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Looking for a business partner in POLAND .....

28 Oct 2018  #31
I am looking for a marketing partner--OTC, original, natural healthcare products.
Product information at: apainfreeday.
Please contact me

Thank you
azafor - | 1
22 Mar 2019  #32

Looking for a business partner in Poland

Hello there, I'm Abu Zafor from Bangladesh. I'm a web developer and Designer. I've recently developed a web application and I need some help from EU country People. It's a great earning opportunity for you and me as well. Even I've connected with some companies and they are agreed to provide support to our company. If you are interested in supporting us and earn income doing a simple task. If you are interested in it, Simple drop me a link on my Skype abuzafor.aff, So we can take this discussion further.

Thanks & Regards
Abu Zafor
confedfin2 1 | 2
19 Apr 2019  #33
show me that you have money then we can talk.

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