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Visa for Work in Poland

gbharatk 1 | -
2 Mar 2013 #1
Hello All,

Currently i am working as a software professional in a reputed IT company.

I have recently applied to a job in warsaw, poland and got the job. They will sponsor the work permit for me.

But i am not sure how the visa works.

Can i apply for work Visa individually from India? has anyone been through the same situation recently?

The biggest question in my mind, does polish embassy approve Visa for individuals who apply for themselves and not through any company in India?

Appreciate your response on this. It means a lot.

brownMan - | 1
2 Mar 2013 #2
To apply for visa you need to produce following docs in polish embassy
1.Work permit (you need to ask your poland company to provide)
2. Letter of offer from polish company
3. Passport
4. Travel insurance
5. Travel ticktes
5. Online application form filled with two photos (secure.e-konsulat gov pl)
Dreadnought 1 | 143
2 Mar 2013 #3
Two of the biggest ways for people from india to get into UK and stay, have been Indian companies in UK sponsoring way too many people, just to get them in. The other way has been some very dodgy 'language schools', 'business schools', etc and 'anything schools' that seem to have hundreds of people registered in them.....but nobody turns up for classes?(many of these have been closed down now, hence many more trying it on here in Poland) they are all working flipping horse burgers and waiting long enough to claim a right to stay in the EU and eventually get a passport.....thats how it works in UK? seems to be coming to Poland slowly but surely as companies get a foot in the door who will not employ Poles they will bring in many Indians etc. Cheap courses at universities will also bring many more. (Don,t worry they will not be looking to live next door to grandma..their eyes are turned towards the West. (trouble is they may displace a Pole on a course, who would be more likely to benefit Poland?)
mad boris - | 2
2 Mar 2013 #4
we welcome indians to russia
they work hard and we pay them nothing.
fonfon - | 7
12 Dec 2013 #5
Hi gbharatk, hi brownMan
I just got my work permit to Poland, and myself I have to prepare visa appilcation. I will appreciate your help to advice me on this :

- Is a return travel ticket really needed ?
- Should medical travel insurance cover all period (let's say visa for 1 year), or just the first days before the compagny insurance take effect ?
- I hope you were succeful with the visa, how long it took to process it (even if I'm applying from Czech Republic so maybe there some difference) ?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
sobieski 107 | 2,128
12 Dec 2013 #6
Don,t worry they will not be looking to live next door to grandma..their eyes are turned towards the West.

Same happens here in Poland. They all come to "study" here at some private "university". Remarkably none of them is going to study at one of Poland's public universities.

These "universities" are not taken serious by any company in Poland. First thing you notice that once they get registered at one of these "universities", they ask about being able to work and live in other EU countries on the base of their Polish "student" visa.
squexy - | 1
18 Feb 2016 #7
Merged: Working Visa

Hello, I would like to know if it would be legally possible for someone working in the tech industry from outside the EU nations to obtain a working visa in Poland without having a bachelor degree(with a company willing to sponsor the visa)?

My biggest doubt is if there is any requisite to obtain a working visa or a company willing to sponsor the visa is enough?

Thanks in advance
JoshiAshish - | 3
5 Jul 2016 #8
Merged: Need Poland work visa

Hello Everyone,

I have received an offer from IBM Wroclaw, Poland. The company HR told me that IBM will be applying for Work Permit for me and send it to me along with the letter of Intent. Using these documents I would be able to apply for National work Visa.

My concern here is I am not sure which visa company I should approach in India. I am based out at Kolkata and I will be submitting visa request in New Delhi. I need to fulfill all the necessary documents for successful application to avoid rejection or postponing application.

Please guide me with reliable visa company or process to apply for visa.

Ashish Joshi
Chemikiem 6 | 2,116
5 Jul 2016 #9
I think you have to apply for a visa through a Polish embassy.
See post number 2 on this thread:-
This website might be able to help you too:
Elliot Kelly 4 | 3
5 Jul 2016 #10
- Is a return travel ticket really needed ?

