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Looking for a business partner in Transportation in Poland

7 Feb 2021 #1
I would like to start a small transportation company in Poland.

I would like to buy at least 10 trucks that I would like to use to organize transportation around Poland and EU.

Looking for a Director who can organise that activity according to a EU law.
9 Apr 2021 #2
Andy21 let me know more about your plans. we have accounting office in the North of Poland and we support few transporatation companies, so we know all about related EU laws.
20 Apr 2022 #3
We are interested in opening an import, export office in Poland. Thru this we will be able to offer various products to local whole sellers. This can include used/refurbished heavy trucks, cranes, cars etc from Eu n USA. Even used military trucks, personnel carriers are available at cheap price.

If some body is interested in working / co operating in this field. Pls contact us soon at'. khailekhoob at yahoo dot com


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