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Classified ads to buy, sell, trade, rent, hire, offer, announce. MUST be Poland-related and NOT pre-published. (page 2)
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Polish speaking builder in Bristol
Can anyone recommend a good bioenergotherapist, szeptunek or znachor in Poland or Ukraine?
Teaching Arabic school in Warsaw?
Driving license exam in Poland - latest video of theory exam for minimal amount
Programmers/local freelance portals in Poland Wanted
2 - hi, are you looking for Candidate for your company ? for which profile ? BR, Harry84...

Classifiedsgaston909 - 11 May 2017 / Harry84 - 11 May 2017
Looking for Tax Consultant in Rzeszów
Children's summer football camps in Wroclaw
Medical device Regulatory writing services | EU, FDA Regulations
Closed: Polish website analysis help.
Need to know which are the top custody lawyers/firms in Poland
Re:Export of Wide range of jute bag
Polish DJs or presenters in London needed
Looking for English teacher in Poland
3 - MLM scam, I assume. It's exactly the language used by these scammers....

ClassifiedsBlackwolf1 - 19 Apr 2017 / delphiandomine - 19 Apr 2017
Looking for video game testers in Poland
Looking for Business partner in Poland Or selling business
Polish band for an annual carnival based in West London
Certified Copy - English speaking solicitor/lawyer needed in Lodz, Poland
Class 2 driver jobs London £25-£30k p.a
Any concrete offers for IT jobs in Lublin, Poland?
14 - Contact me... Richard@newshubmedia.Com I have positions for developers in Lublin Poland....

Classifiedsgjigandi - 20 Feb 2016 / Rich.laf - 1 Apr 2017
I Need Polish BEERS in Sheffield.... from someone who is AWRS registered.
Where to find sales agents in Poland?
Ready...Steady...Learn Polish in London or via skype
6 - Your e-mail address isn't complete....

ClassifiedsPolwordTeam - 16 Dec 2015 / Lyzko - 26 Mar 2017
UI/UX Designer looking for work in Poland
7 - I'm also looking for UI/UX designing in warsaw please help me, friends....

Classifiedskent_033 - 12 Oct 2016 / vvs_shank - 25 Mar 2017
Cheap short term accommodation sought in Warsaw..any ideas?
3 - You can always try gumtree....

Classifiedspoundland - 20 Mar 2017 / Jane D - 23 Mar 2017
Al Anon meetings in English in Warsaw, Poland
Studio Apartment in Poznan, Poland
Recruiting students interested in learning C++ programming
Asian community in Poland   2   3   4
103 - Merged: Asian People in Bydgoszcz Hi I am planing to move bydgoszcz in May 2017 and...

Classifiedsscorpion - 21 Sep 2007 / jamshaid - 12 Mar 2017
Work in Australia for a Polish girl wanted (tourism/recreation)   2
34 - I know, it was kind of funny in a weird way. They PC police would crucify him if...

Classifiedskasia-Poland - 6 Mar 2017 / Joker - 9 Mar 2017
Hey, where can I get electronic products (pallets) in Warsaw? (or Bialystok)
Genuine, honest nice man seeking Polish woman for long term relationship/marriage
10 - He does look like your typical pub bore, doesn't he? Maybe he should actually come to Poland rather...

Classifiedsdriftershooter - 16 Feb 2016 / delphiandomine - 7 Mar 2017
Flat to Rent in Targówek, Warsaw
2 - Sounds a fairly good deal and that area is actually ok to live in. Also a good landlady is...

Classifiedsnicholas_carlo - 25 Feb 2017 / jon357 - 25 Feb 2017
Polish Business Opportunity
Live in pub, B&B staff in Cambridgeshire wanted. Couple preferred
Handball in London
Looking for a lawyer in Warsaw on Polish real estate laws
7 - There are no Polish real estate laws....

ClassifiedsWGB33 - 5 Dec 2014 / Reginald - 28 Jan 2017
Open positions: Supply Chain & Data Specialist with German - in Warsaw, Poland
Land for sale in Southern Poland
Reporter for the Sunday Times wanting to speak to Polish nationals in the UK about Brexit
8 - I am American and Lithuanian. I lived in the UK and had a good job. I married a...

ClassifiedsLaura Onita - 11 Jan 2017 / nickknock - 17 Jan 2017
Polish teacher sought in Hertfordshire
Programming job in Cornwall UK
Apartment to rent at Saska Kępa in Warsaw - 40m2
English native in Southampton UK learning Polish
3 - +1 on italki, used it plenty myself. You'll not likely find a native Pole on there living in your...

Classifiedskaczka411 - 5 Jan 2017 / WhirlwindTobias - 6 Jan 2017
Looking for people whose ancestors lived Breslau/Lower Silesia (during WW2)
English Native Speaking Personal Trainer Lublin
6 - Hi Lindsey, I'm also looking for a good gym in Lublin, have any pointers?...

ClassifiedsFit4life - 24 Oct 2016 / keleko - 30 Dec 2016
Distributors/Reps for US Brand of cosmetics, skin care and wellness
2 - Hi Ziggy, I might be interested in what you have. Where are you and how can we get...

Classifiedsziggy007 - 29 Apr 2016 / Tomasz Krynski - 28 Dec 2016
Great job chance for Polish pilots, to come in Serbia where they would be welcomed and not far from Poland
University project on the experiences of LGBTQ Polish migrants - help needed :)
I'm looking for suppliers of Polish vodka and beers to the restaurant in Grimsby.
Interactive a show - an exhibition of robots and drones!
Polish nurses and medical staff wanted for work in the UK   2
Looking for distributors in India
Looking for a Lawyer in Poland - immigration and business questions
13 - Did you open the LLC in poland ? let me know if i can help you on this....

ClassifiedsChilly - 11 Jan 2013 / Harry84 - 9 Dec 2016
Native English Teacher is looking for a job
2 - Merged: Native English Teacher Please suggest......

ClassifiedsSabSab - 8 Dec 2016 / SabSab - 8 Dec 2016
Looking for Indian and African food shops in Poland
Best place to find 3rd year+ students or graduated students in marketing that speak Polish/English
Looking to hire a Bilingual Receptionist, work from home! In Poland from 14:45 - 21:30 a few weekdays.
Polish women in South Yorkshire
Polish buyer wanted for top Quailty uk clothes /shoes
2 - Merged: Buyer wanted Hi I am looking for one polish contact to buy ......

ClassifiedsAll Scotland - 29 Sep 2016 / All Scotland - 22 Nov 2016

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