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Classified ads to buy, sell, trade, rent, hire, offer, announce. MUST be Poland-related and NOT pre-published. (page 2)
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University project on the experiences of LGBTQ Polish migrants - help needed :)
I'm looking for suppliers of Polish vodka and beers to the restaurant in Grimsby.
Interactive a show - an exhibition of robots and drones!
Polish nurses and medical staff wanted for work in the UK   2
Looking for distributors in India
Looking for a Lawyer in Poland - immigration and business questions
13 - Did you open the LLC in poland ? let me know if i can help you on this....

ClassifiedsChilly - 11 Jan 2013 / Harry84 - 9 Dec 2016
Native English Teacher is looking for a job
2 - Merged: Native English Teacher Please suggest......

ClassifiedsSabSab - 8 Dec 2016 / SabSab - 8 Dec 2016
I want to go Poland so I need employer for work visa
Looking for Indian and African food shops in Poland
Best place to find 3rd year+ students or graduated students in marketing that speak Polish/English
Looking to hire a Bilingual Receptionist, work from home! In Poland from 14:45 - 21:30 a few weekdays.
Polish women in South Yorkshire
Polish buyer wanted for top Quailty uk clothes /shoes
2 - Merged: Buyer wanted Hi I am looking for one polish contact to buy ......

ClassifiedsAll Scotland - 29 Sep 2016 / All Scotland - 22 Nov 2016
Looking for Polish partner company for new UAVs
Where to find English - speaking community in Warsaw?
15 - Does anybody in Poland have information on Tomato Plants called Polish A B and C ?...

ClassifiedsBasha - 12 Oct 2008 / pappabell - 18 Nov 2016
Private Polish lessons in Malta
Closed: We need to transfer money to our account in Poland from Egypt. So we need staff
8 - can you send dollars cash western union....

ClassifiedsEmad Emad - 11 Nov 2016 / dolnoslask - 12 Nov 2016
3 - I can come to Warsaw soon to pick up the keyboard. Do you want to sell it? ...

Classifiedsjeffreydeitch - 27 Oct 2016 / jeffreydeitch - 9 Nov 2016
English and Chinese learning in Warsaw
Thai massage shop in Wroclaw
Looking for Polish farm workers for a BFI supported feature film currently in development.
Work in Surrey
3 - What industry do you recruit for?...

ClassifiedsBellyboo - 25 Oct 2016 / frogtastic - 27 Oct 2016
Looking for logistics and supply chain jobs in Poland
I am looking for a business partner in Poland - import and export with Maldives
Polish Lessons in Leeds, UK
Poland, abortion, opinions (Uxbridge)
Meeting / English Club in Rzeszów
21 - Hi, I've just came back from Canada with kids speaking English. I am just wondering if some of...

ClassifiedsLesley Smith - 3 Nov 2012 / Piotr L. - 8 Oct 2016
I am a UK Native English Speaker and teach Poles to Speak English by Skype (Callan/tailored methods)
Need someone in Poznan Poland to visit a designer who will not transfer contracted designs
Spirytus in Toronto
Renting apartment in Poznan city / looking for assistance
Classic Car Rental in Sopot
Warsaw travel guide by Christian swindells
Warsaw (PL) Tabletop Role Playing Game Group for Expats Only. D&D Fortnightly   2   3
87 - Learn Polish, you're welcome....

ClassifiedsThe Shadow - 15 Mar 2010 / Wulkan - 14 Sep 2016
Business Development MEA Region in Poland.
Organic Virgin Coconut oil to Poland
Job Opening for IT helpdesk in Wroclaw, Poland
3 - Hello Zbriden, Please Forward your CV to

ClassifiedsTGC Limited - 6 Sep 2016 / TGC Limited - 8 Sep 2016
Portuguese lessons in Lodz
Wholesale shops from Poland online - sending goods worldwide?
Good Polish divorce Lawyer
Need to find house/flat in Katowice, fast
Looking for Used/New shipment containers from Poland
39 - Thanks sir I hav some questions? She lied that I tried to kidnapped my son and...

Classifiedsjamshaid - 5 Feb 2016 / jamshaid - 9 Aug 2016
URGENT Apartment required in Wroclaw
Private guide showing us Krakow
4 - That is not true. Free Walking Tours provide you with a passionate guide who is keen on history art...

ClassifiedsTomSoonInKrakow - 22 May 2016 / Przemek_Krk - 26 Jul 2016
Any Guy interested to work in IT and knows European language, I can assist in getting the required job
4 - How are you able to do that? You are in Poland working on a temporary work permit, and...

ClassifiedsAbhi1688 - 23 Jul 2016 / Chemikiem - 24 Jul 2016
Relocation assistance required in Bielsko-Biała & probably Katowice, November 2015
3 - I've just done all that for myself and I can help you (you can pay me with a visit...

ClassifiedsPJ1 - 19 Sep 2015 / Gaucho - 22 Jul 2016
Closed: Polish domiciliary carer worker in Bromley area
Polish Wedding Planner - Catholic service with Polish-English interpreter
Can any Polish (Muslim) girl help me ?
English speaking tour guide needed in Mlawa, Poland
David Gilmour Wroclaw Tickets Poland
Looking for Internet only - 12 month contract?
NEW - Hi all - I just want to say that it has taken me a while to get bank card...

ClassifiedsPolishlady1992 - 8 Jun 2016 / — -
Appreciate feedback/attorney referral for Warsaw property for my uncle that passed intestate.
3 - To: Sylwia This site has some reason for not being able to contact you (Sylwia) directly so I...

ClassifiedsHenrykSek1 - 11 May 2016 / HenrykSek1 - 5 Jun 2016
Closed: RE: Free Umrah for Polish muslims / Converted Muslims wanted
Zielona Gora & Poznan Real Estate markets
Java Developers needed in Wroclaw
Immediate Opportunity: Receptionist for Wroclaw, Poland
PTS Jobs £15/h for the Polish people in London

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