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Looking for a business partner in POLAND .....

28 Oct 2018 #31
I am looking for a marketing partner--OTC, original, natural healthcare products.
Product information at: apainfreeday.
Please contact me

Thank you
azafor - | 1
22 Mar 2019 #32

Looking for a business partner in Poland

Hello there, I'm Abu Zafor from Bangladesh. I'm a web developer and Designer. I've recently developed a web application and I need some help from EU country People. It's a great earning opportunity for you and me as well. Even I've connected with some companies and they are agreed to provide support to our company. If you are interested in supporting us and earn income doing a simple task. If you are interested in it, Simple drop me a link on my Skype abuzafor.aff, So we can take this discussion further.

Thanks & Regards
Abu Zafor
confedfin2 1 | 2
19 Apr 2019 #33
show me that you have money then we can talk.
Sam5181 - | 1
11 Dec 2019 #34

Seeking business partners in Poland, Malaysia

Im from Malaysia. Working in a public listed company as Group Finance Manager for more than 30 years. Really bored working for people. Planning to do business but I have no idea wha type of business to start with. If anyone from abroad (outside Malaysia) seeking a business partner to expand your business in Malaysia and throughout South East countries, Im willing to join you. PM me @
van man dan
13 Dec 2019 #35
Hi, I own a business in the uk converting 3.5 tone trucks into recovery trucks, the company we buy our vans from deal exclusively in Mercedes and Iveco, we buy and convert as many Mercedes vans as we can, but so does every one else in the uk and as a result of this I have noticed that the company I buy the vans from is fast becoming swamped with hundreds of Iveco vans that they just cannot sell. They have stacks and stacks of them with more coming in all the time these vans range from 12 plates up to 64 plates with mileage ranging from 60k to just over 200k mostly all in good condition . So I would like to take advantage of this and with the right partner buy and export as many of these vans as possible. I have the contact, I have the capital, all I need is a contact in Poland to sell to. please can anyone help.
Uldis - | 1
8 Jan 2020 #36

Looking for business partners

I am Latvian, which have registered company in Poland since 2011. Company is active, with active bank account, but never before made any activities. Company have perfect history. Now I am looking for any kind of partner, with whom together I can start run this company with any tipe of business. You can be freelancer, student, or experienced businessman. If you are interested, email me!
Tule - | 1
1 May 2020 #37

Seeking a business partner in Poland

We are a tech company based in Nampa ,Idaho USA and West Africa.
We have Taxi app ,Delivery App and ehealth App and we want to a partner in Poland ,Lithuania to start up
If you are interested please send me a
16 Sep 2020 #38
Hello there,
Please send me more detail in
I am here in Poland from 15 years and like to know your idea
pawian 189 | 18,887
16 Sep 2020 #39
I remember reading such classifieds in communist press in 1980s -I have money - I expect propositions.
Aderoyal - | 1
30 Jan 2022 #40
I know you posted the message on Jan 2020. I'm following to check what your registered Polish business is? Also are you in Poland or in Latvia?

My partner (native Polish) and I (black-British) are relocating from Ireland to Poland in March 2022. We both have job offers so just waiting to get paperwork sorted (for me as we are unmarried and Brexit has messed the UK-EU free movement up).

I'm however looking to partner and explore business opportunities with others, hence I'm checking various forum. Let me know if you'd like to discuss further.
ashishthakran - | 1
8 Apr 2022 #41
I am an IT Consultant living in the Netherlands. I have lived in Wroclaw, Poland, and have an IT Consultancy registered. I want to start a new business in Poland like a bar, restaurant etc. and looking for a partner with whom I could think and start something. At this moment, I am not thinking about the location. That can be worked out together. I am familiar with Wroclaw city and a bit of Warsaw but I am open for other locations as well.

Kindly let me know if somebody is interested. Feel free to reach out to me at
Lyzko 33 | 8,291
9 Apr 2022 #42
Just sent you a private PF (Polish Forum) message.
I can be reached at

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