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Korean looking for a job in Poland

5 Dec 2015 #1
I've finished environmental engineering in Korea and recently I work in Korean Institute of industrial pollution but I would like to move to Poland for my fiancee. Do you think there's any possibility for me to find a job there? Or maybe you know any job offers? Or have helpful tips? If you can help me in any way please email me at: kkow898@gmail
terri 1 | 1,665
6 Dec 2015 #2
1. Do you speak Polish to a good degree?
2. What can you offer in the way of skills which no other person in Poland can offer?
3. Which employer will bother to get a work permit for you when he can choose from thousands of people without the need for a work permit?

Answers on a postcard, please.
daim 5 | 24
6 Dec 2015 #3
Post on the facebook expat forum for the city you want to live in. If you can program you'll be offered 5 jobs in 24 hours.
PFrocks - | 4
19 Jan 2016 #4
Merged: Korean guy looking for a job in Poland

I am 29 years old guy soon, and looking for a job in Poland because I intend to live there.
I was working in small company(Startup) and have experience of Digital Marketing/Customer service/
Is there anyone who can advise where can I find the job list informations for Poland?
I don't speak Polish but can speak Korean(native) and English(fluent).
My expectation salary isn't that high but I just want stay in Poland with work permit visa.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
19 Jan 2016 #5
The number one problem is that you have to find a potential employer to apply for a work permit for you and in order to be issued a work permit, authorities have to be submitted the proof that potential employer cannot find anybody (not only Pole but also from all EU countries) in Poland to do work and it is hardly likely ;).

Why would you want to work in Poland? Salaries and conditions are much lower than what we can get in western Europe, North America, Japan and Australia/New Zealand.
PFrocks - | 4
20 Jan 2016 #6
ployer cannot find a

Thanks for reply.
I didn't know that Poland had such rule as well (potential employer cannot find anybody in Poland to do work and it is hardly likely)

Do you think that even some of job list which is looking for Korean is bound to this rule?
I have a girlfriend from Poland, and hope to get married sooner or later. But I wanted to be sure if I can find a work in Poland beforehand.

InPolska 11 | 1,821
20 Jan 2016 #7
@PF: it has nothing to do with Poland since you'll face the same problem in any country. In Poland, only people from EU (so 27 other European countries) are allowed to work, and live without any formalities. Your girl friend is Polish and she does not know that!!!!!! As a Korean, you'll need work permit in any other country and in any country the conditions to be issued work permits are similar as those in Poland.

Sure there are Korean companies in Poland and there are 2 ways: 1. you are a big shot and the company sends you as an expat (with Korean salaries and conditions) to their branch in Poland and 2. you are a local (= Poland) employee. In such a case, your boss will still need to apply for a work permit for you. What are your qualifications and what is your experience? If your only qualification is to be a native Korean, forget it! All the work inside the office is done in English, all clients are Polish and they'll use either Polish or English when dealing with company so no need for Korean language. For the past few years, there are fewer and fewer expats, because 1. too expensive for the mother company and 2. a lot of Poles are able to do the work and as a result now most of exécutives in foreign companies in Poland are Polish. (I have been working for and with dozens of huge foreign companies in Warsaw (not from Korea, but from France, the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada) for years so I know..).

Sorry but I prefer to tell you the truth so you can try to find a way out rather than letting your dream! In brief, unless you have a fantastic cv and also you speak Polish, you can forget it. Moving to any other country won't be any easier.

I imagine that it is not easy if the Polish girl and you are really serious about each other but have you considered moving the 2 of you to Korea? As said, if you don't have any particular skills and a good experience, no way!
PFrocks - | 4
20 Jan 2016 #8
Thanks for reply.
I don't know what you mean by "any particular skills and a good experience" exactly . I have a digital marketing skills and know how to promote the website in a shorter time.(with Paid/No paid ways) but Not sure if companies in Poland will need that skills.

Pol attorney 2 | 106
20 Jan 2016 #9
There is no big problem here really. If you marry your girl friend, you will get a residence card quite quickly with the right to live and work legally in Poland. The only problem would be to find a JOB, although I presume that foreign companies, especially th eones from Asia, may be looking for Asian/Korean job applicants with the right skills.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
20 Jan 2016 #10
As said, it is not only in Poland but everywhere. Any potential boss shall need to prove that they cannot find anybody (Poles and also foreigners allowed to work, like people from EU for instance) able to do the work. Be aware that Poles will have the priority (also they speak local language and know about local market, business local culture). Yes, in order to be issued a work permit, you need to be "better". Why not working in Korea?

Also be aware that a work permit is only valid for one company, one job. If you quit a company, you lose work permit and if you take another job Inside same company, you need to get another work permit.

It is tough but sorry, it is normal to keep jobs first of all to local people!
25 Jul 2020 #12
Hello, I am a 24-year-old young man living near Warsaw, Poland.
When I was in Korea, I worked as a service worker at Samsung S1 company.
I want to get a job in Poland.
I am planning to marry a local Polish person in November this year.
My English is not perfect. But there is no big problem with communication. I am quick of understanding and diligent. Any advice is fine. Please e-mail

I'm confident that I can work hard. Thank you for reading the long story.
Poloniusz 4 | 402
25 Jul 2020 #13
I want to get a job in Poland.

If you want to work in Poland you should focus on learning Polish rather than trying to get by on English.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
25 Jul 2020 #14
English is the language of communication in international corporations in Poland, not Polish.

Hello, I am a 24-year-old young man living near Warsaw, Poland.

LG in Wrocław are always looking for Korean workers, and they may well take you on as a management trainee.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
25 Jul 2020 #15
I want to get a job in Poland.

This is an American forum, so..
pawian 181 | 17,079
25 Jul 2020 #16
American-based but mostly Polish.
Please, be more precise next time - you are misleading new members who desire valid relevant information.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
25 Jul 2020 #17
you are misleading

I mislead none. It s very unlike that he would got any substantial info let alone a job offer.
pawian 181 | 17,079
25 Jul 2020 #18
It s very unlike that he would got any substantial info let alone a job offer.

And what exactly makes you think so??

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