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Work permit + national visa in Poland for India citizen

17 Jul 2013 #1
Hi all,

I am from india.. i work as software developer(3+ yr's of experience) in MNC and six months back i applied for a business visa and it got refused.

And now my employer processing me a work permit in poland and then a national visa(1 Yr) in new dehli ,india

I am going there as a servers consultant

Now i am worried that will i get the national visa this time?
This is great opportunity for my career... and this is help me a lot for my career growth...
9 Jun 2014 #2
will i get the national visa this time?

Why were you rejected for the first time? If the employer is strong enough, has good history in Poland with hiring foreign workers here, and all required papers are correct - it should be fine.

Share your story with us.
poland25 2 | 4
22 Jun 2014 #3
Hello ,

I have same query as of user1234. I am curious to know the probability of work permit rejection for indian citizen ? I am from a reputed IT firm (ranked 25th in world).
29 Mar 2015 #4
[Moved from]: Is it strict condition to get the visa national for work reason or its preferable and do not cause refusal??

travel document valid (the validity period is greater than 3 months beyond the date to leave the territory of Poland / Schengen zone). URGENT please!!
Hrvatwithapolak 1 | 23
30 Mar 2015 #5
i wouldn't mess around if i were you. Make sure you follow the rules, especially for work.
10 Jul 2015 #6

I wish to work in Poland however I have no work visa, which visa should I apply for and what all documents will be required for that?

Please help me with this information.
15 Aug 2015 #7
Am a indian..i am a enginnering graduate want to do.job in should i get poland visa
himansu shah
19 Dec 2015 #8
Merged: Work permit + national visa in Poland for India citizen

Hi all,

I am from india.. i work as Computer Teacher in Computer Institute

i will Start processing me a work permit in poland

Now i am worried that will i get the national visa ?
30 Dec 2015 #9
I am nurse from India how will I get a work visa in Poland
Bieganski 17 | 896
30 Dec 2015 #10
^^^ From the World Health Organisation:

Wanted: 2.4 million nurses, and that's just in India

"In every country, rich or poor, the story is the same. There are not enough nurses. The developed world fills its vacancies by enticing nurses from other countries, while developing countries are unable to compete with better pay, better professional development and the lure of excitement offered elsewhere."


And here I thought people only went into nursing based on genuine altruism.
Harry84 1 | 80
3 Jan 2016 #11
Hi himansu shah,

Even I am planning to apply the Poland work permit next week so could you please provide your contact number?

Thanks & Regards,
17 Feb 2016 #12
already a applied visa for Poland my conseltent global employment srl he can applying
18 Feb 2016 #13
Merged: Work permit extension and my National 'D' visa in Poland


I am an Indian Passport holder having a one year work permit till 31 March 2016. My company wants to extend my assignment by another 4 months. My National 'D' visa also ends on 31 March 2016. My questions are :

1. How much time it normally takes to get my extended work permit for another 4 months.
2. Should I leave Poland to India before 31 March and get Visa stamping in India based on the extended work permit and then come back to Poland ?

Harry84 1 | 80
19 Feb 2016 #14
Hi Ranjans ,

I dont think so you have to leave poland to india for visa stamping, suggest you to contact indian embassy they will help you on this.

porky pok 2 | 127
20 Feb 2016 #15
How can Indian embassy help in that matter when its the matter for Polish immigration Dept?I think there help will be an illegal help in his matter provided they will .
23 Feb 2016 #16
Thank you Harry. I will check with the embassy.
19 Apr 2016 #17

Poland Company offered me a job and they told they will send me Invitation and they said me to apply Visa from Polish indian consulate

So Please guide how can i get poland work visa?
20 Apr 2016 #18
Do you have work permit already?
Harry84 1 | 80
14 May 2016 #19
@neelam.nrk ,

Once you get work permit letter from your future employer then you can start the visa process.
you can submit the application in polish embassy in mumbai or delhi (its depends on your citi/state).

23 May 2016 #20
I am businessman from India how will I get a work visa in Poland
Harry84 1 | 80
26 May 2016 #21
HI Nikhil,

1. You will get work permit from poland employer if you want to work as an employee.
2. there are some guide lines to get the work permit for those business people to setup the business in poland but for that you need to discuss(about the minimum investment,etc.) with lawyer.

Let me know if you want to know more details.

27 May 2016 #22

I am from India, working in an MNC.
my work permit application was filed on 16th march, 2016. but still my work permit is not approved yet.

Never took so long, I can't understand why is the delay. Has anyone got work permit this year for Poland?.
Really feeling very disappointed because of the delay, all of my excitement is gone now:(
10 Jun 2016 #23
Hi .... I had a small question regarding Job Opportunities in Poland ... I am an Indian citizen currently working in India in an MNC with experience of mroe than 5 years in Banking / Finance sector... I did some research regardign Job opportunities in Poland & realized the SSC / BPO , shared services market is developing fast with multiple MNCs. I did connect with recruiters like HAYS , RANSTAD in Poland to see if I can get an Opportunity there.... But I haven't recieved a response from them - even for Jobs , that are matching my expertise.

My question here is - Is it a concern, landing a JOB in Poland if a non EU applicant applies. As an Indian expat, do I get the same consideration as other expats do while applying for a Position here ? How many cases have you seen Asians getting a Job Opportunity while applying from their home country ?

As I see the SSC / BPO sector grow , I feel this is the ideal opportunitity to move to Poland... Let me know your thoughts
terri 1 | 1,664
10 Jun 2016 #24
You get the same consideration as other non-EU applicants. Either they do not have any positions vacant, or your expertise does not match anything they want. In Krakow I have seen Asians who obviously have obtained jobs.
gaurang patel
12 Jun 2016 #25
I am Indian citizen comming poland on visitors visa and want work permit to stay and work in poland so please give me astimate cost including your consulting charge.
22 Jun 2016 #26
I am Neel From Gujarat, India. and i want to have work permit in Poland ,so from where to start first .?
And How can a Polish Employer can contact me .??
Where should i post a resume.??
23 Jun 2016 #27
Hi all,

I am santhosh from india.I would like to visit my friends in georgia,after that i would like to apply for the work permit in poland from Georgia.I am planning to take the TRC(Temporary Residence Card) of Georgia.So pls anyone suggest me is it easy to get the Poland Work permit while applying a TRC holder of Georgia? What's the duration for the whole process?
1 Jul 2016 #28
I have almost 8 years of IT experience, would like to apply for Poland visa and would like to apply for job there. Is it possible if yes how is the cost and procedure ?
Naimish27 - | 1
21 Sep 2016 #29
Merged: Work permit or Permanent Residence visa of Poland for an Indian


I am an Indian and working for reputed company and having 10 years of experience in Market Research. Previously I had worked for The Nielsen Company. I have visited UK as a business visa from Company for Training purpose.

Now I would like to apply for Work permit or Permanent Residence for Poland.

Can anyone help me or guide me that how to apply or what is the procedure or what are the criteria are needed to apply for Poland visa?

Please let me know if you need more details. Waiting for your response.

Kind Regards,
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Sep 2016 #30
Well, the first step is to get hired by a company in Poland. Then they will apply for the work permit (you can't do this). Then they send you a letter of intent to hire, which you take to the Polish embassy, where you apply for a visa. You can't get permanent residency until you have lived in Poland continuously for five years.

Sorry, but the chances of finding a job in the marketing industry in Poland are extremely remote for a non-EU national that doesn't speak very good Polish. Whatever vacancies exist can easily be filled by Poles and other EU citizens without having to bring in workers from non-EU countries.

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