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Work permit + national visa in Poland for India citizen

khan7 Activity: - / 1
Joined: 10 Oct 2016 ♂
10 Oct 2016  #31

Hi there,

Could you please confirm, what would be the approximate cost for poland work visa?

10 Oct 2016  #32

Open browser -->google-->polish consulate of your city-->open official page-->check visa fees
gurpreet singh  
4 Nov 2016  #33

I am from india.. i work as dominos pizza (1yrs)
jagat handique  
16 Dec 2016  #34

I am jagat handique from assam,India.
Even I am planning to apply the poland work
Permit next week so could you please provide
Your contact number?

Thanks and Regards,
21 Dec 2016  #35

hello ,

I am being offered a role in Poland for a long term project , (I am an Indian Citizen).
Needed to know , how much time does it take to get the work permit and the visa processing done.

Harry84 Activity: 1 / 42
Joined: 15 Nov 2015 ♂
25 Dec 2016  #36



To get the work permit letter from local office to employer it would take around 60 days.
30 to 60 days(check the website) to get the appointment in India for VISA application submission and after that embassy would take min 2 weeks for processing your VISA.

9 Jan 2017  #37

Hi All

I am travelling to Krakow in another 15 days on National D type visa. In case my wife gets a job in Poland when she is on dependent visa, will she have to travel back to India for stamping or can she get the work visa stamped in Poland itself.

Plz suggest..

25 Jan 2017  #38

Ifa anybodyn need Poland work permit. Please contact me. 7032038541
26 Jan 2017  #39

Hello there.. can anybody help me ?? I am little bit confused about getting work permit in Poland though I have got tattoo on my hand...does that affect on getting work permit??
16 Feb 2017  #40


This is Kesavan, Could you please tell any one, What's the procedure to apply TRC for Poland, If any arrange poland TRC

With regards
DominicB Activity: - / 1,500
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16 Feb 2017  #41


You can't get one without getting a job first. So get a job, and then you will be able to apply for a visa and residence permit.

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Work permit + national visa in Poland for India citizen
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