I am on the same boat right now. What I have been able to get from the Polish embassy (they are not extremely helpful, so I have had to send lots of emails and call repeatedly) is:

- You dont actually need the tickets, not even from home to Poland. What you need at the time of Visa application is the 2-way reservation which you can make at any travel agency. This will cost only a few $$ and you can then cancel it and buy the actual ticket (1 or 2-way)

- In my case, the embassy will accept the employment contract where it is specified that I will be covered by NFZ (public health) in Poland, and that's it. Anyway, it is safe to have travel insurance for 1 month at least. I wouldn't like to be rejected just for this reason.

Best wishes for you
Chinesebamboo - | 1
2 Jul 2017 #11

Work visa for poland

Is it possible for a latent tb person to get a work visa in poland?also will there will be a problem in carrying the medicines?
satbir singh
2 Sep 2017 #12
Hlo , I am indian and now I find good job. Please help me
Bieganski 17 | 901
2 Sep 2017 #13
@satbir singh

All you said is that you are an Indian and expect a good job.

What skills and experience do you have? Why should a Polish business go through the trouble to get you a work visa? Why should a Polish business give you a job instead of a Polish citizen?
jon357 63 | 14,999
2 Sep 2017 #14

He says 'expect'?

Who knew...
Bieganski 17 | 901
2 Sep 2017 #15
Yes, he even said:

Please help me

So his expectation is there just like it is with scores of other Indians and other third worlders sniffing around for a visa and job in Poland.

Again, what's he going to do? All he told the forum is that he is Indian. So what? Granted, that would seal the deal in fractured societies like Britain or America because their declining businesses have to prioritize filling diversity quotas out of fear of being sued rather than hiring the best talent. Not so in Poland.

The real Indian takeaway here from all their constant pleas for work in Poland is that overpopulation in their homeland is unsustainable. And it is not for countries like Poland to mop up their mess when there are working-age Poles (especially young Poles) who deserve to have jobs in Poland.
jon357 63 | 14,999
2 Sep 2017 #16

No. He did not say he 'expects' work in Poland.

He said he is looking for work.

And did not ask for your dreary trolling.
Bieganski 17 | 901
2 Sep 2017 #17
No. He did not say he 'expects' work in Poland.

Just stop it with your trolling.

This thread was started by an Indian in 2013.

This Indian guest poster from today comes to PF and responds to a second post also from 2013. The second post outlined what documentation would be needed by the Polish embassy to secure a work visa.

Today's guest poster is only one of countless others asking the same question over and over and over again in numerous threads on PF day after day, year after year.

But since you apparently are soulmates with Satbir Singh then as his spokeswoman you can tell the forum what his real plans are.
jon357 63 | 14,999
2 Sep 2017 #18
He wrote today. He did not ask for your opinion on whether or not a Polish business should give him, rather than a Polish citizen, a job.

If you had ever visited Poland, you would know that companies in PL do occasionally recruit from India, and this is gtowing.

To Satbir, I suggest he uses either LinkedIn or - a friend in Poland from a country close to India found a very good job in Warsaw with a multinational through one of those.

But since you apparently are soulmates with

There you go again.
Bieganski 17 | 901
2 Sep 2017 #19
He did not ask for your opinion

Yes, well, he did address his expectation for a job in Poland based solely on being an Indian to @brownMan, didn't he?

So now it's time for a reality check.

If you and your soulmate really thought that this other one time poster from way back in 2013 would be responding to him today with job leads in Poland then it's pretty obvious why he can't find any work back in unsustainably overpopulated India.

And why are you providing him sources in Poland when you were trolling earlier that he didn't expect to work in Poland?

It just goes to show your typical leftist agitation and his self-regarding obliviousness to Polish objections regarding non-EU immigration from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Companies are in Poland thanks to the Polish government making it an ever increasingly attractive place to do business. Businesses are also attracted to Poland due to the well educated and talented Polish workforce.

