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Relocating to Poland, but my work Visa rejected, what should I do?

27 Oct 2014 #1
Hey guys,

I need some quick guidance. I was suppose to relocate to Poland for my job on 2nd november . but today I heard back from the consulate of Poland in Mumbai that my visa was rejected, the reason being I did not justify the reason of my stay there. This is really woerd , because I had attached my work permit which clearly said I have a job with a company there and also had information about my salary.

Can some one guide me what should I do now? If I appeal, what are yhe chances of having a positive response this time? How much time would it take for the result of a re-appeal?

27 Oct 2014 #2
Hi, rbind,

In my experience with global mobility, this is a question that is best raised with the consulate because only they know the specific reason but they may not necessarily disclose that to you. It could sometimes be document(s) that your employer omitted to submit or include for your submission. It may also be that the consulate feels that your skillset/experience is readily available in the local market, in which case, you or your employer may need to strengthen the business case if there is information that was not previously submitted to the consulate for consideration.

Once you have spoken with the consulate again, you should the update HR so that they are aware of the latest status and assess whether they should intervene, including contacting the consulate directly or via an immigration attorney, where necessary.

Hope this helps!
7 Jan 2016 #3
my case also same i am also applied for a work permit and it was rejected by Mumbai polish embassy and i go through appeal its also a negative result. what i have to do next they are keep on rejecting my cases
Jvc - | 1
8 Apr 2017 #4


Hi all,
I am from India.
My Study visa got rejected.
I am planning to re apply for next intake.
I want to know that whether I want to provide a new travel insurance for my new visa interview ?
Because I am filing my reapply only after 2-3 months..Will this gap make a problem .?

Kindly please answer..
Thanking you..
28 May 2017 #5
Hi rbind ,

Did you manage to get Work Visa after having words with consulate?

8 Jul 2017 #6
I'm going to Krakow Poland for doing one medical short term course for 5 days. I had applied twice for visa. Consulate of Poland Mumbai rejected both times. During 1 st time they took my interview which was quite positive ,second time not done any interview. As all necessary documents I had submitted still they are not saying specific answer why it's rejected. I'm single that could be a reason? But I'm not planning to stay there all things I convinced from my side and center where I'm going to do course.

If I m appealing for this will it be worth?
Is there any chance of positive feedback?
Kindly revert.
gregy741 5 | 1,682
9 Jul 2017 #7
they are not saying specific answer why it's rejected.

because you are obviously not going to leave shengen zone after this 5 days first aid course.

But I'm not planning to stay there

sure,you just fking doing 5 days course 10 000 miles away from your home.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
9 Jul 2017 #8
Greg I'm thinking of doing a 2 day indoor climbing course in Australia, I live in Europe. For some reason my visa got rejected.
mafketis 35 | 12,592
9 Jul 2017 #9
I'm considering an afternoon course in cattle management in Tierra del Fuego, I'm sure my visa will be accepted.
Harry84 1 | 80
9 Jul 2017 #11
99.99% success rate for dependent VISA.

manjinder0675 - | 3
9 Jul 2017 #12
my wife has one year work permit,can i apply as dependent.and which documents are required for visa.
Harry84 1 | 80
18 Jul 2017 #13
please refer the poland embassy website in your country for required documents.

Dixit Akbari
7 Sep 2018 #14
Holle I'm Dixit Akbari and I form India and poland work visa apply but my visa is rejected and reason is your intention to leave the territory of the Republic of poland before the expiry of the visa could not be determined this reasons. But visa probably in visa please help me
Alexbrz 3 | 78
10 Sep 2018 #15
You dont speak English and they cant determine you would be going back.

Waste money and time on fighting it or give up and move on.
4 Oct 2018 #16
@Dixit Akbari
What's your current status? Any positive response? Where are you from?
11 Mar 2019 #17
@Dixit Akbari
Did you got the Poland work visa after your second attempt
28 Nov 2019 #18
Hi.. Two times i applied for poland national work visa.. Still got rejected by poland embassy of mumbai... Anybody can help
Kiran111 - | 1
30 Jan 2021 #19

Poland employment visa rejected reason

you do not have sufficient financial means, for the duration of the intended stay in the territory of the republic of Poland or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted,or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully;

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