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Looking for Polish Speaking Nanny

20 Feb 2019 #1
Hello! My husband and I are looking for a Polish speaking nanny for our new baby girl, Katarzyna. I was born in Wroclaw and moved here as a little girl. My family, however, moved back a long time ago so I am the only Polish speaking person my daughter will be exposed to (my husband is American) and my Polish is not that great anymore!

The job would begin with part time hours right away and move to full time in April when I go back to work.

Requirements Include:

Loves Dogs: We have a 115 Bernese Mountain dog who is a gentle, loving teddy bear.

Language: Must speak Polish and English

Laundry: As needed for baby

Light Housekeeping: Tidy up as you go, wash bottles, that sort of thing.

Meal Preparation: A plus but not a requirement.

Transportation: Be able to reliably get yourself to our home

Thank you
Kim k
26 Mar 2021 #2
Hello looking for a polish nanny 2children 1 and 4
Must love pets too
Good pay nice home. Live in.
Cargo pants
26 Mar 2021 #3
Hello looking for a polish nanny 2children 1 and 4

Since you are from North NJ(your phone area code) try

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