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Looking for a business partner in POLAND .....

bunty 1 | 7    
16 Oct 2017  #1
I am staying in Bangalore, India and looking for a partner who can start a business venture with me in poland (mainly in warsaw or katowice).

Still, I am going through some couple of business idea mentioned in the few posts related to business in Poland. Bu,t I am also open for any valuable suggestion / advice about a good business with small investment and marginal profit with a scope of extending in future.
Harry84 1 | 84    
16 Oct 2017  #2

What kind of your business plan to setup in poland ?

do you have any statistics report about your business in warsaw poland ?

OP bunty 1 | 7    
17 Oct 2017  #3

As of now there are few businesses which I am thinking i.e. TEA Point (different types of Tea), Fitness Center, SPA & Yoga Center (Yoga teacher we can call from India), South Indian Restaurant, OR Hair Salon (Again the expertise can be called from India if needed.)

Actually, it would be great, if I can get a partner who is based in Poland Or, people are having similar interest to set up a business in warsaw.

Don't know if these business are worth taking a risk to going Warsaw from India. Any valuable inputs are really welcome.

mehul - | 2    
21 Oct 2017  #4
Hi Bunty,

Can we please discuss about this ?

Have you been to Poland here or are going to come here soon ?

OP bunty 1 | 7    
22 Oct 2017  #5

I have sent you personal mail we can discuss on phone or mail.

Harry84 1 | 84    
25 Oct 2017  #6

Hi Bunty,

Yes, your business area are good specially TEA point and/or hair salon, rest of them are already have setup in poland.
Tea point is not exist at all anywhere in poland - it will be same plan can be implement as Uppma Virdi has done in Australia.

also there are many hair salon in poland but those are costly and not cover the economy people - so even this is best one.

Let me know if you wanted to discuss further on this.

OP bunty 1 | 7    
30 Oct 2017  #7

We can discuss in PM. I have sent you mail with some details let me know your view.

yingzhi - | 1    
5 Dec 2017  #8

Looking for a partner to work with me.

I am looking for an Polish partner to work with me.
If you help me, We can build a small business.
If you are interesting with my suggestion, let's discuss more details on skype.
6 Dec 2017  #9
Hey I can help you!!! email me I have the best natural remedies company start up possibly in the world (The_healer_inc@yahoo)
jamizzy - | 1    
15 Mar 2018  #10

Are you still looking to start a restaurant in Poland ? get in touch with me if you are interested. I am also from Bangalore


Get in touch with me to discuss your options
OP bunty 1 | 7    
15 Mar 2018  #11
Please share your number. So that we can discuss the things in more details.
Barabbas - | 2    
5 Jun 2018  #12
Hello. Are you still looking for a business partner?
Bill634 - | 1    
28 Jun 2018  #13
Hi All , I am interested to start a small business in Łódź , Poland . I am in need of a partner who would like to join and start a business . I am interested to open hair saloon , rent a car or a consultation firm .

I will be soon in Poland . Send me an email
deevir - | 2    
29 Jun 2018  #14
Hi ,

I am a US citizen of Indian Origin now based in Dubai. I am relocating
to Poland to set up a consulting company. I have more than 25 years
experience in Hopitality, Retail, Real Estate, Fast Food etc primarily
in USA.

I am looking to join hands with an enterpreneur to start a new
venture, may be a restaurant etc in Poland.

Interested persons can kindly contact me at deevir63@gmail

With warm regards
Camaro - | 1    
9 Jul 2018  #15

Looking for business partner in Poland

Hi - I operate a recovery company in the UK (Hertfordshire) and I am currently supplying either mechanical or body damaged cars to Poland via a Polish truck operator. He can only take a small number of cars as for him they are really a method of getting back loads to Poland to cover the diesel costs, therefore I'm looking for a Polish partner who can take larger volumes of vehicles on a regular basis for repair and resale or for breaking. I want to keep my Polish truck operator employed to transport the vehicles, we can put more trucks on if the volume increases

Clive Wells

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