When companies start trying to import labor they are saying they are too cheap to pay locals a living wage. They are also signaling that as businesses they will pick up and leave at the drop of a hat. Over the past several decades thousands of businesses have moved their operations and headquarters out of Europe and North Americas to Latin America and Asia after squeezing locals dry and then leaving them behind with nothing but empty and decaying factories, warehouses, and business parks. And all those diverse workforces championed by these same businesses and their paid-off corrupt politicians were left behind and abandoned too.

Out of work, out of the middle class, and forever dependent on government handouts funded through un-repayable debt.

Anyone with a pulse and their eyes open has seen this pattern repeat itself.

Poles need to draw the line.
jon357 63 | 14,999
2 Sep 2017 #20
Yes, well, he did address his expectation for a job in Poland based solely on being an Indian

Really? No. Not really.

In fact, not at all...
8 Nov 2017 #21
Hi Everyone,
I am a 5 year Devops Professional with excellent experience in Accenture, India. Now since I am looking for some international work experience, trying hard to apply for jobs in Linkedin and other Job portals but nothing getting in hand till now. Can anybody help me to find a suitable work for me in Europe. Preferable in Poland.
DominicB - | 2,704
8 Nov 2017 #22
trying hard to apply for jobs in Linkedin and other Job portals but nothing getting in hand till now

You are totally wasting your time with this approach. You'll never find a job that way. The best jobs are advertised person-to-person, face-to-face in the real world. Recruiters and internet sites get the table scraps, When you find a job on an internet site, chances are that it has already been filled, and that thousands upon thousands of your fellow Indians and people from all over the world applied for the same job.

Build up your network of personal professional contacts and use them to find a good job. Focus on making friends with colleagues who work or have worked in the countries you want to go to. They have first-hand knowledge of the job situation in those countries, and can put you in touch with the managers who do the actual hiring.

Stay away from "recruiters", "agents" or "consultants" who promise to help you find a job or enter the EU for a fee. They are all frauds, every single one of them.

Good luck!
9 Nov 2017 #23
Thank you very much for this suggestion.
Much appreciated
arain - | 1
27 Dec 2017 #24

work visa of poland

hello i need work of poland i from pakistan and now living in uae any unskilled job kindly guide me about this ???
DominicB - | 2,704
27 Dec 2017 #25
There are no jobs for unskilled foreigners in Poland. Any need is more than sufficiently filled by locals and Ukrainians. Don't waste your time and money on trying to get a visa. It is impossible.
Bieganski 17 | 901
27 Dec 2017 #26
Currently i am working as a software professional in a reputed IT company.

A very interesting insight regarding the non-stop enquiries on PF all throughout 2017 from the Indian subcontinent about finding work in Poland; most especially in the IT sector:

56,000 layoffs and counting: India's IT bloodbath this year may just be the start

For Indian techies, 2017 was the stuff of nightmares.

One of the top employment generators until a few years ago...Digitisation and automation brought about disruption...Compared to the normal rate of forced attrition...of around 1%...Indian IT companies [let] go 2% - 6%

Note well, emphasized in bold in the quote above, what made them redundant. It wasn't high skilled African migrants flooding into India and willing to work at lower wages.

Nope, it was digitization and automation.

These jobs in India are gone for good.

Digitization and automation will increasingly become part and parcel of industry in Poland. This is all the more reason why these economic migrants (whatever claims they make on their CVs and assuming they are even literate to begin with) are truly not needed.

They are a surplus to requirements in their homelands and within the next five to ten years would be the same in Poland and the rest of Europe.
DominicB - | 2,704
27 Dec 2017 #27
non-stop enquiries on PF all throughout 2017

The number of posts from Indian IT workers started hitting the skids about a year ago and has essentially dried up. There are a lot fewer posts on here than at the peak two years ago, and very few of them are for better paying jobs. Ukrainians are now filling those positions.
12 Feb 2020 #28
Hi i am chala from ethiopia and now i have BA degree in management. i want youto advise me how to get poland work permit visa. thank you
cinek 2 | 343
12 Feb 2020 #29
You must find a company who is willing to hire you first. Then they must apply for the work permit for you.


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