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Business Partner / Fixer required in Poland

8 Jun 2020 #1
I own a well established warehousing business in the UK and looking to expand in to Poland.
I am looking for help in the following areas:
Help finding a suitable warehouse in Poland
Help setting up company and bank accounts etc
Recruiting managers and staff for the warehouse
Setting up postal accounts and courier network within Poland
General help setting up the business

We will give all necessary financial help and documentation required.

Only people with good knowledge of English and expertise in these areas to apply please.
Possible full time ongoing consultancy work for the right person.
8 Jun 2020 #2
There are companies which offer 'white label' warehousing solutions - they look after everything for you, and you just pay them once a month.

If you want to open your own warehouse, then a good start is to have a chat with someone in Poland about labour law.
9 Jun 2020 #3
Thank you, we would require our own warehouse as we have specific requirements and our own way of operating.
Yes, I need to speak to someone regarding labor law
10 Jun 2020 #4
Hi there. I specialize in recruitment, so I can help you with hiring for sure. Also I can link you with people who have experience with warehousing, etc and they can chime in. Most important thing is - you need advise regarding location (which is crucial). If location is off you will have problems with hiring, transport, deliveries, etc. The area can't be difficult to access, if so, logistic operations become complicated in stead of a smooth ride. Local contracting capability is limited, etc.

Company and bank accounts are not really a problem. The same with couriers, postal accounts - not an issue. Ping me if you want to chat.

Regards, P
11 Jun 2020 #5
Thank you for the info Peter, I will message you.

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