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It's nearly impossible to get a Polish Passport appointment at the London Konsulat

26 Jan 2021 #1
Hi Guys, i recently got my Polish citizenship and want to get my passport and dowod osobisty however this is nearly impossible as i cannot get any dates on the online platform!!! It states there are no available dates until February but then also says new dates are added twice a day but that is not true. i have been checking every day for months and im still not able to get an appointment!

At this point im desperate as i am applying to Polish universities in a few months and planning on move there by August, i want to apply as a Polish citizen however that will be impossible if i dont have my passport and dowod.

Are there any other ways i can get my passport and dowod without having to go through the London Konsulat as they are basically useless.

Any help would be appreciated!
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
26 Jan 2021 #2
through the London Konsulat as they are basically useless.

Try Manchester they are slightly better than useless.
OP ronniedaizy
26 Jan 2021 #3
@dolnoslask unfortunately seeing as how we're in a lockdown and im a full time student, i wont be able to go to Manchester any time soon
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
26 Jan 2021 #4
No disrespect but you students are famous for breaking the covid rules, i'm sure you could find a way of getting there if its open and you can get an appointment.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
26 Jan 2021 #5
I am having the EXACT same issue renewing my passport at the Polish embassy in Chicago. It's a travesty. I've called several times and there's about a 5% chance of someone picking up the phone - otherwise it just disconnects or goes to a recording. When someone does pick up the phone, they just tell you to "keep checking daily." I've explained that I've been checking daily since November. They dgaf....

The only available appointments they have are for the Poles' Card (Karta Polaka) but for passports it keeps saying "no available dates till feb 12" and for citizenship matters just "no available dates" with no dates listed. However, I looked on the other consulates like in Minnesota, Texas, etc. and they did have availability. I would travel there but when I asked if I can go to any consulate to renew passport one person said yes it doesn't matter, another said no, you have to do it in the area of one closest to you...


IDK if it's the same as in the USA, but here if you don't have an appointment they won't let you in the building, but you can't get an appointment by phone/online to enter the building.... Catch 22. It's like I'm living in PRL again...

It's real hit or miss at the government offices both abroad and in Poland. Sometimes you get some old hag from the PRL days who has been working there since Jaruzelski was in charge and they'll find every reason not to help you, unless you kiss their ass and begin every sentence with "prosze pani." But, there's also the younger ones, especially males, that are a bit more helpful and will actually explain what you need to do, where you need to go, etc.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
26 Jan 2021 #6
some old hag from the PRL days

They are everywhere especially in public office.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,333
26 Jan 2021 #7
e Polish embassy in Chicago

That way the American consulate here is great,I renewed my Passport card just in 3 days with no problems.
OP ronniedaizy
27 Jan 2021 #8
@Dirk diggler

I guess its not just the Embassies in the uk that are useless!

To make matters worse, i finally was able to get a date for an appointment on the website only to be informed that i need my PESEL number for my application to go through??? I was informed that in order to get my PESEL number i must make an appointment for a passport and the number will be given to me as my appointment. Ive trying to sort this out all morning but as usual no one answers the phone and the only useful person i spoke to was in their Warsaw office so he couldnt help.

I think i'd be better off applying in Poland once the borders open as i dont think ill get any luck with the embassies in the uk.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,846
27 Jan 2021 #9
Polish government institutions tend to be useless, it doesn't really matter where they are. If your in trouble in a foreign country you can forget about the Polish embassy helping you.

Personally, I'd just do this in Poland if I were you. They'll give you your PESEL number in the same urzad wojewodzki where you get your dowod.
Bishee - | 1
14 Nov 2022 #10

I have been trying too ... Manchester is not on the list this morning

PESEL. If you do not have a PESEL number yet, when booking an appointment and choosing a passport you want to apply for, mark "a temporary passport no PESEL issued". You will get a PESEL number when applying for a passport at the consulate.
efevberha 1 | 13
24 Nov 2022 #11
Mine was a speck of luck....after consistent search for appointment on the embassy website ..finally paid off after a week of trying ...was tempted to travel to Poland to get my passport. renewed.

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