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If I change my job in Poland without obtaining a new work permit, will this affect my residence visa

rajreddy 1 | 1
9 Apr 2014 #1
Currently, I'm working in Poland on work permit. I want to change job.
I understand I need to obtain a work permit from the employer I intend to work for.

I would like to know following things:
1) If I leave my current job without getting new work permit, can my current employer make my residence visa invalid?
2) Can I stay in Poland without getting a job until my residence visa expires?
Dont gag me yo 7 | 155
9 Apr 2014 #2
Reddy go to a lawyer and ask dont depend on what they will advice you here,also ask the lawyer that he is meeting you first time isfor his presentation to get your business or he will be charging you for consultancy
Monitor 13 | 1810
9 Apr 2014 #3
1) If I leave my current job without getting new work permit, can my current employer make my residence visa invalid?


When can a work permit be revoked?
In the following situations the voivode may annul - revoke an already issued work permit:
- circumstances or evidence on which basis the permit was granted have changed and the voivode was not informed thereof;

2) Can I stay in Poland without getting a job until my residence visa expires?

I think it depends if your residence visa is depended from work permit.

I've heard that before people had to leave Poland instantly when they're fired or quit the job and that the law was changed so now they can stay for 1 month after finishing job in order to search for a job. But I am not sure if this law is already implemented and weather it requires extra permit.
OP rajreddy 1 | 1
9 Apr 2014 #4
Thanks for you reply Monitor!

Regarding your reply to my first question, I'm asking whether my visa itself can be revoked? Not the work permit.
Monitor 13 | 1810
9 Apr 2014 #5
probably she can help:

Also this website has option to ask question:

To answer your question, probably it depends what was base of issuing your visa. If it was work, then perhaps it can loose validity.
Check FAQ:
fatihya 3 | 4
15 Aug 2015 #6
Merged: Karta pobytu in Poland - what if I leave the job?


I have karty pobytu czasowy for the end of my job contract. My question is If i leave the job; imigration office will cancel my karty pobytu or i can stay until the end of my contract day.

Do you have any opinions or experiences ?

thank you for the link
30 Mar 2016 #7
Merged: Non-EU with Poland's residence card based on working - hired by a new company. Is it going to be a problem?

Simple question.

Non-EU citizen. Got hired by a Sp.z.o.o in Poland. Work permit issued in July. Never get paid any salary due to a company issue, and never registered in ZUS or any related administration. Just an official foreign resident with residence card based on working. Just got hired by a new company. So have to apply for a new permit. Would they check the history above and be a problme to let me work here?

Serious advise necessary.

Thank you in advance.
delphiandomine 86 | 17920
30 Mar 2016 #8
Would they check the history above and be a problme to let me work here?

They might, especially if ZUS and the tax office has no record of you. I would ask for an individual meeting with the inspector and explain the situation clearly to avoid any problems.
Omar Akr
18 Mar 2017 #9

I received a job offer 5 months ago from a multinational company and I was provided with a work permit. I applied for a national visa D and I got one year of work visa that allows me to travel in the Schengen area as well. That was one week ago.

Two days before I was supposed to fly to Poland the company called me saying that they don't need me anymore to work.
So I have no job anymore in Poland but I still have the visa for one year. Is it valid to travel with around Europe or not ?

I would appreciate if you give me some advice about my situation.
Abhinab - | 1
26 Jan 2018 #10
Hey I'm from nepal and right now I'm applying working visa for Poland as I came to know through my agent I was said that after moving there I can Change my work outlet .is this possible to change please reply thank you
DominicB - | 2707
26 Jan 2018 #11
Your new employer would have to apply for a work permit to hire you. Not many employers in Poland are willing to go through the trouble of applying for a work permit for a non-EU citizen.
tealover - | 1
18 Apr 2018 #12


Dear all,I have a simple question that I could't found any answer on official administration websites.
what is the time allowed to stay in Poland after a termination of a contract although the residence permit is still valid for more one year ,

thank you in advance
18 Apr 2018 #14
You have an obligation to notify Urzad about the loss of job within 15 days. If you comply with this, your residence permit is valid for another 30 days from the day you lost your job. If you do not, your residence permit is invalid from the day you lost your job.
Ramanethu - | 2
11 May 2018 #15

Changing job -> What is procedure with "karta pobytu" in Poland?


I would like to change the job. I work as IT Developer based on "umowa o prace". I've a blue card "karta pobuty" valid till 2021.

Can I just sign a new "umowa o prace" with new employer or will it be required additional steps to be done?


1) Should I apply for the new "karta pobuty"? Or I can continue "use" the existing one?
2) Should the employer be able to send documents to local "urząd"? What kind of documents will he need to send in this case?
It will mean that not many companies will want to offer a position...
3) Should I send any notes to local "urząd"?
3) Any other steps that should be done?

Thank you.
Tal 123
26 Jun 2018 #16
I am working in Poland and I have Visa "D" valid for one year. If I intend to resign my work, will my visa still valid until one year or it will be cancelled?

Thank you
27 Oct 2018 #17

What are the Rules Concerning Changing an employer in Poland after work permit has been issued?


I know that if you change your employer or Job role, you must apply for another Polish work permit but my question is, how long must you use your work permit before you change employer or Job role and apply for another work permit.

For instance, in some countries, you must work for at least 1 year before you can change employer and apply for another work permit.

I was granted a work permit but I have only used it for 3 months and I want to change Job because I was offered a better offer by another employer. Will the officials grant my request for another work permit? (with the context that I used my permit for only 3 months)
AkshayIN - | 8
30 Dec 2018 #18
Hello @Ramanethu @Tal123 @YogaToga,

I am facing similar situation as yours. If you have gone through with being employed by another firm in Poland could you please let me know how did it go with changing the work permit and if it affects the residence status?
4 Mar 2019 #19

I have very similar case to @Ramanethu.

* I have a blue card valid till 2021 ✔️
* I had a contract with my employer "umowa o prace" which is terminated on 30 November 2018 ✔️
* I notified the Immigration authorities as my contract is terminated ✔️
* According to rules, as of termination day of my contract I had 90 days to find my new employer(deadline 28 February) within Poland ✔️
* I found my new employer before the deadline.(On 26 February) and I sent a letter to immigration office that I found my new employer telling them I will submit all the documents they need till 15 March. ✔️

* I signed the contract with my new employer on 27 February ✔️

What are the next steps that I should follow?
As I have a blue card
1) Should I apply for Work Permit again with my new company? Or Is it enough to notify the immigration office that I found my new job?

2)Can I start working directly in my new company? Shall I wait decision of the Immigration office to start working?

PS In my blue card, there is no mention of the previous company.

Best Regards
12 Aug 2021 #20
I have TR, i want to change the employer, enployers also nof aware about my paper works, what is the procedureto change the employer,? Thanks in advance
11 Jul 2023 #21
If we lost Job within probation period which is 3 months and don't have TRC/ Bluecard case no then is it still required to inform immigration within 15day ?

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