which consulate are you trying - Mumbai or Delhi.
Both have different days in a week at which slots open. You need to visit both websites to understand the process.
31 Aug 2018 #78
I didnt. Trying since 1 month.
saach1610 - | 1
31 Aug 2018 #79
Finally received passport today with VISA granted.

Other Countries:
Apply and generally you get the visa. That is only and final achievement

Book a lot by own or agent. - Achievement No. 1
Collect hell loads of documents and give interview successfully. - Achievement No. 2
Get your visa granted well before traveling date. - Achievement No. 3

Quite a journey it was especially booking slot on my own
kohliu - | 10
1 Sep 2018 #80
Is your passport listed on 24th Aug visa decision status?
I see no further update on Mumbai website.
Adidasboy 1 | 32
1 Sep 2018 #81
[Moved from]: Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

I agree and relate to it. :D
Umar5314 1 | 8
1 Sep 2018 #82
hello i have entered wrong name in my appointment form
i entered full name again in giver name
what to do now

can i adjust it on appointment date or i have to cancel my appointment
or is it possible to get new appointment date
1 Sep 2018 #83
Hi for national work visa do they take fingerprints? For me they did not take.
Umar5314 1 | 8
1 Sep 2018 #84
please someone answer my question i am really desperate
do i need a new appointment
Rahul udesh
1 Sep 2018 #85
if anyone want help regarding poland visa appointment date than kindly or whatsapp me on
and call
1 Sep 2018 #86
I wanted to take national work visa but by reading the review from this forum I took national others now when I call to embassy they said they can't accept my request as national others is only for dependent visa not for work now I Have cancelled and cancelling is taking time so now I can't book till few week. Can someone help ? Pl let me know what to do ?
kohliu - | 10
2 Sep 2018 #87

You can contact consulate and ask if they can allow you to make this edit during the appointment. It's ok to make mistake and change in the printout of the application.

I have done that and it is recommended to make changes in front of consulate while taking their recommendations.
No need to cancel would be my suggestion.

No biometric for National Work Visa. Me and my wife recently applied at Mumbai and they did not ask for biometrics.

The only way out is to call consulate and get help as this is Internal to their system. I believe there have been similar questions like this on this thread.. try reading backwards on this blog.
2 Sep 2018 #88
@Kohilu, thanks
Umar5314 1 | 8
2 Sep 2018 #89
@Kohilu thanks a lot i am gonna call them tomorrow for confirmation
hyderabad53 - | 3
3 Sep 2018 #90
if you want appointment date or slot msg me

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